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					 Deriving Mother’s Maiden
Names Using Public Records

             Virgil Griffith
   Undergraduate Research Assistant
          Indiana University

      DIMACS Security Workshop
          Rutgers University
Our Approach
  Data-mine online public records databases
   which are required by law to be public
  Use heuristics to deduce maiden names
  On a large enough scale, even the easiest
   cases lead to massive compromise.
  Could be applied anywhere, for simplicity we
   focused only on Texas.
Why Texas?

  Large population
  Significant in of itself
  Closer to national averages than
  Large states have good online records.
Surveying Potentially
Useful Public Records
    US National Census            
    Voter Registration Records    
    Property Records              
    Phonebooks                    
    Newspaper Obituaries          
    Social Security Death Index   
    Marriage Records              
    Birth Records                 
Searching for Free
Birth/Marriage Records
  Mormons                                     
                            
    County Records Found:
      12 Marriage Indexes
        7 Birth Indexes
 ’s WorldConnect                 
   Family Tree’s for 4,499 Living Texans
 Rootsweb’s USGenWeb                          
 Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics             
                                                Add 4,499
                           Texans Fully Compromised: 4,499
Texas Dept. of Vital Stats

  State archive for all vital information
  1966-2002 Marriage index Online
  1968-2002 Divorce index Online
  +6,174,968 Marriage Records
 Informs us that…
  In Oct. 2000 Birth indexes taken offline
  In June 2002 Death indexes also taken offline
  +2,431,967 Birth Records

                           Texans Fully Compromised: 4,499
Low Hanging Fruit in Birth
  1923-1949 Births have MMN in plaintext!
  1,114,680 Males Auto-compromised
  1,069,448 Females in records
  Connecting females born 1923-1949 to
   Marriages 1966-2002 gives 288,751
   compromises (~27%).
  1950-1995 has 40,697 hyphenated last
                    Texans Fully Compromised: 1,407,930
Analysis: Work So Far
 1. Children will have same last name as their
 2. Suffixed Children will have same first and last
    name as parents
 3. Children often born shortly after parents’
 4. Children born shortly after parents’ marriage
    often born in same county.

      Attackers don’t have to pick the correct
            parents,just the correct MMN!
                        Texans Fully Compromised: 1,407,930
Example #1


          Dionne COX

         Mother’s Maiden Name = COX
               Entropy = 0 bits
              Texans Fully Compromised: 1,407,930
         Example #2

Shawn ZUTTER               Chad ZUTTER
Lisa MENDOZA           Lauren LANDGREBE

               Mother’s Maiden Name = ?
                     Entropy = 1 bit

                  Texans Fully Compromised: 1,407,930
Example #3

 Robert STUGON               Jim STUGON
Duarte STURNER             Luann STURNER

             Mother’s Maiden Name = STURNER
                     Entropy = 0 bits

                    Texans Fully Compromised: 1,407,930
Results: Knowing Victim’s Lastname

                   Texans Compromised: 1,407,930
   Results: % Marriages
Compromised via Last Name

            Texans Fully Compromised: 1,490,202
Results: Suffixed Children

             Texans Fully Compromised: 1,834,655
Results: Knowing Victim’s
    Lastname + Age

            Texans Fully Compromised: 1,834,655
Work In Progress: Assuming born 5
years from Marriage + Same County

                Texans Fully Compromised: 4,190,493
Future Work
  Add more birth records to see if % birth
   compromises goes up.
  Parents’ names often repeated in their
   children’s names.
  Factor in Groom’s suffix when looking for
   Suffix Children
  Factor in Divorce Records
  Factor in SSDI/State Death Records
                        Texans Compromised: 4,190,493
                           ~20.09% of state population

          Work further described in:

          V. Griffith, M. Jakobsson (2005)
Messin’ with Texas: Deriving Mother’s Maiden Names
                Using Public Records

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