The Augmented Reality by anamaulida


									There was a time when the definitions between reality and virtual reality
were distinct, when people explored the virtual world with their computer
and explored the real world with their physical self. That line,
however, is now blurred. With the dawning and recent rise of augmented
reality, both are now combined, generating the biggest thing to develop
in the technological world since the invention of mobile broadband.

Although defined with technical jargon, augmented reality is basically
using technology to interact with the real world. Or in other words,
using a smart phone or a computer with a web cam to interact with real
life things.

Actually, this new digital concept has been around for quite some time.
When watching a football or hockey game, the network will add certain
digital aspects - like a highlighted puck or a 1st down line - to the
broadcast in order to help the viewer see what is occurring and keep them
up-to-date on all of the action. At the same time, sports scores from
other games are constantly listed at the bottom of the screen, keeping
the viewer knowledgeable at all times. Both of these are basic examples
of augmented reality.

Lately, however, augmented reality has infiltrated mainstream society
even more, seen especially through advertising. On the sides of certain
Coca-Cola bottles, a picture or graphic is printed on the label. If you
log on to the company's Web site, follow a few instructions and hold the
graphic up to your web cam, an interactive advertisement will pop out of
the graphic on your computer screen.

But even with sports and advertisements, things are now beginning to get
much more advanced. People can actually leave their house and, with the
use of their smart phone or laptop, use this new reality to interact with
almost anything in the world. Anyone can simply walk down the street and
easily access information about almost anything he or she sees.

For example, lets say that there is a building for sale in a prominent
part of town. Instead of just grabbing a flyer or calling the number on
the appraiser sign to find out more information, you can simply use your
Iphone to find out everything you want to know. Through the use of the
web came and a fast mobile WiMax or wireless Internet connection, the
device will instantly download and access all relevant information
pertaining to that building. Listing price, appraiser information,
current history, address, all of these things can be immediately seen.

But the fun does not just revolve solely around the possession of a smart
phone or a laptop, there are actually new technologies being developed
solely for the utilization and amelioration of augmented reality. These
devices use either mobile air cards, a 4G network or other type of
Internet connection to access all relevant information pertaining to the
set preferences of an individual. In the near future, with one of these
devices, people can go shopping and through the use of a web cam,
discover which products are environmentally friendly within split
seconds. And that is just one example; the possibilities are endless.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the little tidbits of augmented reality
that already exist in your life. In five years, you are going to see a
lot more of it around.

Access the Internet from anywhere with clear wireless and start
participating in the augmented reality evolution. With clear wireless
internet you can stay ahead of the curve and find out exactly where
augmented reality is heading.

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