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									Environment in Society and Self Identity
Self and Society

The Expansion of the Social Self in Environment learning

The development of the social self takes practice and skills to succeed.
The development of self in environment learning can be done in due time
using meditation, exercises or anything else that will help guide you in
development skills. Focusing on this type of learning, since environment
and society can shape our attitude. We want to shape our own attitude
toward life. Still, we must keep positive.

Everyone needs social skills to give their best wherever they may be.
School age children need to social skills to be able to make friends. As
we age, we need to be able to socialize in the workplace, our homes, etc
so that we continue creating helpful relationships with self and others.

Development of the social self in environment learning starts from the
day we are born. Newborns learn to socialize in their environment
surroundings by observing and listening. The happier they are as a baby
the easier it is to socialize and fit in with whatever the environment
they are in.

In order to be happy around others you need to be happy with yourself.
When you do not like self, it is difficult to socialize with people and
the environment. This means we need to advance various skills, such as
communication, self-awareness, self-control, self-esteem, and more.

Some of the best practices to develop these skills include environment
learning, meditation, exercise, yoga, and other natural activities.
Setting goals will help increase your development skills in the
environment that surrounds you.

Meditation helps you to relax and enjoy your self. It makes it easier to
make better decisions and expand your confidence in yourself. Everyone
needs to relax in order to feel happy and feel like a free person. When
we are tired, we lose interest in what is going on around us. Being tired
makes focusing on what is happening hard to do. This means you lose a
connection with reality.

The development of self through environment learning may mean that you
need to make some changes to like you as a real person as well as your
surroundings. Practice relaxing with meditation. It will give you a boost
of energy so that you can enjoy life and your environment.

Learn to practice yoga to help you expand communication skills, self-
awareness, and confidence and so forth so that you manage well in your
environment. Joining a Yoga class will help you relax and boost your
communication skills by being around other people. You will meet new
friends while you are working toward developing your self-identity.

When we exercise, we increase our energy. Combining exercise and goals
will help you meet new people and give you confidence that you can
succeed. Each goal you reach will give you more confidence to build
stronger skills.

Development of social self and environment is a learning process.
Practicing meditation, Yoga and exercising will increase your self-esteem
and confidence. Therefore, consider what things help you to find you.
Learn some proven techniques and use them. Instead of relying on others
to shape your identity, learn to shape your own identity.

Environmental learning involves taking control of your awareness,
actions, thoughts and so forth. Instead of learning like other people do
by examining all the external factors that affect our person without
giving too much notice, you will push forward with expanded awareness.
Take control of your life today by developing your identity without
allowing others to reflect on who you are, thus converting you to who
they want you to become.

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