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Ethical Hacking CISP IISCon CISP";

 CISP IISCon CISP Training       Centers are authorized to deliver CISP
qualifications, they are established to have access to resources and
qualified staff that verify and train the staff's performance. Centers
are typically educational establishments. When trainer moves away from
the Centre they lose their right to train at the same domain institution.
Providing they follow the quality procedures of IISCon they will remain
on the ATC list of authorized training Providers of CISP. They send
their trainer to a two day induction event which is followed by a action
plan that is progressive till the individual successfully demonstrates
the delivery of CISP training. The ATC can then set up the Centre
systems and procedures. .   An Induction event can be delivered at the
Centre, for a cohort of staff. Finally a visit for external verification
Centre is arranged. The successful delivery of the course along with the
policy documents results in CISP Centre. Why is an Induction event
required? The Induction event is the beginning of your relationship with
IISCon, it is the time when all of your queries will be answered. , yet
each trainer is expected to answer questions and provide suggestion
routes of progression for students and assure that students are indeed
selecting the appropriate qualification for their needs. All ATC have
some common methods of training and assessment and common ways of using
assessment documentation. Internal assessment must be standardized and
plans of internal verification explained. IISCon demand that the each
ATC body produce teaching plans for institution and Awarding Bodies have
to meet the standards of the IISCon IISCon produces training plans that
are clarified and practiced as course resources are explained. What
prior knowledge and experience will we need in order to attend an
Induction programme? The Centre needs resources of time and expertise
for internal assessors (the trainer and one management person atleast) to
standardize training and assessment. The Centre also needs to internally
verify the assessment decision and proper feedback of their training
methodology. Every trainer is required to: A Work Certificate A
threshold education qualification preferably computer science or
Information Technology graduate or any equivalent qualification A
professional IT Security Certification from a renowned organization To
stay active i.e. be associated with a minimum of 1 years of technical
training. Once one of us has completed the Induction programe, what
next? The candidate has to demonstrate that he can assess, deliver and
use (ATT name of software) documents as per the qualification which the
Centre requires to deliver. The process takes some time depending on
prior commitment and experience. When this person is 'signed off' they
then assume responsibility for developing in-house standardization and
training procedures. As other trainers or internal assessors get ready
to deliver training of CiSP, the external verifier has to visit the
Centre to confirm agreement in every sphere of Centre operation. The
Centre is then verified externally according to the set standard. When
and where are these Induction events?      2-day Induction events are
delivered by a team of experienced CISP trainers, approved for this
purpose, across World. Alternatively an Induction event is arranged on
the premises centre catering to the staffs need. What ongoing support
will we get? Office hour support by people who understand and are
familiar with your concerns. Strict compliance with our ERP. Regular
email and Newsletter updates Regular standardization, internal assessor,
internal verifier training events Regional CISP support groups with a
regular meeting program me. Up to date downloadable web-based resources.
Dynamic training and assessment methods that students value. A national
network of authorized CISP trainers to assist your provision if things
get too popular for you to handle DVD training/assessment resources
Free advertising to the public on this website A reminder service for
your students 3 months before their current certificate is due to expire.
How much will it all cost? 2 day Induction will cost $500 + Travel &
Accommodation      Site : Twittter : Facebook :
Consortium-Asia-/196005147108775 Authorized Training:

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