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Mobile Phones and Environmental Issues


									Mobile phones are icons of modern day living. It is an icon representing
instant connectivity in terms of communication wherever you may be in the
world today. It also symbolizes stature in whatever levels of society you
are in. There are mobile phones designed for the younger generation.There
are also those that are designed for Businessmen. For the more affluent,
another class of trendy and cutting edge technology Cell phones are made
for their choosing. And for the have nots, they can always avail for
themselves low priced old model mobile phones. The third symbol of this
present day Icon is in its inherent disposability. And this is where the
danger to our environment lies.In a study, it was revealed that the
average usability of a mobile phone is 18 months. This period takes into
consideration mobile phone replacement due to breakdowns caused by
improper care of unit, and even factory defects. But the most significant
factor that would result to this short period of usability would be the
functionality factor where cell phones that have been purchased only a
year ago will be replaced by newer phones because of a more advanced
features. This trend is very true particularly with the younger
generation where almost every year a change in their mobile phones have
to be expected by their parents.Aside from this, research and development
in the advancement of cell phone technology and the stylish trend that
are endlessly added to create demand for the newer version of phones
through mass advertisements in TV and print medias, has led to wetting
the appetites of mobile phone users to discard their old phones in favor
of newer models. A study relating to environmental management has
revealed that in 2005 alone, a total of 130 million mobile phones were
thrown away, which would translate to nearly 65,000 of waste that could
further endanger the environment.Unlike with fixed telephone lines, where
the number has been contained or if not reduced in numbers of subscribers
because of cell phone usage that has grown out of proportion, cell phones
are now considered as a threat to the environment. The hazards that can
be caused to the environment by cell phones are simply understated even
right to this date. If you consider the effects of electronic materials
that can contaminate our lands and waters, how much more the several
millions of expired batteries that will be thrown to waste spreading
undesired toxic materials everywhere on planet earth?It is in this regard
why conservationist, ecologist, naturalist and all other groupings
concerned with the environment are now trying to raise the issue of the
hazards to the environment brought about by the non stop and large scale
production of mobile phones and its seemingly wanton usage that could
result to endless toxic waste that could harm the environment.

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