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          REFERENCE                                                                SSP
Ser            1                               REQUIREMENT
        ISPS        CSSI                                                           REF.
         A 9.3            SECURITY ASSESSMENT A ship security
         B 9.3            assessment must be performed.
                          General The ship security assessment shall be
 2       A 8.5            documented, reviewed, accepted and retained by the
                          Qualifications The ship security assessment is
 3       A 8.2            carried out by competent persons with skills to
                          evaluate the security of a ship.
       B 8.4 (M)          Expert assistance Those involved in an SSA should
                          be able to draw on expert assistance
         B 8.2            Information required Information available on the
       B 8.5 (M)          assessment of threat for the ports
         B 9.1            Threats and vulnerabilities Identify potential threats
       B 8.3 (M)          and vulnerabilities
                          Identification of measures identification of existing
 7      A 8.4.1
                          security measures
 8     B 8.6 (M)          Examination of access Identify points of access
        B 8.7-9           Existing measures Relevance of the existing
          (M)             security measures
      B 8.10-11           Potential vulnerabilities take into account all
          (M)             possible vulnerabilities
         A 8.4            On-scene security survey On-scene security survey
         B 8.14           must be carried out
                                     SHIP SECURITY PLAN
12       A 6.0            Introduction Company objective and a policy
                          Ship, port and trade specific data ports that the
13       A 9.3
                          ship is likely to enter
                          Ship data General arrangement with restricted
14       A 9.3            areas, shell doors, ship type, size parameters, trade,
                          cargo, etc
                          Scope and limitations The SSP should include a set
                          of conditions, such as area of trading and cargo
15       A 9.3            carried.
                          NB that the SSA may not be valid if conditions
                          change significantly
                          Restricted distribution instructions as to who has
16      B 9.7.4
                          access to the plan
        A 9.2.1           Preparation of amendments to SSP to be carried
         B 9.5            out by CSO or Third party and approved by MCA.
         A 6.1            Company statement Clear statement emphasizing
         XI-2/8           the master’s authority
                          Ship organisation and communication Detail of
         A 7.2
      B 9.2.1 (M)         the organisational structure of the security of the ship
                          and communication system.

          (M) Guidance in Part B of ISPS Code made mandatory by article 3.5 of Regulation 275/2004/EC

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          REFERENCE                                                                       SSP
Ser                                             REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                      REF.
                             Details of the ship’s relationships with the company,
20    B 9.2.2 (M)            port facilities, other ships and relevant authorities with
                             security responsibility.
                             Communication systems within the ship and between
                             the ships and others, including the port facilities are
      B 9.2.3 (M)    p.49    defined. Continuous communications to be
        B 9.7.2     6.11.2   maintained at all times - are there back up systems or
                             alternative means of communication for all essential
                             SSP written in the working language (Note: if not
22      A 9.4                in English, French or Spanish, must also be in one of
                             Company security officer (CSO) Identification of
23     A 9.4.14
                             the CSO including 24 hour contact details.
                             Ship security officer (SSO) Identification and duties
                             of SSO.
                             Company to ensure replacement SSO has
24      A 12.
                    3.2.2)   appropriate opportunity to become familiar with the
                             particular ship (and its SSP) on which he/she is to
                             serve before taking over security related duties and
                             Qualifications of the SSO shall have received MCA
25      A 13.2
                             approved training.
        A 9.4.7              Shipboard personnel Duties of personnel with
        B 13.3               respect to security responsibilities.
                             Qualifications Shipboard personnel with security
27      A 13.3
                             duties defined
28      B 13.4               Other shipboard personnel qualifications
                             Crewing and charterers information to be kept
29      XI-2/5
                             Shore-leave procedures to be in place and Master or
                    p.41     ships’ agent to provide PFSO with list of chandlers,
                    6.9.7    services, new crew members and authorised visitors
                             expected during ship’s stay.
                             Training, drills and exercises procedures for
                    p.16     training, drills and exercises, including security
       A 9.4.9
31     A 13.4-7
                    p. 17    briefings to all ship personnel on possible threats,
       B 9.14.8              and additional security briefings at Security Levels 2
                             & 3 as necessary.
                             Regular training of search personnel to ensure
                             adequate level of understanding of weapons and
                             devices and their detection.
                             Regularly reviewed up-to-date bomb search plan
                             procedures identifying search areas and with
                             reporting structure in place.
        A 9.4.1
                             Procedures for auditing security activities.(NB:
34      A 9.4.8
      B 9.2.6 (M)            Internal auditors cannot audit their own work.)

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          REFERENCE                                                                     SSP
Ser                                             REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                    REF.
        B 9.53

                             Periodic review Procedures for the periodic review
35     A 9.2.11
                             of the SSP
                             Procedures to assess the continuing effectiveness of
        B 9.5.1
        B 9.7.3
                             the SSP and the equipment or systems, including
                             malfunctioning, system failures
       A9.4.11               Procedures for periodic review of the SSP and
       B 9.5.1      p.18
       B 9.5.2      3.5.1
                             updating the SSP, including the assessment of
       B 9.53                continuous effectiveness of the SSP are described
                             Changes to the SSP and equipment are (or will be)
38      A 9.5
                             approved by the Administration.
                             If the SSP is in electronic form: procedures
        A 9.6
        A 9.7
                             preventing unauthorised deletion, destruction or
                             amendment; unauthorised access or disclosure
                             Procedures and practices to protect security sensitive
40      B 9.7.4
                             information held in paper or electronic format
                             Reporting Procedures for reporting and the timely
                             submission and assessment of reports relating to
                             possible breaches of security or security concerns to
                     p.19    the appropriate Contracting Governments contact
                      3.6    points (including MCA, Company, Coastal States &
       A 9.4.12
41    B 9.2.7 (M)
                     3.6.2   Port Facility Governments)
        B 9.7.6              Ships to have security incident reporting systems in
                    3.6.11   place for reporting internally and to TRANSEC.
                             These must be detailed in the SSP.
                             Inclusion in SSP of Figure 2 showing types of
                             incidents and reporting channels to be encouraged
                             Procedures for responding to security instructions
42      A 9.4.5              given by Contracting Governments at SL 3, and
                             acknowledging such instructions
                             Procedures for response to threats, breaches of
                             security, including provisions for maintaining critical
                             operations of the ship or ship/port facility interface.
                             (such as Responding to Adverse Weather,
43      A 9.4.4
                             Responding to Power failure, Use of Automatic
                             Intrusion detection devices, Bomb Search Plan, EOD,
                             Piracy, Stowaway, Smuggling etc.) May also be
                             found as separate Annexes.
                             Procedures for evacuation in case of threats or
44      A 9.4.6              breaches of security ( Mustering of crew, at sea and
                             in port)
                     p.8     SSP to be re-approved 3-6 months before renewal of
                     1.4     ISSC
                             Interface with port facilities Procedures for
46     A 9.4.10              interfacing with port facility security activities (Ref:
                             Appendix1 to Part B, Declaration of Security)

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                                  RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                  SSP
Ser                                           REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                 REF.
                           Measures against threats against the Master, crew,
                           ships or ports. (including handling of cargo, delivery
                           of stores, handling unaccompanied luggage(identified
                           and subjected to screening) and monitoring the
                           security of the ship, including areas surrounding the
                           ship) Threat scenarios to include :
        A 9.4.1             • damage to or destruction of the ship by explosives,
         B 9.8
        B 9.25
                              arson, sabotage etc.;
        B 9.26              • hijacking or seizure of the ship;
        B 9.33              • tampering with cargo;
        B 9.38              • unauthorised access including stowaways;
        B 9.42
         B 8.9              • smuggling of weapons and equipment including
                            • use of the ship to carry those intending to cause
                              security incident;
                            • use of the ship itself as a weapon;
                            • attacks from seaward;
                            • attacks whilst at sea.
                           Procedures and measures the ship should adopt if
        B 9.50     p.12
                           the ship is at a higher SL than the Port Facility (or
                           another ship).
                           Ships must increase their security levels to equal that
                   p.12    of the port facility at least 4 hours, or 24 nautical
                   2.3.3   miles (whichever is earlier), before estimated arrival
                           time .
                           Details how requests for a DOS (Declaration of
50      B 9.52             Security) from a Port Facility will be handled; and
                           when ship should request a DOS.
                           Activities not covered by the Code - Procedures and
51      B 9.51
                           measures when:
                           The ship is at a port of State which is not a
52     B 9.51.1
                           Contracting Government.
                           It is interfacing with a ship to which this code does
53     B 9.51.2
                           not apply
                           It is interfacing with fixed or floating platforms or a
54     B 9.51.3
                           mobile drilling unit on location
                           It is interfacing with a port-facility which is not
55     B 9.51.4            required to comply with chapter XI-2 and part A of
                           the ISPS code
                           Double berthed vessel – consider agreeing
                           arrangements to control access with vessels double
                           Provisions for ‘lock-down’ system (if Company
                           procedures allow and Port Facility agree) at Security
                           Level 1 only
       A 9.4.15            Procedures to ensure the inspection, testing,
       A 9.4.16    p.18
       B 9.7.5     3.4
                           calibration and maintenance of security equipment on
                           board, including the frequency for testing or

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                                   RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                    SSP
Ser                                           REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                   REF.
                           calibration and to ensure continuing compliance
                           where faults discovered on board and repairs
                           required, procedures must be in place to implement
                           back-up or temporary systems until repairs have
                           been completed.
                           Ship Security Alert System Identification of the
                           locations for the activation of the security alert
                           system. Procedures, instructions on the use of the
                           security alert system, including testing, (de)-
       A 9.4.17            activation, resetting and limiting false alerts (this may
59     A 9.4.18
                   4.3     be documented as a separate part of the SSP and
                           kept elsewhere) and for confirming true/ false alert.
                           Testing procedure (6 monthly and yearly with
                           Falmouth MRCC) – details on test with Falmouth to
                           be included.
                           Information to be contained in SSAS message
        A 10               Records Procedures for keeping of records as
60      B 10               detailed in the Code and for the length of time as
        XI-2/9             stipulated by MCA and the Company
                           Procedures to establish, maintain and up-date an
61      B 9.7.7            inventory of any dangerous goods or hazardous
                           substances carried on board, including their location
                           Ship Security Measures Provisions for three
        A 9.1              security levels and procedures on how to escalate
                           security measures from one level to the next.
                           Ships must ensure that revised measures are in
                   p.10    place within 12 hours of notification of a change in
                    2.1    Security Level

                           Anchoring off or Transiting Coastal Areas
                           When exercising their right of innocent passage and
                   p.12    sailing or anchoring off within 24 nautical miles of the
64                 2.3.4   coastline, UK flagged ships must adopt the UK
                           defined Security Level for that country, unless the
                           country itself has set a higher Security Level, in which
                           case the ship must operate at that higher level.
                           Sea areas: When sailing more than 24 nautical miles
                           from the coastline the Security Levels for ‘sea areas’
                   p.12    will apply. The baseline will be Security Level 1
                   2.3.5   unless specifically advised otherwise by TRANSEC in
                           the “International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code
                           Security Level Notification” paper.
                                          Access Control
                   p.42    The person(s) controlling access must be able to
                   6.9.9   contact other persons on board the ship.
                           100% reconciliation of passes/authorisation before
                           boarding. SSPs to identify the required checks on
                           identity and confirmation of the reasons for boarding.

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                                   RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                   SSP
Ser                                           REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                  REF.
                            Establishing identity of public authorities, emergency
                   p.28     response services and pilots.
                            Public Authorities, when properly identified and acting
                   6.9.8    in the course of their duties, not to be subject to
                            searches when boarding ships.
                  Annex E.3
                            Location of search points
                    p.42    Recommended suitable signs displayed at search
                    6.9.9   points regarding searching.
                    p.44/   Log of searching of visitors, ie body, baggage must
                   6.9.16   be maintained for ALL vessels
                            Security Level 1: Identification check of persons
        B 9.14      p.39
        B 9.12      6.9     boarding (signing-on instructions, passenger tickets,
                            boarding passes, work orders).
                            All those seeking to board should be liable to search.
73      B 9.15              The frequency of searches should be specified in the
                            SSP and approved by the MCA
                            Designated secure areas are established for
74     B 9.14.2             inspections and searching in liaison with the port
                            Vehicles to be loaded on Ro-Ro, car carriers and
75     B 9.14.3             other passenger ships are subjected to search in
                            accordance with the frequency required in the SSP
                            Segregating checked persons and their Personal
76     B 9.14.4             Effects from unchecked persons and their Personal
                            Segregating       embarking      from     disembarking
77     B 9.14.5
                            Identification of access points that should be secured
78     B 9.14.6
                            or attended to prevent unauthorised access
                            Securing, by locking or other means, access to
79     B 9.14.7             unattended spaces adjoining areas to which
                            passengers and visitors have access
                            Container / Ro Ro / Tanker: Physically monitored
                    p.42    gangway. Searching is random at discretion of
                   6.9.10   Master. No escort required but visitors must wear
                            Other Ships: Physical barrier access control with
                   6.9.11   notice and means of contacting crewman monitoring
                            access. Unescorted movement.

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                                   RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                   SSP
Ser                                           REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                  REF.
                           Security Level 2: Assigning additional personnel to
82     B 9.16.1
                   6.9     patrol deck areas during silent hours to deter
                           unauthorized access
                           Limiting the number of access points to the ship,
83     B 9.16.2            identifying those to be closed and the means of
                           adequately securing them
                           Deterring waterside access, which may include boat
84     B 9.16.3
                           patrols (in liaison with port facility)
                           Establishing a restricted area on the shore-side of the
85     B 9.16.4
                           ship in cooperation with the port facility
                           Increasing the frequency and detail of searches of
86     B 9.16.5            people, personal effects and vehicles being
                           embarked or loaded onto the ship
87     B 9.16.6            Escorting visitors on the ship
                           Providing additional security briefings to all shipboard
                           personnel on any identified threats, re-emphasising
88     B 9.16.7            the procedures for reporting suspicious persons,
                           objects or activities, stressing the need for increased
89     B 9.16.8            Preparing for a full or partial search of the ship
                           Container / Ro Ro / Tanker: Physically monitored
                   p.42    gangway, minimum 30 – 50% search of persons and
                  6.9.10   bags (to be advised by TRANSEC). Visitors to be
                           Other Ships: Physical monitoring of gangway.
                  6.9.11   Master’s discretionary searching, unescorted
                   p.39    Security Level 3: Limiting access to a single
92     B 9.17.1
                    6.9    controlled access point
                   p.43    Physically monitored gangway, 100% search and
                  6.9.12   escort.
94     B 9.17.2            Only those responding to the incident have access
95     B 9.17.3            Directing persons on board
96     B 9.17.4            Suspension of embarkation or dis-embarkation
97     B 9.17.6            Evacuation of the ship
98     B 9.17.7            Movement of the ship
99     B 9.17.8            Carrying out a full or partial search of the ship
                                        Restricted Areas
      A 9.4.2              General Identification of restricted areas and
100                p.46
      B 9.18-21            measures for the prevention of unauthorized access
                   p.45    Emergency Escapes – Must allow access and
                  6.10.5   egress
                   p.45    Safety Lockers – Must allow secure entry in an
                  6.10.7   emergency
103 A 9.4.2        p.44    Identification of restricted areas(extent, times of

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                                   RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                 SSP
Ser                                           REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                REF.
      A 9.4.3     6.10.1    application) and measures against unauthorised
      B 9.9                 access to them.(ladders, gangways, ramps, access
      B 9.18
      B 9.8.2
                            doors, side scuttles, windows and ports, mooring
                            lines, anchor chains, cranes and hoisting gear)
                            Must include – Bridge, Engine Room, Control Room,
                            Steering Gear, Generator spaces, Switchboards,
                            Vehicle Decks,
                            May include Cargo Pump Room and Cargo Control
104 B 9.19                  Policies and practices to control access to all RA
                            Restricted areas should be clearly marked: the area
105     B 9.20              is restricted and unauthorised presence is a breach
                            of security
106     B 9.21              Identification of Restricted Areas
                            Access control into Restricted Areas may include
                            either visual monitored access point(s) or control
                            Signage – description
                            Certain areas need not be designated as Restricted
                   p.44     Areas, although, where such areas are excluded a
                  6.10.3    decision to do so should be supported by the
                            outcome of the SSA.
                            Security Level 1 Access points to restricted areas
110    B 9.22.1   p.46/62
                            can be locked or secured
111    B 9.22.2             Surveillance equipment may be used
112    B 9.22.3             Guard patrols may be used
113    B 9.22.4             Automatic intrusion detection devices may be used
                            Security Level 2: Details of additional measures at
        B 9.2.5   B 9.23
        B 9.10     p.46     SL2, including the type of restriction or prohibition
                            and the means of enforcing these measures:
                            The frequency and intensity of the monitoring and
115     B 9.23              control of access to restricted areas should be
                            increased. This may include: -
                            Establishing restricted areas adjacent to access
116    B 9.23.1
117    B 9.23.2             Continuously monitoring surveillance equipment
                            Dedicating additional personnel to guard and patrol
118    B 9.23.3
                            restricted areas
                            Security Level 3: Details of additional measures at
                            SL3, including the type of restriction or prohibition
119     B 9.2.5    p.46     and the means of enforcing these measures in close
                            co-operation with those who are responding and the
                            port facility:
                            Setting up additional restricted areas on the ship in
120     B 9.24              proximity of the security incident (or believed

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                                    RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                     SSP
Ser                                            REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                    REF.
121                         Searching of restricted areas
                                         Handling of Cargo
                            Containers Master/SSO discretion for external
                            checks at Security Levels 1 and 2.
                            TRANSEC retains the right to specify cargo checking
                            for a particular vessel(s) or location(s) irrespective of
                            the prevailing security level.
                            External container checks of all cargo being loaded
                            to be undertaken at Security Level 3.                 No
                   6.2      requirement for all empty containers to be opened
                            and searched, unless operating at Security Level 3.
                            However, empty containers are as liable for external
                            checks as loaded containers.
                            Where there is existing company policy to check
                            containers carrying Dangerous Goods before they
                            are loaded on to the ship, ships should continue to
                            Ro-Ro Cargo: Agreements (recorded in a DoS)
                            recommended to ensure that wherever possible
                            routine checking of cargo is carried out at port
                    6.3     facility. Notwithstanding cargo handling procedures
                   6.3.2    must be adhered to at all security levels and
123                6.3.3    procedures laid out in SSP.
                   6.3.4    Freight/cargo checking & searching
                            Paperwork examination and driver questioning
                            Cab searching
                            Driver search
                            Other compensatory measures
                   p.36     Tankers: Documentation and tampering checks;
                   6.4      sampling processes
                   p.36     Other Cargo: Documentation and tampering checks;
                   6.5      sampling processes
                    6.6     Domestic Ships – only tankers
                            Security Level 1Security measures relating to cargo
                            handling should prevent tampering and prevent
        B 9.25              cargo that is not meant for carriage from being
        B 9.26              accepted and stored on board, including inventory
                            control procedures in liaison with the port facility at
                            access points to the ship.
128     B 9.27              The measures may include:
       B 9.27.1    p.33     Routine checking of cargo, cargo transport units and
                   6.3.2    cargo spaces prior to and during cargo handling
       B 9.27.2   p.33/62   Checks to ensure that the loaded cargo matches with
                   6.3.3    the cargo documents
                   p.34     In liaison with the port facility vehicles are searched
       B 9.27.3    6.3.4
                            prior to loading in accordance with the specified
                   6.3.6    frequency (Ro-Ro and passenger ships, car carriers)

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                                    RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                    SSP
Ser                                            REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                   REF.
                            Checks of seals or other methods used to prevent
132    B 9.27.4
                            Inspection can be carried out visually, physically
                            using scanning/detection equipment, mechanical
        B 9.28
        B 9.29
                            devices or dogs
                            NB: off-site checking is possible and should be
                            communicated and agreed with the PFSO
                            Security Level 2: Detailed checking of cargo, cargo
134    B 9.30.1
                            transport units and cargo spaces
                            Intensify the inspections to ensure that only the
135    B 9.30.2
                            intended cargo is loaded
                            Intensify searching of vehicles to be loaded on car
136    B 9.30.3
                            carriers, Ro-Ro and passenger ships
                            Increased frequency and detail checking of seals or
137    B 9.30.4
                            other methods to prevent tampering
                            Increasing the frequency of visual and physical checking
138    B 9.31.1             using scanning/detection equipment, mechanical devices
                            or dogs
139    B9.31.2              Co-ordinating enhanced measures with the shipper
                            Security Level 3: Suspension of cargo handling
140    B 9.32.1
                            Verifying the inventory of any dangerous goods or
141    B 9.32.2             hazardous substances carried on board, including their
                                         Delivery of Stores
                            Security Level 1: Security measures for the delivery
142     B 9.33    p.38
                            of stores including checking the package
                            Prevent stores from being accepted without an
143    B 9.33.2
144    B 9.33.3             Prevent tampering
145    B 9.33.4             Only ordered stores are accepted
146    B 9.35.2             Ensure immediate stowage of stores
                            Security Level 2: Additional security measures,
147     B 9.36              checking receiving stores and intensifying the
148    B 9.37.1             Security Level 3: More extensive checking
149    B 9.37.2             Refusal to accept ship’s stores
                               Handling Unaccompanied Baggage
        B 9.39       p.38   Security Levels 1 and 2: 100% searching or
                     6.8    screening of all unaccompanied luggage
                            Security Level 3: Unaccompanied baggage is
151    B 9.41.1             subject to more extensive screening, for example x-
                            raying it from at least two different angles
                            Preparation for restriction or suspension of handling
152    B 9.41.2
                            of unaccompanied baggage
153    B 9.41.3             Refusal to accept unaccompanied baggage on board

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                                     RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                                   SSP
Ser                                             REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                                  REF.
                               Monitoring the Security of the Ship
                             Monitoring the security of the ship: lighting,
                    p.46/    watchkeepers, security guards, security and
154     B 9.45
                             surveillance equipment Clear and concise
                   6.11.1    instructions for use of CCTV to be written for those
                             monitoring CCTV
                             Security Patrols – in port or at anchor, at sea, clear
155                 p.48     written instructions detailing requirements including
                             areas of ship to be inspected
156     B 9.43               Use of Automatic intrusion detection devices
157     B 9.44               Responding to adverse weather
159     B 9.44               Responding to Power Failure
                             At anchor or in port, ship must be able to monitor
                    p.46     own security, approaches to vessel and vessel’s
                    6.11     restricted areas. At SLs 2 & 3 ship to be able to
                             monitor sea areas around ship when underway.
                   p.47/62   Are clear and concise instructions issued for use of
                   6.11.1    CCTV.
                             Security Level 1: Ship’s deck and access points
162     B 9.46               should be illuminated during hours of darkness and
                             periods of low visibility
                             While underway, when necessary, ship should use
163     B 9.46               the maximum lighting available consistent with safe
164     B 9.46               Illumination of identification check point
                             Patrol Frequency in port and at anchor: 4 every 24.
165                 p.49
                             Patrol Frequency at sea: not required.
                             Security Level 2: Increasing the frequency and
166    B 9.47.1
                             detail of security patrols
167    B 9.47.2              Intensify lighting and coverage
                             Intensify the use of security or surveillance
168    B 9.47.2
169    B 9.47.3              Assigning additional security look-outs
                             Ensuring co-ordination with water side and shore
170    B 9.47.4
                             side patrols
                             Additional lighting may be provided by coordinating
171     B 9.48
                             with the port facility
                             Patrol Frequency in port and at anchor: 12 in every
172                 p.49     Patrol Frequency at sea: Bridge team heightened
                             awareness surrounding vessel must also be
173                 p.49     At SL 2 - whilst at sea area
                             Security Level 3: Switching on all lighting and
174   B 9.49.1-3
                             surveillance equipment

      MSF 5611 REV 0608                     Page 12 of 13
                                 RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED

          REFERENCE                                                              SSP
Ser                                         REQUIREMENT
        ISPS 1  CSSI                                                             REF.
                          Preparation for underwater inspection of the hull of
175    B 9.49.4
                          the ship
176    B 9.49.5           Turning the ship’s propeller if practicable
                          Patrol Frequency in port and at anchor: continuous.
177                p.46
                          Patrol Frequency at sea: Masters orders

      MSF 5611 REV 0608                 Page 13 of 13

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