Wedding Poses - Six Must-Do Bridal Photography Poses

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        <p>After the basic shots, every couple should know the six key
tips to create extraordinarily memorable wedding poses. Beyond the
ceremony and reception, beyond family candids, the first dance, cake
cutting, and the bouquet toss are truly brilliant compositions that make
for the best bridal <a rel="nofollow"
<p>First, be certain to capture the bride and the groom as they are about
to kiss. This is an important distinction from the actual first kiss or
kissing during the first glance. The moment before the kiss gives more
perspective on their faces, the look in their eyes, and the intimacy of
the moment. A great photographer will be in the right position to capture
some of those candid moments during the reception when a kiss is about to
<p>Second, it is essential that the full wedding party is captured in a
less scripted moment than the middle of the ceremony. Perhaps the wedding
party is together before walking down the aisle, or immediately after the
ceremony, or during a gathering in the midst of the reception. The
photographer can prompt this get together but should get the shot when
they are laughing or joking rather than in a formulaic pose facing the
camera in a line.</p>
<p>Third, the bride should be captured in the context of the reception
venue. Typically, the bride has spent tremendous energy ensuring that the
tables, flowers, lighting, place settings, band, and other features are
just right. To display the bride with these key elements together in the
background is to pay great respect to the effort that went into making
the setting perfect for her wedding day. This may not be one of the
typical wedding poses for photographers, but you can be sure that it will
be welcomed as a great memory of that day and all that went into planning
<p>Fourth, capture the groom alone in the moments before the wedding
ceremony. This is not one of the conventional <a rel="nofollow"
poses</a> since it does not display the full couple. However, it is
natural that the groom will represent a lot of his personality at this
time -- hopefully relaxed! Ensure that these pictures are casual and at
an angle, not looking directly at the camera.</p>
<p>Fifth, you can never go wrong with charming or laughing images of the
younger family members in their formal roles. For example, young flower
girls or ring bearers never fail to elicit laughs from the gallery. You
can't know when this will happen, but following their progression into
the ceremony with a good view of those seated in the background can allow
you to capture both their entrance and the crowd reaction.</p>
<p>Sixth, get close when the best man and maid of honor are together at
the reception. A good photographer will make them comfortable to pose in
an exaggerated spontaneous fashion while celebrating together.</p>
<p>With these six tips, any wedding photographer can deliver outstanding
results that are cherished for a lifetime.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF--

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