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Some creatures in the world are classified as mammals due to the fact
that they all have certain characteristics in common. All of them have
vertebrae along their back and their spine. This helps to keep them safe
and to be able to have a good chance of survival after an injury. This is
known as their skeletal system even though some mammals only have a few
bones while others have hundreds in their body.

All mammals have sweat glands, the females can produce milk, and they
have hair on their bodies. They have lungs that they use for breathing in
and exhaling. The size of the lungs will vary depending on the size of
the mammal. Yet they all operate in the same way. Mammals have bones for
their middle ear which affects hearing, and the brain has a neocortex.

It is believed the neocortex region is what allows many forms of mammals
including humans and primates to have the intelligence that they do. It
is believed this is the area of the brain that allows for personal
development and reasoning so that a person can make their own choices
rather than having a mechanical response. Not all of the actions of
mammals have to do with survival.

The most important element of being a mammal is the ability to give birth
to live offspring instead of laying eggs. Most mammals will feed their
baby off of the milk they produce when they are born. This means most
mammals have offspring that are dependent upon them for a period of time.

They also have a circulatory system that allows their blood to flow due
to the activity of a heart with four chambers associated with it. As you
may have already guessed humans are classified as mammals. Being a mammal
though is just a general classification. There are many more details that
are broken down to determine where they fit into the scheme of things.

The number of mammals out there has dropped over time though due to many
of them becoming extinct. This is often due to their natural environment
being destroyed. These animals are gone and they will never again walk
the Earth. Others are endangered which means if efforts aren’t taken to
protect them they too will one day be all gone from this Earth as well.

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