Global warming prevention 1 by anamaulida


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        <p>Global warming refers to the Earth’s air and oceans
gradually heating up to a point that disrupts balance, a problem that is
continually getting worse. It sounds like a problem too massive for any
one individual to take on, but it really isn’t. Combining any few of
these suggestions can make more of a dramatic effect than most people
understand. The goal is to emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
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Difficulty:Â Easy Step<br><br> 1. Drive less. Take bikes, walk or
carpool whenever possible.<br> 2. Consider investing in a hybrid or
electric vehicle to help prevent against further global warming.<br> 3.
Replace all the lightbulbs in and around your home with energy-efficient
fluorescents that use fewer watts for the same amount of light.<br> 4.
Clean or replace your filters monthly.<br> 5. Choose energy-efficient
appliances when it's time to buy new ones.<br> 6. Decrease your air
travel.<br> 7. Wash clothes in cold water and line-dry whenever
possible.<br> 8. Use a low-flow showerhead, which will lessen the hot
water used but not drop your water pressure in the shower.<br> 9. Cut
down on your garbage—buy fewer packaged materials to prevent further
global warming.<br> 10. Unplug electronics when they are not in use,
because they still take up energy. At the very least, turn items off when
they’re not being used.<br> 11. Run the dishwasher and clothes washer
only when you have a full load, and if available, use the energy-saving
setting.<br> 12. Insulate your home better, and don’t forget to repair
or replace worn caulking or weather-stripping. Insulate your water
heater.<br> 13. Buy recycled paper products and recycle as much of your
waste as possible.<br> 14. Bring your own reusable canvas grocery bags
when grocery shopping.<br> 15. Plant a tree.<br> 16. Have an energy audit
done on your home so you can find the trouble areas and fix them.<br> 17.
Use nontoxic cleaning products.<br> 18. Shop locally for food. A
farmer’s market is an excellent place to visit. And choose fresh food
over frozen foods. Fresh takes less energy to produce.<br> 19. Keep your
car tuned up, and check tire pressure often to save gas.<br> 20. Eat less
meat and more organic foods in your diet to do your part in preventing
global warming.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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