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            A Publication of Mayfair Leasing and Mayfair Rent-A-Car                         VOLUME 2          December          2006

                           Negligent Entrustment Is Your Company at Risk?
                           Negligent entrustment is a legal theory that allows a accidents (work and non-work related) involve
                           company to be held liable for damages caused by a         improperly licensed drivers.
                           third party. While the theory has been available for      Equally unsettling is that settlement of these
                           more than a century, it has been                                              lawsuits is based on punitive damages
                           used infrequently up to now. The             $6,025,000                       – punishment based on the net worth
WHAT’S NEW                 theory, however, has potential for
                                                                 Awarded to Victim of the employer. The court gains
                           a much broader application and                                                access to the company’s financial
AT MAYFAIR                 is increasingly used to link the           of Negligent                       statement in order to establish a
RENT A CAR?                company to vehicle accidents           Employee Driver monetary settlement to a level that
                           caused by employees. According        New York, NY – A 43-year punitively impacts the company’s
                           to a Tillinghast-Towers Perrin        old registered nurse suffered net worth.
Look Inside to             study, the U.S. tort system is        a spinal nerve injury, total
                           experiencing double-digit             hearing loss, and other Most companies rely on employee
learn about our            increases this decade.                severe injuries when her driven - vehicle transportation to
New Glendale                                                     vehicle was struck broadside. conduct business, so what can be
                           The doctrine is not a species of      The plaintiff contended that done to minimize risk? Eliminating
Location!                  vicarious liability. The concern is   the defendant (company) company owned vehicles and enacting
                           not with the negligence of the        failed to properly hire, train reimbursement policies for employee
                           user. Negligent entrustment is a      and supervise its employee owned vehicles is not the answer. In
                                                                 driver; failed to examine his
                           general theory of recovery under
                                                                 previous driving record; and fact employee reimbursement for
                           which the plaintiff alleges that      negligently entrusted its vehicle use can actually increase the
                           the defendant was negligent           vehicle to him.                         company’s exposure to liability (we’ll
                           in entrusting a dangerous                                                     discuss this shortly).
                           instrumentality to one
                           incompetent to use it safely, when he knew or             By taking a proactive approach to your company’s
 1720 Paramount Drive      should have known that the incompetent would              risk management program, you can mitigate the
 Waukesha, WI 53186
                           injure a third party. The “know or should know”           potential ramifications of negligent entrustment.
                           is the link between the company and                       Specific company policies can assist with discon-
  mayfairrentacar.com      the accident.                                             necting the casual link between company and
                                                                                     accident (as it pertains to the “know or should know”).
   Companies of            Also noteworthy is that most work fatalities are          Here are the steps you can take:
                           caused by automobile accidents, and that 20% of           (continued on next page)
(continued from page 1 Negligent Entrustment.)

1. Company Car Policy – Write a company car policy. The policy should be well
written, reviewed by counsel, and specifically define business use of company
owned vehicles. The policy should outline appropriate action once a high-risk driver is
                                                                                           EDGE Of Success
                                                                                           To hear Ford Motor Co. tell it, the
2. Driver Selection – If the company will require the employee to operate a
vehicle, you need proof that they have a favorable driving record and a valid
driver’s license at time of hire.
3. Driver Records – The Company has a fiduciary obligation to verify that each
driver has a valid driver’s license and a driving record that does not expose the
company to risk. MVR’s (motor vehicle record) should be acquired on all new hires.
A scheduled MVR review should be in place for all current employee-drivers as
well, management included.
4. Vehicle Maintenance – Vehicles must be kept roadworthy and safe to use. If a
vehicle is not safe, remove it from service. A structured preventative maintenance
program should be in place and maintenance records should be retained.                     Edge is creating a bigger buzz than
5. Vehicle Safety Programs – Driver safety training has the potential to not only          Red Bull.
reduce accidents, but could be viewed favorably in the event of litigation resulting
from an accident.                                                                          The new crossover is rolling into
                                                                                           showrooms this month, but the
Mayfair Leasing can assist your company in taking a proactive approach to risk             automaker said it already has 20,000
management through its partnership with Network. MVR’s, vehicle maintenance                dealer orders. And that's on top of all
programs, and driver record monitoring programs are all available through                  the virtual hype about the vehicle:
Network’s customized vehicle management programs. Contact Bob Rothe at 262-
754-3503, to schedule a review of your company transportation program.                     • More than 1 million people have
                                                                                             looked at the Edge on Ford's Web
                                                                                             site since the vehicle debuted in
Mayfair Rent-A-Car Opens Glendale Office                                                     January at the North America
Mayfair Rent-A-Car is pleased to                 Milwaukee”. Mike goes on to say that,       International Auto Show in Detroit.
announce the opening of its 10th                 “we will be able to service corporate     • More than 320,000 people have
location at 1935 West Silver Spring              customers, automotive dealerships,          built an Edge online, which
Drive. Matt Dlugi has been promoted to           and body shops in the area in a more        surpasses last year's sales darling
Branch Manager at this new location.             robust fashion”.                            at Ford, the Fusion sedan.
Matt joined Mayfair as a Manager                                                           • And 50,000 people have requested
Trainee in 2004 and has previously               The Glendale location will feature late     more information about the Edge.
served as Branch Manager at the                  model cars, passenger vans, and
                                                                                           Crossovers, the industry's newest
Franklin and Racine locations.                   trucks, including Penske trucks ranging
                                                                                           phenomenon, typically combine the
                                                 from 12’ cube vans to 26’ van bodys.
                                                                                           roominess and utility of an SUV with a
Mike Daury, Regional Manager,
                                                                                           car's driving dynamics and better fuel-
describes this branch location as “a             Contact Matt Delugi at 414-961-6006
                                                                                           efficiency. Automakers say this new
key location to service customers                for any of your rental needs.
                                                                                           segment will surpass SUVs in sales
located around the northeast area of
                                                                                           this year with 2.4 million units.

                                                                                           Along with the strong Internet interest
Redesigned Camry Remains Top Seller                                                        and dealer orders, Ford said the
                                                                                           Automotive Lease Guide has ranked
Toyota’s best selling Camry continues            Camry could become the first car to       the Edge the highest in its segment.
to be in great demand, with                      top 450,000 units per year since the      Ford says an Edge SEL with all-wheel
dealerships averaging a 10-day supply.           Chevy Impala in 1978.                     drive will offer a best-in-class residual
Sales are over 250,000 units                                                               value of 51 percent after three years,
since the launch of the                                                                    quoting ALG numbers.
redesigned model in March,
which is up 3.1%.                                                                          Cisco Codina, Ford's top sales
                                                                                           executive, said last month that the
Camry has been the best selling                                                            Edge was the "single most important
car every year since 1997 with                                                             launch for the company this year."
the exception of one year.
Mayfair Leasing Values Partnership with Network
Provides Important Benefit to Customer Fleet                                                          New Technology
Mayfair Leasing is pleased with its partnership with Network, a full-service vehicle management
company to provide customized vehicle management solutions such as preventive maintenance             Could Save
and repairs, fuel management and emergency roadside service programs.                                 4-Percent MPG
“We are pleased to offer Network’s comprehensive vehicle management programs to our                   While ethanol and flex-fuel
customers,” said Dan Ewald, President, Mayfair Leasing. “Working with Network allows us to            vehicles are rapidly gaining in
provide enhanced services, such as a 24-hour customer contact center, ensuring their safety.”         popularity, auto companies,
                                                                                                      including General Motors
For more information on Mayfair Leasing visit Mayfair Leasing at www.mayfairleasing.com or            Corp., are experimenting
contact Bob Rothe at 262-754-3503.                                                                    in-house with some unusual
                                                                                                      ways of helping drivers to
Network is an independent brand of vehicle management services, partnering with lessors to assist     save at the pump.
them with providing management expertise to their customers. Network operates a live customer
contact center, staffed with ASE certified technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist   One of the systems being
companies in keeping their drivers on the road.                                                       developed is "brake to
                                                                                                      neutral," which would
For more information on Network, visit www.thepowerofnetwork.com or contact info@network-fleet.com.   automatically shift your
                                                                                                      vehicle from drive to neutral
                                                                                                      when you step on the brake

Mayfair Rent-A-Car                                                                                    in certain situations, such as
                                                                                                      at a red light.
Benefits Your Company With Holiday Season Planning
Entertaining customers during the holiday          Don’t delay. Call the Mayfair Rent-A-Car office    The theory is that even this
season? Planning holiday office luncheons?         nearest you or visit us on line at www.mayfair-    simple action helps to dial
Make the experience for your customers and         rentacar.com today to place a reservation and      down the engine enough to
employees even better by allowing Mayfair          make your holiday celebration a hit!               result in fuel savings of 3
Rent-A-Car to give you a hand.                                                                        percent to 4 percent. The
                                                                                                      system is promising, because
Tantalize your customers and employees                                                                it offers fuel savings without
by providing them with door-to-door service                                                           the expense of complicated
when inviting them to holiday luncheons,                                                              hybrid systems. The one
dinners, and receptions. Your local Mayfair                                                           problem that companies
rental office can conveniently deliver a                                                              have yet to work out with
passenger van or car right to your office.                                                            "brake to neutral" is how
Mayfair Rent-A-Car operates the largest                                                               to handle braking on a
fleet of passenger vans and luxury cars                                                               hill without the car
in Wisconsin.                                                                                         rolling backward.

                                                                                                      Automakers are also looking
                                                                                                      at ways of putting gasoline
Edmunds.com Reports True Cost of Incentives                                                           under higher engine
Edmunds recently estimated that the average        billion in September, unchanged from August.       compression, similar to how
auto manufacturer incentive in the United                                                             diesel fuel is treated, which
States was $2,587 per vehicle sold in Sept.        Chrysler, Ford, and GM spent a total of $2.6       can also result in fuel
2006, up $182, or 8 percent, from Aug. 2006,       billion, or 73 percent of the total; Japanese      savings. But with this experi-
and up $243, or 10 percent, from Sept. 2005.       manufacturers spent $613 million, or 17            mental system, there are
                                                   percent; European manufacturers spent $237         "knock" issues, which would
The calculations are based on sales volume,        million, or seven percent; and Korean manu-        be unacceptable to U.S.
including the mix of vehicle makes and models,     facturers spent $111 million, or 3 percent.        consumers who do not
as well as on the proportion of vehicles for       Your Mayfair Leasing representative will guide     tolerate the engine noise.
which each type of incentive was used. The         you through the maze of incentives and assure
industry’s total incentives spending were          that you receive all available discounts.
estimated to have totaled approximately $3.6
  the lines                     During the fall months, decreasing daylight and      may find you driving into the sun. Be sure your
Commuter                        wet leaves can create challenges for drivers.        windows are clean, inside and out, and have

Road Rage                       Follow these tips to be prepared.                    sunglasses on hand. When you lower your visor,
Fifty-nine percent of                                                                push it forward, then pull it back to the proper
workers surveyed by             Fallen Leaves                                        position. If you're driving away from a low sun,
CareerBuilder.com admit to      Patches of fallen leaves can be just as              glare will not be a problem for you, but it can be for
experiencing road rage while    dangerous as patches of ice. Fallen leaves           approaching drivers. It may help to use your low
traveling to and from work.     retain large amounts of water and can create a       beam headlights, allowing you to be seen easier.
One in 10 report they           slippery surface. Drive slowly through them and
usually or always experience    avoid hard or panic braking.                         Decreasing Daylight
road rage during their                                                               The decreasing daylight may also mean that
commute.                        Fall Brings the First Frost                          some drivers will be commuting in twilight or
                                Be aware of slippery conditions that occur           dark conditions. A driver's vision, including
85 percent say their primary    with frost. At or near freezing temperatures,        depth perception, color recognition and
means of traveling to and       the moisture on bridges and overpasses               peripheral vision, is compromised in the dark.
from work is driving. Thirty     will become ice much quicker than the               The human body becomes more relaxed and
percent of workers with         approaching roadways.                                less alert in the dark. However, there are ways
commutes of less than five                                                                               to minimize the hazards
minutes say they experience     A Bad                                                                    associated with driving in the
road rage on occasion. The      Combination                                                              dark:
same goes for 42 percent of     Frost, sunshine, wet
workers with commutes of        leaves on roads, school                                                  • Prepare your eyes for night
less than 10 minutes. Sixty     buses, and kids horsing                                                  driving. When you step out of
percent of women reported       around on the way to                                                     a brightly lit building into a
road rage compared to 57        school can be a                                                          darkened environment it
percent of men.                 disaster if they come                                                    takes anywhere between two
                                together at the wrong                                                    and five minutes for your eyes
                                time. Recognize the risk                                                 to begin adjusting to the
Chik-fil-A Founder              and drive accordingly.                               change in light conditions and a full 30 minutes
Seeking Last                                                                         to fully adjust.
                                Challenges for Drivers                               • Make sure your headlights, tail lights and turn
Ford Taurus                     Rain, fog, sleet and wet snow require complete       signals are all working properly. Turn your
Atlanta autoworkers             driver attention. Remember the "two-second           headlights on as soon as the light begins to
were his longtime               rule" when following other drivers. In severe        fade. Always use low beams when traveling in
customers                       weather, increase your following distance. If you    foggy conditions - light of your high beams will
Ford Motor Co. officials are    are being tailgated, let the other driver pass.      simply be reflected off the moisture in the air
working to provide the                                                               right back at you.
founder of the Chick-fil-A      Dealing with Sunlight                                • Check the aim of your headlights. Poorly
restaurant chain with the       The sun rises later and sets earlier as fall         aimed headlights reduce the distance you can
last Ford Taurus that rolls     approaches. Your commute to and from work            see and possibly blind oncoming drivers.
off the assembly line when
production of the model
ends. Truett Cathy, 85, has
had a longtime relationship
with the Atlanta-area plant
that makes the sedan,
crediting the success of his
first restaurant to business
from Ford workers across
the street.

Cathy plans to display the
last Taurus with many of his
other collectible cars at his
Atlanta headquarters and at
his restaurants.                             MEET OUR TEAM: L to R, Cortney Ewald-Ihde, Erika Kelbel, Don Dike, Dave Goetz,
                                             Bob Rothe, Dan Ewald, Greg Smrz, Todd Szymkowski, Mike Daury, Tami Simko.

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