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Acid Rain Solutions

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					It took a long time to the scientific community to determine the causes
of acid rain. It also took a lot of time to realize the importance of the
problem and the fact that man was causing it. Gases emissions which are
mixed with humidity in the atmosphere are the major cause of acid rain.
Now that we know that the problem exists and what causes it, we need to
control and hopefully reverse the effect of acid rain.      Acid rain
affects plants, animals and mankind and should be taken very seriously.
Acid rain is one of the biggest environmental issues worldwide today. The
effects of acid rain on trees cause a major threat to the entire balance
in nature. In case of important trees depletion caused by acid rain, the
effects on the entire animal kingdom would be disastrous.

  Trees are a natural resource. They provide wood, are the major source
of oxygen and provide shelter to wildlife. As trees are destroyed by acid
rain, the animals which depend on them for survival are also affected. It
is a vicious cycle that self- perpetuates.       On the same level,
contaminated lake waters by acid rain can cause the imbalance and death
of its inhabitants. If the amount of fish diminishes, the main source of
food for the birds is destroyed. Furthermore, if a region is submitted to
important quantities of acid rain, the fish eggs may die before even
hatching thus reducing the quantity of food available.      Scientists
are conducting studies to monitor the effects of acid rain on man. Acid
rain has the power to destroy our land and reduce our food supply. The
toxicity of acid rain can render our water supplies undrinkable. The
metals contained in acid rain can find their way into drinking water,
crops, or animals that we eat. When ingested in big quantities, such
pollutants can lead to nerve and brain damage. It has been considered
that acid rain could hold a relation with Alzheimer's disease.      Now
that we know the causes of acid rain, we have a duty to reduce and
eventually eliminate them. The reduction of acid rain levels will require
a strong commitment from all industrialized communities. The problem of
acid rain needs to be considered seriously and laws have to be reinforced
to lower the rate of gases emission. The control and elimination of acid
rain will require a collective and joint effort. Newer sources of energy
have to be sought. Manufacturers have to explore alternate sources of
energy such as solar power.       Single efforts can also add-up in
reducing acid rain. Car pooling and driving our car only when necessary
can greatly reduce gas emission on the long run. Following regulations
and keeping cars in good circulating conditions can greatly reduce
pollution and acid rain. The Environmental Protection Agency has been
educating manufacturers and encouraging them on their efforts to reduce
the quantity of exhaust released into the atmosphere. Whether or not we
realize it, acid rain affects us all. It is everyone's duty to take
interest and participation in the resolution of acid rain. Every effort
counts.     For more information now go to: ,

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