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					              WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 18, 2008

TOPIC        1 POINT           2 POINTS          3 POINTS           4 POINTS
UNITED    T/F               In an attempt      The last two      The U.S.
STATES    The current       to stabilize the   surviving         Treasury
          stock market      economy, the       investment        Department
          crisis was set    federal govt.      banks in the      has approved
          in motion         has stepped in     U.S. are M___     financial help
          primarily by a    to help ____.      S___ and G___     for some large
          series of bad     A. Fannie Mae      S___.             agencies but
          mortgage          B. Freddie                           refused to bail
          debts in the      Mac                                  out Lehman
          U.S.              C. AIG                               Brothers.
                                                                 Name the
                                                                 Secretary of
                                                                 the Treasury.
ANSWERS        True         A., B., and C.         Morgan        Henry Paulson
FLORIDA   T/F               The National       Newly-created     Over 100
          UCF and other     Institute on       policies in       university
          universities      Alcohol Abuse      some Florida      presidents
          throughout        and                universities      signed a
          Florida are       Alcoholism         ban activities    proposal to
          creating more     estimates that     that encourage    support
          stringent rules   ____ college       alcohol abuse,    lowering the
          that attempt to   students           including         drinking age
          curb underage     between the        activities such   from 21 to 18.
          drinking as       ages of 18 and     as drinking       This caused a
          well as its       24 die of          g___, k___ and    roar of
          dangerous         alcohol-related    beer balls.       controversy
          counterpart,      causes each                          from the
          binge             year.                                group MADD.
          drinking.         A. 170                               What does
                            B. 1,700                             MADD stand
                            C. 17,000                            for?
ANSWERS        True             B. 1,700           Games         Mothers
                                                     *           Against Drunk
                                                    Kegs         Driving