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									                               Flow Chart for Prospect A
    BMW and PROSPECT will jointly address the Special Sales Marketplace, and in doing so,
attempt to improve book sales, net revenue, publisher growth, publisher retention, and the
acquisition of new publishers, while ensuring that both the inside people and the
commissioned reps thrive.

         Preliminary Phase (May 31 – December 31, 2010)
         Task                    PROSPECT Action                    BMW Action                Date
Reach agreement to          PROSPECT decides to utilize the                                May 31,
proceed                     skills and experience of Book                                  2010
                            Marketing Works, LLC
Evaluate existing                                             Produce a „map‟ that
situations, systems and                                       shows what PROSPECT
markets                                                       is currently doing to
                                                              address the Special Sales
                                                              Marketplace, and how it is
                                                              deploying and focusing its
                                                              people and its

                                                              2) Make preliminary
                                                              recommendations on how
                                                              to proceed
Agree on overall            PROSPECT management agrees                                     December
direction                   to preliminary plan                                            10, 200x
Presentation to Sales       Sales people evaluate and give                                 December
Force                       feedback planned approach to                                   XX, 200x
                            increasing revenue in special-
                            sales markets

        Planning Phase (January, 200Y – February, 200Y)
Assess comments and                                           Evaluate feedback and        January,
new ideas from field                                          present revised plan to      XX, 200y
                                                              PROSPECT management
Produce a overall           Ensure that everyone who is       1) Define the major
marketing and sales plan    touched by this effort -- the     revenue opportunities, by
that will set our           publisher clients, the in-house   Buyer Type and by
objectives and direct our   sales people, the outside reps,   specific name;
planning, implementation    the information processing
and evaluation actions      people, and, of course,           2) Describe the best
                            management -- has equity in the   processes with which to
                            development and success of this   approach each Buyer
                            new model                         Type -- the Marketing
                                                              the best way to approach
                                                              each sales lead, and what
                                                              support systems we need
                                                              to have in place – the
                                                              Sales Campaign; and then

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                                                                 3) Create the Game Plan,
                                                                 who is going to do what,
                                                                 when, how, and where,
                                                                 and for how long; and how
                                                                 will we respond to the
                                                                 daily, weekly and periodic

Determine the criteria                                           BMW will develop
for, and carefully select                                        subjective and objective
PROSPECT‟s publishers                                            evaluation techniques that
who should be part of                                            will be effective for this
the first wave of this new                                       first group and that can be
approach to the Special                                          readily expanded to
Sales Marketplace                                                include all other genres
                                                                 and all other publishers

Identify the genres for                                          Make recommendations
each surviving title                                             on the genre and buyer
                                                                 types for each genre/title
Populate PROSPECT‟s          (Our Special-Sales Profit Center    BMW harvests contact
existing CRM system          is superceded by the existing       information to be
with the names and           PROSPECT CRM system. Any            uploaded to the database
contact information for      discussion on the “cost per seat”   for the existing CRM
prospective buyers           is irrelevant)                      system
Prioritize the genres, as                                        Assign a priority to each
well as the buyer types                                          prospect as A, B or C
within each genre                                                based upon these factors:

                                                                   * likely to purchase in
                                                                      large quantities
                                                                   * those with whom reps
                                                                      are familiar
                                                                   * those with similar
                                                                      reasons for buying
                                                                   * require contact by
                                                                      phone or mail (groups
                                                                      these together)
                                                                   * familiarity/experience
                                                                      with PROSPECT

Create a plan for each                                           Jointly identify the best
genre, combining the                                             methods for finding,
titles that may be                                               pursuing and closing sales
bundled                                                          opportunities, based on
                                                                 the characteristics of each
                                                                 publisher and their
                                                                 genres; develop a series
                                                                 of special-sales marketing
                                                                 and sales campaigns that
                                                                 will capture new sources

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                                                                   of potential revenue
Set program objectives      Decide upon a series of                Create a monitoring and
                            milestones                             feedback system
Jointly determine the       Invest the person who is               Create an overall plan
best use of                 responsible for the success of         including a list of accounts
PROSPECT‟s current in-      Special Sales Marketing with the       for follow up by in-house
house people, its outside   mandate, authority, budget, and        people and reps in
rep organization to         visibility required so that everyone   segments other than
accomplish these            understands that we are serious        those in which
objectives                  about being successful in this         PROSPECT has a
                            space                                  presence

         Implementation Phase (March, 200Y – April, 200Y)
Implement this plan
with a continuing
series of initiatives
  PROSPECT inside        PROSPECT in-house people will             Provide the templates for
person                   work those prospects that require         the emails, and scripts for
                         regular follow up, demonstrate the        the telephone calls
                         opportunity for profitable, large-
                         volume sales, but have discounts
                         less than 55%, providing
                         PROSPECT with suitable margins.
                         This would include large buyers in
                         niche markets, airport stores,
                         libraries, associations, schools,
                         government agencies, and military
                         These could be contacted with
                         telephone calls and personalized
                         emails sent through the prospects‟
                         websites to eliminate the image of
  Commissioned reps      Provide reps with leads in their
                         territories. These would be smaller,
                         geographically disbursed prospects
                         who could buy with one sales call
                         by the rep; gain reps‟ loyalty by
                         providing them with leads regularly
   Client publishers.    Initially, send the client publishers
                         leads for their titles that are in
                         Special Distribution markets, those
                         with 67% -- 70% discounts.
                         Opportunities in Commercial Sales
                         would also fit here, as would home-
                         shopping networks. The publishers
                         will probably defer to PROSPECT to
                         follow up, then we could choose
                         those which we would represent;
                         This would also address the
                         PROSPECT need to respond to the
                         publishers‟ regular query, “What
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                           have you done for me lately?”
                           Providing them with leads will take
                           the wind out of those negative
Provide marketing                                                BMW Marketing Wizard is
support to                                                       an automated system for
PROSPECT                                                         creating a marketing plan,
publishers without                                               calculating a production
trying to become their                                           timeline, writing a press
marketing                                                        release, determining the
departments                                                      optimum price

                           Evaluation Phase (April, 200Y)
Assess relative progress                                         BMW creates and              Relationship
toward reaching goals,                                           oversees the entire          concludes
and make pragmatic                                               operation from its           on May 1,
adjustments in                                                   inception through the        2005 unless
implementation                                                   shake-out period             extended by


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