Environmental issues and climate change by anamaulida


									We all know the score by now... something to do with us killing our own
home... literally bleeding it dry of natural resources, sweeping away
it's tender green forests to make way for our sprawling suburban chaos.
replacing thousand year old trees with crops that will last a year,
devouring land for natural non-renewable resources, all for a short lived
profit. In the end, none of us win, our planet will be barren and our
children destitute.

Does climate change really exist? Is this period of global warming simply
a case of natural change or is it really caused by us? Do we even really
care? I mean, when you look at it, George W. Bush has taken 2 full terms
to even consider the idea. China continue to devour the west's resources
just to fuel it's ever increasing economy. America continues to drive
it's fuel driven economy, whilst Eurpoe tries to cope with dwindling
resources, encompassed in increasing taxes on fuel and just about
everything else imported, manufactured or produced.

It may not be a case of our planet dying, but more of us running out of
the materials we need to fuel our passion for material posessions. Just
like the UK's housing crisis, the world as a whole is suffering from a
materials crisis. We've relied too long on un-sustainable natural
resources. The century of the Hippy may just be upon us.

Wind power, solar, renewable resources, carbon reduction schemes, ethical
products, re-use, recycled products. They all go some way to reducing the
problem, but in effect, they're just gimmicks, designe to make us feel
beeter about what we're doing in our day to day lives. It doesn't get us
around the real issues ad instead sweeps them under the proverbial
carpet, by giving us an immediate opion. Solutions really needd to be
sought to replace resources with items that don't need the energy
consumption or fuel we've become so used to consuming.

Look at recycling efforts in the west. The price of steel, copper and
Gold continue to rise on the stock markets, even though we're recycling
more and more of it. China is consuming these materials at such as rate
that even with continued mining and extraction, coupled with recycling,
there still isn't enough to go round. We're building numerous wind farms
in the UK and europe and yet there still isn't enough power for homes and
businesses. America's passion for Air conditioning causes brown-outs and
black-outs in the Summer, even though they're sitting on some of the
largest Gas fields in the world.

So what's the solution? Short term, it's pretty obvious that we're gong
to have to recycle even more. You can't expect government to sort it out
for you. This issue is a People's issue and the people have to show a
single front, recycling their waste at home. It';s the ONLY way we'll
reduce the mountain of waste we produce. Like energy consumption, it's a
lifestyle issue and I think the world's government's are going to have to
change the way this is tackled. Given that many people in the west really
don't care enough, advertising will have to be the key and it'll have to
be hard hitting. It's going to tke an entire generation to change the way
we live- by which time, it'll be too late (if it isn't already). I'm 34
and remember the winters being a lot longer here in the UK. Leaves used
to fall in september/ October. It's now November before the green really
starts fading. spring arrived 3 weeks early this year, with daffodils
showing in Feb.

Besides, even though the Uk is surrounded by water, we're getting
droughts all year round in some areas. Water is fast becomming a premium
resource, rather a god given right. Of course, this is as much down to
the water comapnies, who thank's to our government are now privatised-
hence been taken over by international companies, looking to make a fast
buck and then sell on the ailing company for a quick killing without ever
lifting a finger to ensure that the network of pipes are repaired. at
least the trees get a good watering from all those leaking pipes!

Heck, even the shrewdest of entrepeneurs can see a quick killing when it
comes to Global Warming. Carbon offset schemes quickly took root around
the world. donate to us and offset your carbon footprint. We'll plant a
tree in your memory! (Probably cut it down for firewood ina few years...
but hey, by then there'll be a new fad for cutting your energy
consumption) You want to talk Environmental issues..., I want to talk
GLOBAL ECONOMY. You see, those who protest outside the G7 meetings have
almost got it right. It's not about fair trade or fair pay... it's about
global greed and financial wealth. we're all after a fast buck, quick
killing. Take a look at the stock markets. Day trading, CFDs etc have all
replaced the long term investment strategy and as a result, no-one thinks
ahead (past tomorrow that is). Financial investment only occurs when
there's a return, not when there's a loss. Carbon offsetting is a great
scheme for the rich to show they care. It sells more of their products-
becuase the general public as a whole are gullible.

There's only one way we're going to dig ourselves out of this hole we're
in and that's to prove there's money in saving the planet- both in terms
of a short term financial gain and also a long term one!
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