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        <p>Remote access to another computer is very important to large
and small businesses in today's busy world where it is not always
possible to be on site all the time. With these steps you will be able to
learn how to use software in order to get you remote access to any other
willing computer in the world.</p>
<p>If you want to get <a rel="nofollow"
href=""><strong>remote access</strong></a>to
a specific computer from any location in the world, then you will need to
purchase software to achieve this. <a rel="nofollow"
Desktop software</strong></a>has been designed by companies such as
Microsoft, LogMeIn, Proxy Networks and others in order to allow users to
connect remotely to other computers across the Internet. The application
is versatile and can be used while traveling to access your home or work
computer. It is also used for technicians to gain remote access to a
computer to fix any issues within it. The power of <strong><a
rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
software.html">remote access software</a> </strong>is there for all to
see. In order to use the program it first needs to installed manually and
configured accordingly to be able to use for your needs. Once the
software has been installed and enabled it can then be used to connect
remotely to other computers and systems.</p>
<p><u>Step 1: Enable Remote Desktop on the Host Computer</u></p>
<p>In order to enable the software on your host computer you first need
to enter the Control Panel via the Start and Settings menus on your PC.
Open up the ‘System' application by double clicking on the mouse over
that particular icon. Choose the remote menu tab and choose to allow
users to connect remotely to this computer. In the remote settings area
and under remote desktop, select on of the options available to allow
remote connections to the computer. You can then select which users can
have access remotely to the other computer. Once this is all done then
the connection on this end should be set up.</p>
<p><u>Step 2: Enable Remote Desktop on the Target Computer</u></p>
<p>The next step is to set up the software on the target computer as
well. This is to enable both sides to talk to one other when the
connection is made. For this reason this must also be installed and
enabled manually on the other computer you wish to get access to
<p><u>Step 3: Open a Remote Desktop Connection</u></p>
<p>Once the computers on both sides have been enabled with the software
to allow connection, then it is time to open up the remote desktop
connection. To begin you should navigate to the remote desktop connection
menu item in the start menu and under accessories and programs. Enter the
computer name to which you want to connect. This can be the name or the
IP Address of the other computer. This will open up the remote desktop
session and all that remains is to press the connect button. You may be
required to enter a username and password if the connection is
<p><u>Step 4: Take remote control of the other computer</u></p>
<p>Lastly, once everything is set up and enabled and you have connected
to the other desktop you can get permission to take control of the other
computer via the remote session on your desktop. You can take over every
aspect of the other machine until control is taken back. Once you have
finished you should log off or shut down the connection in order to give
the user back their ability to move about their device of their own free
will again.</p>
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