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					The 3D animation industry is a booming domain in both educational and
career fronts. Just like many individuals in the digital or even in the
print world you may be interested in knowing how to design your own 3D
animation. In this piece we will take you through some few overviews of
some platforms you can use to practice 3D animation.As you may already
know 3D objects are useful and are used most in the in electronic and
print media. There are many areas in which you can apply the stunning 3D
objects. 3D animations can be done in the the following graphic formats,
3D GIFs, animations for the web as well as 3D web banners. In this regard
you can also focus on making 3D banners and creating illustrations. 3D
animations are also very useful in the domain of the development of
creative imagination. Now we are getting down to the few applications
that you can use to get to piece-together a good 3D animation.In your 3D
scene of your design platform you need to know how to add these objects;
a dummy cube, disk, sprite, plane, sphere, cylinder, cone, frustum, etc.
You also have to add the arrow lines the mirror as well as the space
text. In the this design and animation platform you also get the
facilities to edit the parameters of the objects. What is great is that
you can also rotate and move objects as well as groups of objects. This
platform also enables you to fill objects by color or texture for BMP and
JPEG designs.SwishMax provides you with everything that you need to
create amazing and completely interactive flash animations. What you also
need to know is that you can add shapes, text buttons as well as sprites
and even motion paths. The good news is that you can also include over
230 ready-to-use animation effects. These effects include explode, vortex
and the magnificent wave as well as the 3D spin.The SwishMax interface
enables you to do all that you need to do to customize your designs and
animations and create your 3D according to what you imagine. Realsoft 3D
is yet another complete and fully resourced modeling, animation as well
as rendering animation platform which also functions as a simulation
package. There are quite a number of 3D animation applications that you
need to familiarize yourself with.It is handy to have options and to know
what each particular application is good at when it comes to 3D animation
art. Get time and run through platforms like Effects3D which comes with
formidable editing tools and effects. You also need to consider the kind
of format that particular applications can produce or work with such as

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