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DoD Counseling Options
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One Team, Many Challenges, All Committed
  What is Military OneSource?
• How Many of You Know About Military OneSource?

• How Many of You Have Used Military OneSource?

• Military OneSource is the Official, Comprehensive
  Department of Defense Resource for Active Duty,
  Guard and Reserve and their Families.

• Extension of Installation Resources.

• Here to Help… in a Flash.

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                   Fast Facts
• Accessed via Telephone, Online
  ( and Face-to-Face

• Services are Private

• Provided at No Cost to End-Users

• Available 24-7

• Makes Lives Better Through the
  Comprehensive Variety of Services Available

• Staffed by Master’s-Level Consultants
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             Access a Wide
           Range of Resources
• Counseling — Need to Talk?
   – Relationships
   – Family Issues
   – Problem Solving

• Self-Help Groups
   – Drug and Alcohol Abuse
   – Gambling Addiction
   – Eating Disorders

• Deployment
   – Preparation
   – Separation
   – Reunion/Reintegration
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  Access a Wide
Range of Resources

               Access a Wide
             Range of Resources
• Money Matters
   –   Budgeting
   –   Credit Management
   –   Saving/Investing
   –   Buying or Selling a Home
• Children and Youth
   –   K-12 Public and Private
   –   Special Needs
   –   Child Care
   –   Parenting
• Shopping and Services
   – Community Resources
   – Consumer Purchases
   – Pet Care
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               Access a Wide
             Range of Resources
• Spouse Training, Education and Career
   – Spouse Employment
   – Career Development
   – Managing Change
• Lifelong Learning
   –   College Locator
   –   Loans and Scholarships
   –   Continuing Education
   –   Distance Learning
• Relocation
   – Cost-of-Living Reports
   – Crime and Safety Reports
   – Community Comparisons / Community Explorer
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  Access a Wide
Range of Resources

       Specialty Consultations

• Short-term solution-   • Special needs
  focused counseling     • Adult disability
• Stress Management      • Spouse Education and
• Parenting skills         Employment
• Communication          • Financial
• Education              • Elder Care
• Child care/Nanny       • Heath Coaching
• Adoption

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                Health Coaching
• Personal, Telephonic Coaching from a Dedicated, Experienced
  Health Coach
   – Weight Management (iCanChange)
   – Stress Management (iCanRelax)
   – Cardiovascular Health (iCanThrive)
• Includes Toolkit with an Educational Workbook and Other Items
• Healthy Habits Website with Online Tools
  and Educational Materials
• Online and Telephone Enrollment
• Contacted by Health Coach within Three Business Days
• Number of Sessions Varies According to Need
  (Average is Seven)

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    Spouse Education
and Career Support Services

       Spouse Education
  and Career Support Services
• Phone Consultation with Trained Education and Career Advisors
• Spouse Career Advancement Account Support
• Education and Career Goal Identification and Evaluation
• Career Compensation, Training and Educational Research
• Identification of Portable Career Fields
• Aptitude Tests
• Educational Resources and Associated Costs
• Career Credentialing and Licensing Information

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     Translation Assistance
• Document Translation Services
   – Over 150 Languages
   – Official documents for individuals
   – Certified and Notarized When Needed

• Simultaneous Interpretation
   – Over 160 Languages
   – Interpreter Facilitates Three-Way
     Phone Call

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 Go to

New Design in 2008

• Email a Consultant
• Search & Decision Tools
• Online Workshops
• Discussion Boards
• Podcasts
• Self-Assessment Tools
• Educational Materials
• Military Resource Links


 More New Features
   • About Military OneSource/Service Provider Tools
   • Health Resource Library
   • Relocation Tool
   • Military Installation Directory
   • Plan My Move
   • Topical Landing Pages
   • Community Event Discussion Boards
   • Guard/Reserve Newsletter Addressing
     Unique Needs

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Deployment Support

         Helpful, Extensive Library

• Varied Topics
• Varied Formats
  – Articles
  – Booklets
  – Audio

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Receive Information Any Way You

• Varied Access to Content
  – View Articles Online
  – Download Audio and Print Online
  – Order Online or Call a Consultant

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Sesame Street Deployment Kits

         Quality Commitment
•   Easy Access to Military OneSource
•   Phones Answered Live, 24/7/365
•   Follow-up as Mutually Agreed Upon
•   Customer Satisfaction Surveys
•   Issue Resolution

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Quality Commitment

Share the Facts and Help Military
• An Extension of Existing Installation Services
• 24-hour Worldwide Service, Every Day
   – Telephone
   – Face to Face
   – Online
• No Cost
• Private
• Solution-focused
• Objective, Experienced, Real People

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          Call or Visit Online
                  Anywhere, Anytime 24/7

• United States: 1-800-342-9647
• Overseas: 800-3429-6477
 Access Codes can be Found Online.

• Overseas Collect: 484-530-5908
 Contact an International Operator First.


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         Counseling Features
• Private and confidential
• Referral to Local Counseling Professionals
   - Licensed
   - Knowledgeable of military life
   - Pre-paid
• No cost to Active Duty, Guard, Reserve
• No cost to family members
• Help for coping with normal reactions to
  difficult situations           
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What Can a Counselor Help Me With?

Everyday Situations                 Military Life                    Financial

                               •   Deployment Issues         •   Thrift Savings Plan
•   Stress
                                                             •   Investing
•   Anger management           •   Reunion – Coming
                                   Home                      •   Debt Reduction
•   Marital                                                  •   Buying a home
•   Teens                      •   Moving
                                                             •   Buying a car
•   Parent/child               •   Single Parenting
                                                             •   Credit
    communications             •   Loneliness/separation
                                                             •   Loans
•   School issues              •   Homesickness              •   Savings
•   Relationship issues        •   Loss and grief

               Mental disorders are referred to the MTF or TRICARE
  How can I see a counselor?
• Call Military OneSource
   –   1-800-342-9647
   –   Obtain referral for counselor near to home
   –   Face to face sessions
   –   Up to 6 sessions per issue
   –   Telephonic counseling

• Individuals, couples, families, and groups
   – Private and confidential
        •   Non-medical
        •   Short term
        •   Situational
        •   Problem solving

  Issue: Counseling

Counseling Information

                               In a Flash
Counseling FAQs

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Calling from overseas

  How to Get Counseling for
    Troops and Families
• Request Military and Family Life Consultant
  Support Through your Service’s HQ
  – Licensed Master’s and PhD level mental health
  – Rotating assignments to installations
  – Flexible service delivery on and off installation
     • Outreach (attend Family
     Readiness Groups)
     • On-demand (Reunion ceremonies
     and pre-deployment meetings)
     • Full-time (Off the installation)
Special Counseling Initiatives
• Coaching Young Families
• Joint Personal Effects Depot (JPED)
   - Counseling support for staff
• Minnesota Army National Guard
• National Military Family Association Purple Camps
• DoDEA/CYP Summer Camps
• Joint Family Support and Assistance Program
• Child behavioral specialists for Army CYP’s
• Telephonic counseling


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