WEXFORD COUNTY COUNCIL
                               WASTE COLLECTION SERVICE
                                APPLICATION FORM 2010
   Please note that once you return your completed form with payment to the Environment Section
            before 4.00 pm on a Wednesday your bin will be delivered the following week.

  New Customers save an extra €20 when you order your bin
Step 1: Choose your Refuse Bin Step 2: Choose your payment Step 3: Choose your Recycling Bin
                                                                                     Discounted Annual
                                            New Customer           Quarterly
   Type of Refuse Bin Required                                                       Price (if paid in full
                                              Reduction            Payment
                                                                                       by March 31st)
     80 Litre (Small)
     Full Annual Charge €200                      €180
                                                                     €50                     €169

   140 Litre (Medium)                             €268                                       €249
     Full Annual Charge €288

     240 Litre (Large)                            €348
     Full Annual Charge €368                                             €92                 €318

      Recycling Bin Size Required
                                                       Large 240 Litre           Small 140 Litre
      (No Additional Charge)

Please circle your payment method: Cash Cheque Postal Order Credit Card Direct Debit Laser Card
For Credit/Laser Card payments please note that we will telephone you for your details.

PERSONAL DETAILS:        Name: ________________________________
                                                                               For Office Use Only
Address:        ______________________________________________                 Account No. _____________
                ______________________________________________                 Amount _________________
                                                                               Receipt No. ______________
PPS No (for tax relief purposes): _______________________________
                                                                               Date ___________________
Daytime Telephone No: ____________________                                     Recycling Bin No. _________
Mobile Phone No. _____________________                                         Refuse Bin No. ___________
                                                                               Delivery Date ____________
Detailed description and directions to the property:
                                                                               Contractor Initials _________
                                                                               Payment Type:
____________________________________________________________                   Annual, LA Rent, WCC
____________________________________________________________                   Payroll, H/Budget, BSO Form

Previous addresses in last 3 years: _______________________________________

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions listed overleaf. I understand all parts of this application
must be fully completed and if not the application will be returned.

Signed: ________________________________                 Dated: ____________________
1. I understand that I must place my wheelie bin out for collection before 7.00 am on the respective
   collection day.

2. Your wheelie bin will be collected on a weekly basis i.e. recycling one week and waste the
   following week. Please ensure to check your recycling calendar for the relevant collection

3. Your wheelie bin will need to be sufficient for a two-week period for domestic waste.

4. No additional bags or boxes will be collected with the wheel bin.

5. It is Wexford County Council’s policy to exchange wheelie bin sizes only when there are no
   outstanding charges on the refuse account.

6. I understand that the wheelie bin being exchanged or cancelled must be empty and accessible
   for the collection or exchange to take place.

7. I understand that the account cannot be closed until the wheelie bin is retrieved, as it is the
   property of Wexford County Council.

8. I will notify Wexford County Council, in writing, if I leave the premises or change address so that
   necessary arrangements can be made for collection of the bin or amendment of records.

9. I understand that during the Christmas period Wexford County Council may miss one collection
   and I will undertake to make allowances for this. Please note that Wexford County Council will
   notify customers by advertisements in the local newspapers; adverts on South East Radio, our
   website www.wexford.ie and also your recycling calendar.

10. I understand that non-payment of charges will result in non collection and/or legal action being

Please note that your collection is based on the Council’s Sticker Policy. Customers paying
their 2010 accounts in full will receive a December, 2010 sticker. Otherwise stickers will issue for
each quarter March, June, September and December depending on how much you pay.

In order to receive a sticker you need to have paid the previous quarterly charge in full on the
collection day e.g. pay by the end of June to get a September 2010 sticker.

The service is offered on the basis of payment for 4 quarters over the year.
                              Quarterly Payment due on or before
     31 March                   30th June           30th Sept.                        31st Dec.
For further details check out our website at www.wexford.ie.

A landfill Levy charged in accordance to Waste Management (Landfill Levy) Regulations 2008 is
included in the annual charge. The current levy rate is set by the Minister at €20 per tonne of waste
deposited at a landfill site. This levy is set to rise to €30 per tonne in 2010. Revenues raised by the
levy are put into an Environmental Fund.

             Wexford’s Leading Household Waste and Recycling Collector
                    STAY WITH THE BEST – FORGET THE REST
                        Telephone: (053) 9176619 or 9176618

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