Oil Skimmers - Means to Tackle Oil Spills by anamaulida


									Oil skimmers are the apparatus that is used to remove oil that is floats
on the surface of any fluid. These skimmers merely float on the fluid,
unaffected by the fluid itself, and are designed to attract the floating
oil in the fluid. The materials that used in manufacturing the oil
skimmers are likely to attract the only oil from the fluid, and not the
fluid itself. While oil skimmers are largely used to extract unwanted oil
from the fluid, in some cases, they are also used to pre-treat the
liquid, as it reduces the overall cost of cleaning the fluid. These
skimmers are used on the fluids in preliminary stages to extract as much
oil as possible prior to the company employing costly and lengthy
procedures to do the same.Oil skimmers are of many different kinds. There
are six major types - namely belt, drum, disk or barrel style, mini tube
or large tube, mop and floating suction skimmers. These skimmers are
specially designed based on the laws of gravity and surface tension in
order to function. The belt skimmer uses a steel belt for the process of
cleaning the fluid. The belt is gently lowered into the fluid and it
moves through specialized wiper blades, which removes oil from either
side of the fluid, as it goes through it.The disk oil skimmers are
designed to function in a slightly different pattern. As the name
conveys, these skimmers use a disk, which rotates through the fluid and
the oil is whisked off the fluid and deposited into a collection
container inside the skimmer. The disadvantage in using this kind of
skimmer is they are not practical for places with shallow fluids of
fluctuating fluid levels, as the entire disc needs to be submerged to do
the cleaning job well.The next type of oil skimmers is the barrel or drum
skimmer, which are quite similar to the disk skimmers, but instead of a
disk, a rotating drum is used. The advantages of these skimmers are
mainly that they are more durable and are capable of moving more water
than disk skimmers. Fluctuating liquid levels, however, are still
challenging for the barrel style skimmers.The mop oil skimmers make use
of specially designed ropes to extract the oil from the fluid. The
process involves dipping of the ropes into the fluid and removes the
fluid and the oil. As the ropes go into the drive unit, pinch rollers are
used to wring the ropes dry. The primary disadvantage is that when these
are used with the highly viscous oils, the ropes in these oil skimmers
tend to lose their effectiveness and get matted down and adding to the
maintenance costs, as the replacement mops are costly.The last two kinds
of oil skimmers are the large tube skimmers and the floating suction
skimmers. The tube uses a plastic hose that moves over the liquid's
surface, drawing the oil through the large tubes. This can be used only
on large surfaces, but for smaller surfaces mini tubes can be used in a
similar manner. The floating suction skimmers come in an assortment of
designs, but each sort includes a floating intake and they are most
effective when there are thick layers of oil to be removed.The oil
skimmers are excellent and most effective apparatus to separate oil from
any fluid. They are simple devices, but do an excellent job on what they
are designed to do. In addition, they are easy to repair, maintain and
clean, and therefore, the efficiency of oil skimmers depends largely on
how they are maintained. The better you keep your skimmer, the better and
longer it will work.

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