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									            AN INTRODUCTION TO

     Insurance and full professional support for
    the Global Logistics and Transport Industry

Acis Transport Liability Agency Services Ltd
Who we cover Scope of cover
A.T.L.A.S. is able to provide:                    Cargo Insurance
                                                     Cover for loss or damage to cargo including air
 a tailor made package of insurance protection   freight and incidental storage worldwide.

 combined with specialist support services
  and expert claims management
                                                  Physical Damage to Equipment
                                                  Insurance protection for owned and/or leased
 backed by Lloyd’s security-
                                                   All Risk or Total Loss only.
  Brit Insurance Lloyd’s Syndicate 2987            The Insured Equipment’s Contributions to
                                                      General Average and/or Salvage.
 for the following operators:                     Equipment includes cargo handling and carrying
 Freight Forwarders / Air Freight
  Forwarders                                      Third party Liability
                                                     Legal liability against claims from third parties
 NVOC’s                                              for damage to property or injury, death and/or
 Multimodal Transport Operators                     Consequential losses arising from the above.

 Road Transport Operators                        Liability for Cargo
                                                     Legal liability for damage to or loss of cargo
 Ship Agents                                         arising out of any unforeseen circumstance.
                                                     Consequential losses arising out of damage to
 Chartering and/or Ship Brokers                      cargo.

 Ship and/or Crew Managers
                                                  Professional Liability
 Marine & Non-Marine Terminal Operators             Legal liability for financial loss arising from
                                                      negligent acts, errors or omissions.
 Port Authorities
                                                  Liability towards Authorities
 Stevedores                                         Fines penalties and duties imposed, arising from
                                                      but not limited to breach of import/export
 Warehouse Keepers                                   regulations and short or over delivery of cargo.

 Container Freight Stations/ Depot Operators     Costs and expenses
                                                     Costs and expenses, including legal fees and
 Container Storage Facilities                        survey fees.
                                                     The costs of disposal of damaged cargo and/or
 Container Operators                                 equipment.
                                                     General Average Guarantees or Salvage Bonds.
 Vessel Operators (Physical damage to

 Acis Transport Liability Agency Services Ltd
                         Benefit of our cover
Claims Management                                             Additional Support Services.

A.T.L.A.S. is able to provide:
                                                                  Review and guidance on appropriate transport
                                                                   documentation, Standard Trading Conditions
       An experienced and professional multi-
                                                                   B/Ls and related contracts
        lingual proactive claims service managed
                                                                  On-Site risk assessment of Terminal and
        from Antwerp Belgium with key support
                                                                   Warehouse operations
        offices in Spain, Singapore, Dubai, USA,
        Brazil                                                    Employee training workshops and corporate
       Centralisation of Claims Management
                                                                  Specialist project or project cargo consultancy
       24 hour immediate response availability
                                                                  Risk Management – practical guidance on
       Comprehensive global network of specialist
                                                                   ways to reduce your risk exposures
        Claims Correspondents, Surveyors &

*****************************************                     ******************************************

Claims are like water rolling down the hill side, they follow the path of least resistance. Any operator in the
Logistics Industry is an integral part of the transport chain and is thus exposed not only to mistakes or accidents
caused by their own operations, but also to those arising in other parts of the transport chain.

In this growing litigious age, legal liability insurance should be considered by any professional logistics operator
as an essential element in their business plan.

We at A.T.L.A.S. see our job as not only providing the financial security of an insurance cover, tailor made to
meet the Insured’s specific requirements, but also and equally important, to provide proactive claims handling
which means being involved as early as possible in any dispute so that the Insured’s interests are fully protected.
In addition the A.T.L.A.S. team is available to offer professional guidance to assist the Insured in minimising his
risk exposure.

Paul Lightband
Managing Director A.T.L.A.S.
                     Further information
                             is available through the following offices:-
Head Office                                            North Africa - Correspondent
ACIS Transport Liability Agency Services Ltd.          Expertises Maritimes PROTECMAR
Gallery 7, Lloyds Building, 1, Lime Street             Rue Medhet Pacha
London EC3M 7HA - UK                                   Residence Sinbad II Bloc A 4 – 1001
Contact: Richard Ellis                                 Tunis. TUNISIA
Tel: +44 207 09916890                                  Tel : +216 71253704
Mobile: +44 7803031616                                 Fax : +216 71351331
Fax: +44 207 6238696                                   Mr. Elyes Mami
E-mail: richard.ellis@atlas-insurancecover.com         Mobile: +216 98303791
                                                       Ms. Nabiha Melliti
Regional Office.                                       E-mail: direction@protecmar.net
ACIS Transport Liability Agency Services bvba.                 contact@protecmar.net
Korte Klarenstraat 9                                           protec.survey@planet.tn
B-2000 Antwerp - Belgium
Belgium                                                Far East - Correspondent
Contact: Paul Lightband                                Navis Claims Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tel: +32 3 5009141                                     7500A Beach Road #06-312
Mobile: +32 477292906                                  The Plaza
Fax: +32 3 2880497                                     Singapore 199591
E-mail: paul.lightband@atlas-insurancecover.com         Contact: Mufei Lo
Claims: Peter Jansz                                    Tel: +65 62939912
Mobile: +32 477209273                                  Mobile: + 65 98230119
E-mail peter.jansz@atlas-insurancecover.com            Fax: +65 62920191
                                                       E-mail: mufei@navisclaims.com
Spain - Correspondent
Marine and Legal Services                              Middle East- Correspondent
Marqués del Puerto, 16-2°                              World Wide Claims Services
48008 Bilbao - Spain                                   P.O. Box 114900
Contact: Juan Beitia                                   Dubai – UAE
E-mail: jbeitia@marinelegalservices.com                Contact: R.M. Menon
Mobile : +34 669125218                                 Tel: +971 43510705
Contact: José M. Fernandez                             Mobile: +971 505580583
E-mail: claims@marinelegalservices.com                 Fax: +971 43510709
Mobile : +34 626526197                                 E-mail: wwcs@eim.ae
Tel: +34 902 160685
Fax: +34 902 160686                                    North America- Correspondent
                                                       L.M.M. Claims Services
                                                       170 Broad Street
                                                       Matawan, NJ 07747
                                                       Contact: Linda McDonald
                                                       Tel: +1 732 5831950
                                                       Mobile: +1 732 9396418
                                                       Fax: +1 732 5839739
                                                       E-mail: Linda@lmmclaimservices.com

                                                       South America- Correspondent
                                                       Marine and Aviation, Claims and Recoveries
                                                       Assessoria Ltda.
                                                       Rua Paula Freitas, 33, Suite 604
                                                       Rio De Janeiro – RJ – Brazil – 22040-010
                                                       Contact: Fernando A. Macedo
                                                       Tel/Fax: +55 21 22550479
                                                       Mobile: +55 21 81365508
                                                       E-mail: mcr@uol.com.br

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