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					INTRODUCTION TO         Install Pictures                 Dyno Results
eCo-shot                Nissan Patrol – 1999             2003 Nissan Navarra
                        Toyota Landcruiser               Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series
HOW eCo-shot WORKS      Toyota Hilux – Pre 2000          Mitsubishi Canter
                        Holden Rodeo                     Mitsubishi Fighter
                        More Holden Rodeo’s
DIAGRAM OF HOW eCo-     Nissan Patrol – 3 litre
shot WORKS              Landrover Discovery
                        Landrover Defender               Stationary Engines
                        Toyota Hilux – 2007
eCo-shot APPLICATIONS   Toyota Prado                     Hillston NSW - install pictures
& BENEFITS              Toyota Landcruiser – 80 Series   Savings - 3 different LPG rates
                        Toyota Landcruiser – 80 Series
                        Ford F250
                        Mitsubishi Delica
QUESTIONS               Chrysler 300C – Installation     Emissions Benefits
                        Chrysler 300C – Driver Notes     Kenworth T401 – C12 CAT
A FEW FUEL SAVING       Chrysler 300C – Dyno Results     2003 Nissan Navarra
                        Volkswagen Caddy
RESULTS                                                  Stationary Engine
                        Mercedes Benz Vito

NAVARRA & KENWORTH      Truck Install Pictures
FUEL TRIALS             Kenworth T401 – C12 Cat                                      COM
                                                                                    SOO G
                        Kenworth Tank Installation
                        Mercedes Benz 3322 – 1983                                      N!
REBATE                  Kenworth – N14 Cummins
                        Freightliner – C15 CAT           ALL NEW FUEL SAVER Plus
                        VOLVO FH12                       A bit about FUEL SAVER Plus
UNDER BONNET PICTURE    UD Nissan Diesel **savings       Ford XR8 Magnet Ute Install
OF AN eCo-shot          HINO Outro                       Under vehicle install pictures
   eCo-shot has been available in Australia since March 2007
      it is installed on over 500 vehicles across Australia.

Has been sold in the US market for 12 years and is well and truly
       tried and tested. (US brand name – “Powershot”)

          Has been trialing for 6 years in Australia on
       a 1983 Mercedes Benz truck and has proven itself
                   with power increases and
               fuel savings AS MUCH AS 30%

                       NO COMPUTERS


The eCo-shot LPG injection system for turbo diesel owners who are looking
 for more power for towing, increased mileage and throttle responsiveness
                            out of their vehicles.

 The eCo-shot is an infinitely variable-stage vapour injection system. It is
controlled, activated and proportionate to the boost pressure of the engine.

 The eCo-shot comes on slow and steady and as the boost increases, so
                        does the flow of gas.

       more boost = more gas = more power!

   The eCo-shot LPG Injection System is boost pressure activated,
injecting gas in increasing amounts as the boost pressure level of the
engine increases, producing power you are guaranteed to feel behind
                              the wheel.

This innovative design is only activated when the vehicle ignition is on
        and the engine is running, a distinct safety advantage.
 A licensed gas installer will take about a day to install an eCo-shot to your vehicle and it requires
                              no permanent modifications to the engine.

The quality of the components is obvious: Custom LP regulators/Parker fittings, safety features such
        as custom auto/off rocker switches located inside the cab, and an automotive LPG
                          fuel lock-off solenoid valve located at the tank.

    All of the regulating is done at the tank eliminating the need for under hood installations and
                                  further enhancing safety concerns.

 The custom regulator maintains a constant tank pressure regardless of outside temperatures and
                      delivers consistent, usable power at all boost levels.
                                          Around town. . .
       You will love how responsive the pedal is with eco-shot, you will think it’s a petrol motor.

                                 Towing caravans or trailers. . .
       The increased pulling power is great, eco-shot makes those big hills seem a lot smaller.

                                           Off-road. . .
  We have a couple of guys doing some very serious competitive off road, they really appreciate the
                                 extra grunt eco-shot gives them.

                                              Trucks. . .
This is where eco-shot comes into its own no matter how big the load, how far you travel, truck owners
   will save 1000’s of dollars each year and appreciate the extra power they will get from eco-shot.

                                SAFETY FEATURES SUCH AS:
        Power switch inside the cab so driver has full control of turning the system on and off.

        Fuel lock off valve, stops the flow of gas unless the vehicle ignition and system is on.

                                  Fits any TURBO DIESEL vehicles.

                               Great savings for the Transport industry.

   An adjustable orifice allows you to change flow rates from towing to performance effortlessly in

  Variable flow rate delivers smooth, steadily increasing power, proportionate to the boost pressure.
                                                       Why Gas?
The idea of injecting gas as a secondary fuel in turbo diesel engines has been widely used for many years and is not a new
idea. However many of the earlier systems contained complicated mixers or sensors that had to be installed on the engine
                          and adjusted under the hood, making them improbable for everyday use.

                        Gas burns cleaner, and in turn your engine runs cleaner, cooler and longer.

                                   The engine's response is quick, smooth and powerful.

                                            Why does it work so well?
Gas acts as a "catalyst" when combined with diesel fuel. When gas is added to diesel fuel, almost 100% of the fuel is burned
(as opposed to approximately 75% without gas injection) which is what gives you the "eCo-shot" of torque, horsepower and
                                                      fuel economy.

                           How much increased torque and power can I expect?
                                  Horsepower and torque will increase from 20% to 60%

                                              Will it help my mileage?
                                      YES!! Fuel economy is increased significantly.
                    You can expect a 20 to 30% reduction in fuel usage depending on your driving style.

                                    Can I use the eCo-shot™ for towing heavy loads?
      YES! You will enjoy using the eCo-shot™ for towing. (Remember you should never tow more than your vehicle
                              is rated for or hold the throttle wide open for extended periods.)

    Can eCo-shot™ be used with other aftermarket performance products for diesel powered
        Yes, The eCo-shot™ system is the perfect addition and will only further enhance the performance of chips,
           exhaust systems etc. It can also be used on stock turbo diesels as the only performance accessory.

                             Does the eCo-shot™ increase EGT Temperatures?
                      Only by about 50° or less, in some instances it actually decreases EGT temps.

        eCo-shot Gas Injection Kit requires the use of a Australian Standard, certified VAPOUR Gas Tank only.
                        SOME FUEL FACTS
Our 2003 Nissan Navarra
             * gets 1150 kilometres from 20 litres of LPG
             * diesel only 500 kilometres from 63 litres
             * eCo-shot on now get 714 kilometres from 63 litres
             * was 7.94 kilometres per litre
             * now 11.33 kilometres per litre
             * was 12.60 litres per 100 kilometres
             * now 8.51 litres per 100 kilometres

Landrover TD5
            * from 12.5 litres per 100 kilometres.
            * now 8.11 litres per 100 kilometres.

100 Series Landcruiser
             * an extra 2 kilometres per litre.

Nissan Patrol
                * from 15 litres per 100 kilometres.
                * now 10.5 litres per 100 kilometres.

MAZDA BT50 (2.5 litre)
           Trip of 525 kilometres with 600kg load
           * 35 litres of diesel
           * 15 litres of LPG
           * 30% saving on diesel usage before eCo-shot installed

Some DYNO results:-
           * 2004 Holden Rodeo – 290 Nm increased to 410Nm of torque.
           * 80 Series Landcruiser – 95.4 Kw increased to 116 Kw.
           * Nissan Navarra – 76 Kw increased to 92 Kw.
           * One Holden Rodeo went from 349 Nm to 717 Nm.
PAST ECONOMY                                    PAST ECONOMY
Diesel only = 8 kilometres per litre            Diesel only = 1.7 kilometres per litre
Total diesel usage = 675L                       Total diesel usage = 3411L
Cost of trip @ average $1.32 per litre = $891   Cost of trip @ average $1.30 per litre = $4334.30

eCo-shot INSTALLED                              eCo-shot INSTALLED
Diesel & Gas = 10.57 kilometres per litre       Diesel & Gas = 2.37 kilometres per litre
Total diesel usage = 511L                       Total diesel usage = 2445L
Cost of diesel for @                            Cost of diesel for @
average $1.30 per litre = $677.08               average $1.30 per litre = $3178.50

DIESEL SAVINGS = $213.92                        DIESEL SAVINGS = $1255.80

LPG Usage for trip = 77L                        LPG Usage for trip = 407L
Cost of LPG @ average $0.562 = $43.27           Cost of LPG @ average $0.50 = $203.50


   The Australian Government has established the LPG Vehicle Scheme to assist private
                             use motorists with the purchase.
  of a new LPG vehicle or the conversion of a new or used petrol or diesel vehicle to LPG.

    A grant of $2,000 will be paid following the LPG conversion of a new or used petrol
                                   or diesel motor vehicle.

   An eligible vehicle

        * Is for private use (not commercial or business use).

        * Is a passenger or light commercial vehicle less than 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass.

        * Must be registered in the Australian state or territory of residence of claimant.

        * Is not subject to a novated lease or salary sacrifice arrangement.

        * Must be registered for private use in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, and the ACT.

        * Must be declared for private use if registered in SA, TAS and NT.

        for more information.
 Boost Pressure    Injection Point
back to eCo-shot   from eCo-shot
       1999 Nissan Patrol – 4.2 litres

Boost Pressure Pick-up Point   In-dash Switch & Gauge   eCo-shot mounted on firewall

  Injection Point pre-turbo         Tank Mount          Clearance after tank mount
                     Toyota Landcruiser

   Injection point           Boost pressure point        eCo-shot mount under bonnet

Tank mount brackets      Tank and exhaust modification         Tank clearance
                            Toyota Hilux

Pre-turbo injection point

      Tank install            eCo-shot Mounted on   Boost Pressure Point
Holden Rodeo

                                                 Boost Pressure Point

  You can mount the eCo-shot unit on any angle

                                                    Injection Point
More Holden Rodeos
Nissan Patrol 3 Litre
Landrover Discovery
Landrover Defender
Toyota Hilux

New style heat exchanger

                           Injection point
Toyota Prado
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series
Twin tank installation fits between chassis and foot rail.

                                                             Hydra static Valve

 New end-fill vapor tank fits nicely                         Ground clearance
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series
Tank installation in spare wheel cavity in a cradle bracket.
Ford F250


                Injection point

            Boost pressure point
Mitsubishi Delica

Filler point below diesel fill

                                 Eco-shot mount easily
                                   behind air cleaner
Chrysler 300c
Over-view to Date from the vehicle owner
The dyno results are not the optimum output as there was a limitation of trying to load up the
engine without it force- shifting to the next gear 4th, but there is still a healthy increase of around
20% in HP & a 15% in torque
It should be noted that there has only been a conservative addition of gas vapour - there is
certainly room for higher rates of gas delivery, should higher HP/Torque outputs be required.
Gas flows at 4 PSI of turbo boost, which eliminates the off the mark inherent turbo lag & the
sluggishness / response of light throttle acceleration. Pedal response is more in line with the 5.7
Litre V8 Hemi but with around half the fuel consumption
The system is simple yet effective in design as it delivers only gas vapour at the turbo without the
need of the usual additional gas mixers/converters & associated plumbing & water heating lines
Boot space loss is acceptable as one tank of gas is sufficient for three to four tanks of diesel,
depending on driving style - a smaller 18 litre tank is also available which has even less impact to
boot space.
To meet regulation requirements the gas tank is filled outside the car behind a drop down number
plate frame, so no visible sign (other than the required GAS sticker on the number plate) is evident
Installation is relatively simple & straight forward with the bare minimum of modification
From the lower dash area the system can also be turned on & off via a multi-position switch, gas
level is also displayed by a small multi-LED gauge. If gas runs out during operation of the vehicle
there is no issue, just a reduction in performance & economy.
So what’s next

                                                            Chrysler 300c
Vehicle economy testing
Full EPG compliance testing
Chrysler 300c
Volkswagon Caddy
Kenworth T401
                eCo-shot mounted under

                  Boost pressure point

                 Injection point pre-turbo
   Kenworth T401
C12 CAT - Tank Install
1983 Mercedes Benz
        eCo-shot fitted for years

               Fuel Saving

       Diesel only - 1.9km’s per litre

eCo-shot switched on - 2.45km’s per litre

     Approximately a 30% fuel saving.
                                                         150 litre gas tank

             Increased Power

  Diesel only - 287 horsepower at the rear

eCo-shot switched on - 375 horsepower at
            the rear wheels.

An increase of 30% in horsepower with eCo-
           shot set on economy.

                                             eCo-shot location, not effected by weather
 10 months

    BEFORE eCo-shot
    2 Kilometres per Litre
Total fuel cost per km for trip
            = $0.62
    NOW with eCo-shot
  2.5 Kilometres per Litre
Total fuel cost per km for trip
            = $0.52
   Extra pulling power—
      around 60 more
Martin’s Scania has nearly
  double its profit margin
from 10 cents a km to 19.4
10 months

  BEFORE eCo-shot
 1.7 Kilometres per Litre
  NOW with eCo-shot
2.37 Kilometres per Litre
 Extra pulling power—
   around 100 more
Now saving around $40
 each way Bairnsdale /
 C15 CAT
 8 months
What a difference a shot of GAS
   makes to fuel economy.
    Another very happy eCo-shot customer
                  TANKS – 140 litres diesel & 110 litres LPG
           Before eCo-shot – 550 kilometres per tank of diesel.
  With eCo-shot – 900 kilometres per tank of diesel / LPG usage – 50 litres.
Running cost - from 47 cents a kilometres to 33 cents a kilometre includes LPG.

                             Before eCo-shot 3.57
                              kilometres per litre
                             With eCo-shot fitted
                            6.4 kilometres per litre
HINO Outro
Mitsubishi Canter
Mitsubishi Fighter
Landcruiser 80 Series
What a difference a shot of gas makes to fuel
500hp 12.5 litre John Deere Pump
                                 Diesel & LPG                  Diesel Only          Diesel & LPG
Date                             19/09/2008                    20/09/2008           21/09/2008
RPM                              1650                          1650                 1650
Megalitres Pumped                25.82                         21.72                22.21
Ave. Megalitres per Hour         0.88                          0.87                 0.87
Hours Pumping 29.5                                25                         25.5
Total Diesel Used                682                           954                  841
Total LPG Used365                                 0                          204
Diesel Litre per Meg.            26.41                         43.92                37.87
LPG Litres per Meg.              14.14                         0.00                 9.19
Diesel per Litre                 $1.50                         $1.50                $1.50
LPG per Litre                    $0.75                         $0.75                $0.75
Diesel Cost per Meg.             $39.62                        $65.88               $56.80
LPG Cost per Meg.                $10.60                        $0.00                $6.89
Total $ Cost per Meg             $50.22                        $65.88               $63.69
LPG % of Fuel                    34%                                                19%

Diesel On-site                   12000                         12000                12000
LPG On-site                      6500                          6500                 6500
Pumping Days diesel              17.60                         12.58                14.27
Pumping Days LPG                 17.81                         0.00                 31.86

Allocation                       2500                          2500                 2500
Total Fuel Cost                  $125,556.74                   $164,709.94          $159,218.82
Saving                           $39,153.21                                         $5,491.12
.75 cents LPG cost ex GST / $1.50 Diesel cost after rebate
Figures for Day 4 are incorrect and a further trial is being
conducted over 4 days

Per hour cost diesel             $34.68           $57.24
Per hour cost LPG                $9.28
Total Cost per hour              $43.96           $57.24
SAVING                           $13.28
   How GREEN is my diesel with eCo-
          shot installed?
               Emissions testing show the following:-
                  NOx emissions reduced by 55%
                       CO2 reduced by 12%.

  On a recent run from Melbourne to
 Townsville return, a total distance of
     eCo-shot reduced the diesel
  consumption by nearly 1000 litres.
 By not burning the extra 967 litres of
 diesel - 2.90 tonnes of CO2 were not
released into the atmosphere and that
     does not include the reduced
  emissions by running LPG with your
    Reduces your
   Greenhouse Gas
 The more efficient burn of the diesel fuel in
the combustion chamber created by the shot
   of gas from the eCo-shot LPG injection
 System reduces harmful greenhouse gases.
            NOx by as much 55%
           CO2 by as much as 13%

                 Recent testing on
                2003 Nissan Navarra
 NOx reduction
 Diesel only = 448 parts per million
 eCo-shot on = 207 parts per million
 CO2 reduction
 Diesel only = 3.73%
 eCo-shot on = 3.47%
      How eco-friendly is my farm?
Annual diesel usage                    117,500   85,412   96,154   89,286

Annual diesel saving                   0         32,088   21,346   28,214

a litre of diesel emits 2.7kg of CO2   2.7       2.7      2.7      2.7

Emissions savings of CO2 from
unburnt diesel from                              86.64    57.63    76.18
using eCo-shot system

A 12% reduction in CO & CO2 emissions PLUS a NOx emissions reduction
of 55%
Soon to be on the market
   The eCo-shot
Bi-fuel System for Petrol Vehicles
                       Suitable for any make
                           or model with
                        OBD2 Oxy Sensor

                       Holden, Ford, Volvo,
                         Mercedes Benz,
                        Volkswagen, BMW,
                        SAAB, Alfa Romeo,
Watch this space for   Honda, Hyundai, Kia,
    trial results            Suzuki,
                         Toyota, Chrysler,
                       Mitsubishi and more
Currently trialing on this Ford Ute

          Currently trialing on this 2007
               Ford Magnet Ute
 FUELSAVER Plus – is a totally new way to introduce LPG to your fuel
with FUELSAVER Plus you are still running on petrol with a shot of LPG.
 Current trailing in the US is showing savings of 35%. We will keep you
               updated with our trial results here in Australia.

 The FUELSAVER Plus                                  Smaller tanks fit in
fits neatly out of the way                           without modification

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