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									WASLA Meeting – January 2011

Next meeting – 8 February, Aquinas College Senior Library, 4.30.

PTCWA dates Semester One 2011 – Judy to send to Jill (Val’s daughter) need to get
contact details from Val

Semester One
No         Date                          Professional Development
1    February            I love reading month!
                         Online PD materials – WASLA website

2    26 February         Takeaways for the Mind – Reading for Recreation
     Sat, 9 – 12.30      Venue: Cambridge Public Library/State Library WA Needs
                         to be booked - Jo

3    2 April             Revisiting, Reviewing and Looking Ahead – TLs, Education
     Sat, 9 – 12.30      and the State of the Nation
                         Venue: Loftus centre Needs to be booked - Jo

4    10 – 11 April       School Library Conference
                         Venue: Santa Maria Conference
                         SLC website: Need URL - Greg

We need to get this information to Judy by early next week as Jill is sending the
PTCWA Calendar to the printer by the end of next week.

Template – Committee Emails

Address: WASLA Committee

Subject line: WASLA – (what the email is about)

Content header 1
     FYI – indicates no reply is required, information dissemination
     RTM – indicates a reply to the sender only, discussion with an individual who
      is responsible for an area or project.
     Discuss – indicates some discussion from the Committee is being requested.
     Vote – indicates a vote is required.

Content header 2
     Time – ASAP, week (within the week)

This is an attempt to keep our email conversations organised and keep the emails
under control! These are working documents that can be easily changed if this
doesn’t work. Will post on the website if everyone is happy with it.
Semester One Weekly Emails
These are sent to the membership at the beginning of each week. If you think they
should also go to WATLNet then post to the listserv as well. Below is the suggested
timetable for Semester 1. If you have anything you want in the weekly message then
just send it to the person responsible for that week.

Wk                      Item                     Responsible      Members/Listserv
1     Welcome                                        Tehani              M&L
      New journal
      I love reading month
      PD date: 26 Feb, Takeaways for the
      Mind – Reading for Recreation - alert

2     National update                                 Mary               M&L
      Drop in a Bucket Project – flood relief
      for schools

3     Professional development for Term One            Jo                M&L

4     School Library Conference                       Greg               M&L

5     WASLA Web – what’s new                          Kate               M&L

6     Reflections of a new graduate                Bernadette            M&L

7     What’s new – materials for members             Brenda                M

8     A Technician’s point of view                   Helen               M&L

9     WASLA connections – IASL and ETA                 Val               M&L

10    Looking back on term 1                        Barbara                M

These are suggestions only.

New membership form
Val is working to have this sent out to the members and the listserv by next week.
Options for credit card payment and bank transfer. Fees to remain the same.
Members who pay before the end of February to get a discount.

WASLA as a member
Decision was made for WASLA to join IASL and ETA.
Decision to pay for Margaret’s membership for IASL (2 years).
Drop in a Bucket Project – flood relief for schools
Mary is coordinating this and will send out information to the committee. If you would
like to assist directly please contact Mary. Attached is an ideas sheet to get started.

I love reading – month of February
Tehani, Brenda and Bernadette are working on this – materials will be made
available on the public domain of the WASLA website. Send anything you might have
to Tehani.

IC3 Journal
Editorial Review Committee: Tehani, Judy, Val, Barbara and Mary
       Refereed articles – Brenda Clover, anyone else?

Contents (please send your suggestions to Tehani)
      Editorial – Tehani
      From the President’s desk – either Mary or Barbara or both
      AISWA?
      Library Showcase: Would like to do a library showcase in each issue – mainly
       photographic, highlighting different ways of doing things eg. Jane Graham’s
       glass topped collaborative tables. BC/anyone else will add some tips for
       revamping your library – say four/six per issue.
Tehani will put out a call for papers and articles.
Tehani to liaise with AISWA and their contribution.

Tehani will work on sponsorship for the journal. Objective is for sponsorship to pay
for most of the printing as we still have postage to consider.
      2 half page ads on back cover $550 per issue or $1500 for annual
      4 quarter page ads inside back cover $300 per issue or $750 for annual
      Or 8 ads on inside back cover $200 per issue or $450 for annual sponsorship
Ultimately the sponsorship deals will be left up to Tehani to organise.

Many thanks to Tehani – this looks like being a real winner.
Perhaps when the front cover is ready we post it on the WASLA website to advertise
and send it out in the weekly email.

JDF Partners
Each group to work together to refine each other’s JDF – for Feb meeting to finalise.

VB – Judy
TW – KF - BG
BC – MH - JC
HM – BCl
JH – RB – DK
Have I forgotten anything??

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