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Importance of Source Code in Computer Programming (DOC)


									In computer programming, the term code refers to source code and machine
code. Source code is a sequence of statements written in a computer
programming language, which can be easily deciphered. On the other hand,
machine code is a set of instructions executed directly by the computer's
CPU. It is a representation of a compiled computer program. A block of
code written by a programmer is the core element of every web & software
development process. Let us learn a bit more about source code: Source
Code (commonly referred to as Source):   Source code is a set of
statements written in a human-readable programming language. It lets you
use a reserved number of instructions to communicate with the computer.
The source code is usually saved in one or more text files. Mostly, a
large set of source code files is organized into a directory tree, also
known as source tree.   Source code is mainly used as an input to the
process that creates an executable program. In simpler terms, it has to
be converted from a human-readable format into a type of computer-
executable form with the help of a compiler or with the help of an
interpreter.   How Programmers Enhance their Programming Skills with
Source Code?   Programmers are always eager to learn more about
programming techniques for a successful software and web application
development process. That's why they find it very helpful to review any
existing source code and so they always share source code to enhance
their programming skills. The adaptation of source code from one piece of
software to use in other projects is common among programmers. This eases
the programming process. This kind of adaptation is known as software re-
usability.   The Quality of Source Code:   There is no such concept of a
well-written source code in computer terminology. But, from a human
programmer's perspective, source codes often stress on readability to
reduce the cost of software source code maintenance. An affordable web
development expert follows the source code programming style guides to
ensure the programs are written with ease.

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