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					The increasing level of air pollution is becoming a major factor of worry
for all environmentalists. It has become absolutely essential to make use
of Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment to keep a track of pollutants in
the air so that efforts can be made not to cross certain limit. Air
Pollution Monitoring Equipment can be used to monitor urban air quality,
rural air quality and industrial air quality.      Air Pollution
Monitoring Equipment has sensitive sensors that monitor the presence of
pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide,
methane, ammonia and other reactive compounds. It is very important for
big scale factories to use such equipments to monitor the pollutants that
are being disposed off in the air. Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment
will also help develop policies and solutions to meet the air pollution
problems. This is also important for public information so that people
can personally access the problem and take measures at their ends.

  There are three types of air pollution monitoring equipments available
to monitor air pollution. This includes Passive Sampling, Active Sampling
and Automatic Sampling.       Through Passive Sampling, the average level
of air pollution can be monitored over a certain period of time. This is
basically in the form of tubes which are open from one side into the air
and the other end consists of a chemical which takes samples of the
pollutants to analyze it. This air pollutant monitors are placed in areas
where there is maximum pollution to get good results.      In the active
sampling method of air pollution monitoring equipment, samples are
collected for study and for analysis in the laboratory later. This is
done through pumping air into this equipment for a week or a month to get
correct results.      Monitoring air pollution through Automatic Sampling
extracts accurate and exact measurements taken from a single place. With
this method, you can get an average of pollutants in the air on an hourly
basis.        Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment APM 460NL APM 800

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