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					Children's Photography and Family Photography have been occupying my
time, my mind and my passion of late. The last few days while it's been
raining, and I have reminisced of times gone by, our unique rural
heritage, our southern values, the local flavors that make us
distinctive.Have you ever noticed how your son has your daddy's swagger
when he walks? Sweet Susie has your mother's loving smile, or Rancorous
Randy has that twinkle of mischief your favorite uncle possessed? Why
not, show your kids how things were back then?The natural beauty found
only in the southern gulf along the bayous, beaches, rivers, prairies and
forests of Louisiana and Texas is an integral part of life in our area of
the world. Remember your momma's description of putting up jelly? Dad
talking about fishing, running free with a single shot rifle and a one-
eyed dog?I have worked producing beautiful vintage children photographs.
Things that bring me, and you back to our favorite memories;, kids
playing with things that stimulate their imagination, running while
rolling a tire, crawling under a wheel barrow, smelling the flowers,
studying a grasshopper and stretching their imagination and not playing a
video game.The true key in capturing your child in a great photo,put them
in a natural setting and just watch!. Don't force them to pose or say
cheese. But rather give them something to do that grabs their attention
and bring them joy and laughter. Now get down on their level and find the
shot. You will be very surprise what you get in the camera when the day
is done. The true trick to being a good photographer is being a bit of a
storyteller. Just let the events unfold and be ready.I have enjoyed
taking my work to the next level with creating a unique look to images.
Using tints, edges, overlaying of textures, we can help your children
remember what it was like when granddad and grandma were their age. That
freedom of running into the wind, the sensation of mud between your toes.
Just imagine the smile on your child's face as he or she relieves that
time gone by.I love the soft ethereal effects its give to children's
photos. Being able to catch this time in their young life's the true
innocence that is but a feeding moment in today's world. To catch to true
joy and the love of a family.

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