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					                                                                                     New York State
                                                                                          Division of
                                                                                      Homeland Security &
                                                                                      Emergency Services

There is an ongoing concern that those
individuals who intend to impair our
way of life, through disrupting our
economy, or by inflicting physical or
psychological suffering, continue to
plot against us; anyone can become a
victim of their activity. This concern
                                          “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING,
exists not just for international
terrorists, but for those that are home
grown as well.                                SAY SOMETHING!”

With each day, we learn of new tools
and tactics these individuals may use
                                           Report Any Suspicious Activity to the
                                          New York State Terrorism Tips Hotline at
                                                                                     New York
                                                                                     “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING,
in order to advance their plans. They
may utilize our personal assets, or                                                      SAY SOMETHING!”
assets found within our communities,              1-866-723-3697
in order to acquire certain materials,         Across New York State                 Report Suspicious Activity
skills, or knowledge necessary to the                                                    1-866-SAFE-NYS
success of their criminal intentions.             1-888-NYC-SAFE
We have the opportunity to identify
these individuals before they inflict              In New York City
damage.       When      they   conduct
                                                      New York State
themselves in ways that do not match         Division of Homeland Security &
the usual pattern of activity found                 Emergency Services
within our daily lives, they stand out        Office of Counter Terrorism
from others.                                
                                                 Harriman State Office Campus
    “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING,                         1220 Washington Avenue
                                                          Building 7A
        SAY SOMETHING!”                                Albany, NY 12242
                            TERRORIST                                      HOW YOU CAN                                                 KNOW THE
                              GROUPS                                       HELP PREVENT                                               EIGHT SIGNS
                            HAVE BEEN                                       TERRORISM                                                     OF
                            KNOWN TO…                                                                                                 TERRORISM
                                                   Know the Routines. Be alert as you go about
                                                   your daily business. This will help you to learn the
■ Establish cells and operations within the        normal routines of your neighborhood, community
United States.                                     and workplace. Understanding these routines will
                                                   help you spot anything out of place.
■ Be diverse and encompass members of                                                                     1) Surveillance: Recording or monitoring
different cultures.                                Be aware of what is going on around you.               activities, taking pictures, making drawings.
                                                   Whether traveling, at work or at home, be on the
■ Engage in criminal entrepreneurship for          lookout for suspicious activities. Learn to spot       2) Suspicious Questioning: Attempts to
funding purposes.                                  suspicious mail, packages, luggage abandoned in        gain information about operations, staffing,
                                                   a crowded place like an office building, an airport,   and security.
                                                   a school, or a shopping center.
■ Counterfeit money for funding purposes
($100 bills and $50 bills are the most             Take what you hear seriously. If you hear or           3) Tests of Security: Any attempts to
common).                                           know of someone who has bragged or talked              measure reaction times to entering restricted
                                                   about plans to harm citizens in violent attacks or     areas.
■ Smuggle and traffic drugs through various        who claims membership in a terrorist organization,
means including personal vehicles, tractor         take them seriously and report it to law               4) Funding: Suspicious transactions
trailers, motorcycles, small private planes,       enforcement immediately.                               involving large cash payments, deposits,
small boats, snowmobiles and sleds.                                                                       withdrawals, or transfers of money; bulk cash
                                                   If You See Something, Say Something!
                                                                                                          smuggling; suspected financial fraud; sale of
                                                   Report any suspicious activity to the New York
■ Engage in illegal liquor and cigarette trade.                                                           counterfeit goods; or misleading charities.
                                                   State Terrorism Tips Hotline at 1-866-SAFE-NYS
                                                   (1-866-723-3697). All calls are toll free and will
■ Illegally purchase and trade weapons.            remain strictly confidential. To report emergencies
                                                                                                          5) Acquiring Supplies: Obtaining
                                                   or crime in progress, dial 911.                        explosives, weapons, uniforms, badges,
■ Utilize the internet to promote their mission,                                                          credentials, etc.
network with those people who believe in their       DESCRIBING SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR
cause, and gain new members.                           WHO did you observe?                              6) Suspicious Persons Out of Place: This
                                                       WHAT did you see? Be specific.                    may include people who are in places they
                                                       WHERE did you see it?                             should not be, as well as people who do not fit
     Early recognition and                                                                                in to the daily routine of your neighborhood or
                                                       WHEN did you see it?
     reporting of potential                            WHY is it suspicious?

 terrorist activity is the first                   IF YOU OBSERVE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY                     7) Dry or Trial Run: Putting people into
line of defense against those                          DO NOT take direct action.                        position and moving them around without
                                                                                                          actually committing a terrorist act.
                                                       DO NOT confront the individual.
    who intend to harm the                             DO NOT reveal your suspicions.
  citizens of New York State
                                                                                                          8) Deploying Assets: People and supplies
                                                       DO record as many details as possible.            getting into position to commit the act.
        and its assets.                                DO notify appropriate authorities as soon
                                                         as possible.