Computer Graphics Tablet by anamaulida


									Graphic designers the world over love technology and how it affects their
profession or their course of study. One piece of technology that has
improved the graphic design industry is known as the computer graphics
tablet. A computer graphics tablet allows graphic designers to draw
objects onto a computer screen without having to use a keyboard or a
mouse. Instead, the designer will be using a tablet, one that is
connected to the computer with either hardware or wireless and has a
drawing device. The drawing device can be either a pen or stylus, which
is a pen-shaped plastic object that is used to write or draw on a tablet.
A computer graphics tablet is also referred to as a drawing tablet or a
drawing pad.A major benefit of the computer graphics tablet is that it
can prevent users from developing the stressful condition known as carpel
tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel syndrome affects a person's hands and
wrists and can develop when too much time is spent at the computer
typing. A drawing tablet does not have to be used solely by graphic
designers or other types of artists. Instead, this type of tablet can be
used by almost anyone who wishes to purchase the item today because they
do not like the feel of the mouse or the keyboard for their
computer.Sizes of computer graphics tablets have a large range and the
size needed depends on the person purchasing the tablet. The smallest of
sizes is three inches by four inches while the largest of sizes is
fourteen inches by fourteen inches. The larger tablets are used commonly
in the architecture and professional designer industries. These larger
tablets will also be the most expensive to purchase on the market because
it takes more material to manufacture them and they will have more
features than the smaller tablets.A feature that you should research
prior to purchasing a computer graphics tablet is the pressure
sensitivity feature. This feature helps a drawing tablet user control a
couple aspects of their drawing from line thickness to color. The ideal
sensitivity levels go up to 512 levels, which allow the user to push down
on the stylus just like using a real pen or pencil when drawing. Another
feature to consider is whether or not the stylus is attached or detached
from the drawing tablet. A stylus attached to the drawing tablet is
easier to keep track of, preventing you from losing it, while an
unattached stylus is easier to maneuver because it is not tethered to the
tablet. Some of the best stylus pens on the market, whether tethered or
not, will have buttons on the side of them for added functions. Those
added functions will be for switching the pen from drawing to erasing,
keeping the user from using the mouse or the keyboard attached to the
computer to perform these tasks. The price range for a computer graphics
tablet can be anywhere from $100-$500 with the low end tablets costing
$100 and the high end tablets costing $500.

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