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									                                Family Medicine Newsletter

      18March2011                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 1

                                A Word From the Chief
Clinic Hours for Main
                                Happy April! Although it      feel like part of the DFM
Family Medicine Clinic
                                seemed like spring would      family - we are here to
   7:30 am to 4:30 pm         never get here, it has fi-    serve you and are open
     Monday, Tuesday,           nally arrived.                to your suggestions on
     Wednesday, Friday.                  I'm very excited     how to make our service
     9:00 am to 4:30 pm
                                that, thanks to the efforts   better and more respon-
     on Thursdays.
                                of several of our team        sive to your needs.
   Evening clinic hours       members, we are revital-
     are 4:30—7:00 pm           izing our DFM Newslet-        Care with compassion!
     Monday through             ter. Through this forum, I
     Thursday in the Red        look forward to sharing       LTC(P) Irene Rosen, MD,
     and White Clinic by
                                with you every month          FAAFP
     appointment only.
                                some of the key happen-       Chief, Dept of Family
   Active duty sick call is   ings in the Department of     Medicine
     from 0630am to             Family Medicine, to in-
     0730am Monday              clude news from each of
     through Friday in the      the clinics, updates on
     Gold Team clinic
                                patient events such as
   Our clinic is closed on    immunizations, specialty
     weekends and holi-         screenings, health fairs,
     days                       and others.
                                         We will also let
                                you meet our staff, and
 Inside this issue:
                                share in our clinic cele-
                                brations and achieve-                                        LTC(P) Irene Rosen, MD, FAAFP

                                ments. We want you to                                        Chief, Dept of Family Medicine
  Department Chief    1

     Your Team        2

                                Upcoming Events
  Patient Education   3
                                Women’s History Month,        Certified Nurse Day, March
                                March 28th (Observed)         22nd.                            Don’t forget, April 15th is
       Kudos          4                                                                        Tax Day!
                                World Social Work Day,        Kid’s Fest 2011, March 31th,
                                March 15th (Observed)         1-4:30pm at the AFC Arena
 Vaccine information 5                                        and Bowl Arena Lanes,
                                “Eat Right With Color” Na-    JBLM.
                                tional Nutrition Month
   How to section     5                                       JBLM Retiree Health Fair,
                                National Brain Injury         May 20th, 7:30am-1pm at
                                Awareness Month.              McChord Hanger #9.
        FAQ           6
                                World Tuberculosis Day
                                March 24th (Observed)
                 Family Medicine                                                                            Page 2

              Getting to Know Your Team—Gold/Green Teams
              Kudos to Kristen Gold-                 goats.                         has just learned that she is
              schmidt, and Jennifer Fox              Sells milk, yogurt, both       to be a grandmother. She
              for 10 years of Federal                fresh and aged cheese          takes classical piano les-
              service, and Phyllis                   products to select stores.     sons and enjoys singing in
              Scheidt for 5 years of ser-            Her “Jersey” Plain Yogurt      the Saint Martin Choir.
              vice, Wahoo!!!                         and Aged Goat Cheese
                                                     won the distinction of being
                 Gold Team Spotlight                 named #1 in North Amer-
              Dr Sandra Kwan was em-                 ica. She loves taking care
              ployed by Skagit Valley                of the Madigan patient
              Medical Centre prior to                population, especially the
              coming to Madigan in                   soldiers and as a side note
              2009. She has 14 years                 is a wonderful cook.
              experience as a physician.
              Some fun facts about Dr                Vicki Johnson, LPN, has
Go Team Go!
              Kwan include: She owns                 34 years experience as a
              and operates a farm that               LPN. Three of which are
              produces milk products                 at Madigan. Fun facts
              from both dairy cows and               about Vicki include: She
                                                                                           Pictured left to right:
                                                                                           Phyllis, Vern, Charlene,
                                                                                           Charolette, Katherine,
Look for                                                                                   Kristen, Jennifer, Kelsy,
                                                                                           Stephanie, Ken, Rose,
your                                                                                       Larry, Donna

Team.         Getting to Know Your Team—Blue Team

              Mrs. Floeting has worked               canning are some of her        Zumba, Snow tubing, and
              at Madigan, Family Medi-               favorite hobbies.              hiking.
              cine Blue Team Clinic for                                             She has worked with Mrs
              18 months. She comes to                Mrs. Hanneken has              Floeting for the last 18
              us from a Family Medicine              worked at Madigan, Family      months. They are a great
              Clinic in Sequim, WA. She              Medicine Blue Team Clinic      team.
              has been a Physician’s                 for two years. She is a
              Assistant for 23 years.                Medical Assistant and
              Mrs. Floeting served in the            comes to us from a Pediat-
              U.S. Navy for 4 years and              ric clinic in Puyallup. She
              was a Petty Officer 2nd                has three children and
              Class Hospital Corpsman.               likes
              Baseball, gardening and

                           Pictured left to right:
                           Terry, Victoria, Mr.
                           Green, Pamela, Teri,
                           Cheryl, Gerry,
                           Goldie, Charlie,
                           Rhonda, Tara, Russ
   Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                   Page 3

Patient Education

Tobacco Cessation                7:00 pm- 8:00 pm,                  Family Medicine OB
classes in Pierce County:        St. Joseph Medical Center,         patients:
MONDAYS                          Dining Rooms 1 & 2,                Do you have questions
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm,               1717 S. J Street, Tacoma           or need to schedule OB
St.Clare Hospital, Class-                                           orientation?
room C, 11315 Bridgeport         For More information:
Way S.W., Lakewood                                                  Call (253) 968-6512 or
TUESDAYS                         Tacoma Pierce county Health        (253) 968-2637.
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, St.           Department website:
Anthony Hospital, Milgard                Please leave the
Medical Pavilion, 11567                                       following information in
Canterwood Blvd. N.W.,           Nicotine Anonymous meetings: the message:
Gig Harbor                 Your full name
THURSDAYS                                                     Sponsors Social
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm,               Washington State Quit line:  Security number
St. Francis Hospital, Ex-        1-800-QUIT-NOW,              Contact phone number
ecutive Dining Room,                and a brief message.
34515 9th Avenue S., Fed-
eral Way

Healthy Tips and Patient Self-Care

Everyone gets a cold from        fluids to stay hydrated. Hot   your throat (postnasal drip),
time to time. The average        water, herbal tea, or          gargle with warm water.
child has six colds a year;      chicken soup will help re-
                                                                                                “Get plenty of
adults have fewer. Lots of       lieve a stuffy nose and        WHEN TO CALL A
different viruses cause          head. Take Acetamino-          DOCTOR                          rest and slow
colds, but the symptoms          phen (Tylenol), Aspirin, or    You have trouble breathing.     down just a
are usually the same.            Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)    You have a fever. You have
                                                                                                little from your
Runny Nose and sneezing,         to relieve aches. Do not       shortness of breath, or it
Red eyes, Sore throat and        give Aspirin to anyone         gets worse. You cough up        usual routine.”
cough, Headaches and             younger than 20. Use a         yellow, green, or bloody
body aches.                      humidifier in your bedroom     mucus from your lungs and
HOME TREATMENT                   and take hot showers to        have a fever. Mucus from
Get extra rest. Slow down        relieve a stuffy nose or       your nose is thick (like pus)
just a little from your usual    head. If you have streaks      or bloody.
routine. Drink plenty of         of mucus in the back of

Eating Healthy
Peach Float by Mayo Clinic      Directions                       Nutritional Analysis: (per
staff                           In a small bowl, mash the        serving)
Serves 4                        peaches with a fork. Divide
Ingredients                     the mashed peaches into 4        Serving size: 1 peach
  1 can (15 ounces)             glasses (12 ounces each).        float
      peaches, drained,         Add to each glass 2 table-
                                                                 *Calories 269 *Sodium
      except for 1/2 cup        spoons of the peach juice and
                                                                 177mg *Protein 5g * Fiber
      juice                     1 cup ice milk. Pour 1 cup
                                                                 1g *Carbohydrates 48g
  4 cups vanilla ice milk       soda or seltzer into the
                                                                 *Potassium 421mg *Fat 7g       Enjoy fresh fruit
  32 ounces club soda or        glasses. Top each drink with
                                                                 *Calcium         194mg         when in season
      seltzer water             2 tablespoons whipped top-
                                                                 *Saturated       fat  5g
  1/2 cup reduced-fat           ping and a dusting of nutmeg.
                                                                 * Cholesterol 18mg
      whipped topping           Serve immediately.
  Ground nutmeg, to taste
  Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                Page 4

Team Section
                             to know what matters most      April’s newsletter will list
                             to you.                        the Bird Homes with Pro-
                             Starting mid April, your                                       Gold: Ibis
                             Medical Homes Clinics will     Stay informed and healthy!      Goldfinch
                             be identified by names of      Lesa Tweet RN BSN
                             Birds. They are named                                         Green: Falcon
Welcome to                   similar to the color of your                                     Eagles
PATIENT CENTERED             team to help you remem-         
                                                                                           White: Swans
Army Medical Home            ber what home you belong        
                             to. If you cannot make an                                       Doves
                             appointment with your Pro-      
We are building a home for                                                                 Red: Robins
                             vider then we want you to       
you in which you are of-                                                                    Cardinals
                             make an appointment with
fered your own personal                                      
                             someone on your ‘home
healthcare team, centered                                                                   Blue: Jays
                             “bird” team’ so we can bet-
on you, the patient.
                             ter coordinate your care                                        Herons
                             with those who are getting           “Centered on You,
You are an active member
                             to know you.                           the Patient.”
of the team, and we want

Staff Birthday and Years in Service Dates
 MARCH BIRTHDAYS                   Angela 24th                       Jennifer
   Stephanie 6TH                                                      Phyllis
   Dr Mealer 10TH                 March Service
      Kris 18TH
       Phyllis 26th
       Leilani 24th
   Dr Campbell 16th
                                    Ms. Pierce
     Dr Porter 23rd
    Dr Wooden 12th
    Dr Layton 29th

Care With Compassion - Staff Kudos

The following personnel     The following received          The following person re-
received service pins on 10 their Five Year Service         ceived a Customer Service
Mar. 2011                   Certificates on 10 Mar.         Award on 10 Mar. 2011.
Wood, Melanie PA-C, 20                                      Hanneken, Bambi CNA,
year pin, Brosier, Gary PA- Dewell, Diana NP, Pankey,       Blue Team
C, 15 year pin, Vila, Elena Stephanie LPN, Floeting,                                       Great Job and
LPN 15 year pin, Fox,       Maureen PA-C, Scheidt,          Denison, Katherine and         congratulations
Jennifer LPN 10 year pin,   Phyllis LPN 5 year award.       Undziakiewicz, Kenya suc-      to all on their
Goldschmidt, Kristen LPN                                    cessfully passed their RN      achievements!
10 year pin                                                 State Board Examinations!
              Family Medicine                                                               Page 5

            Tdap Vaccine: The importance of being covered.
            The reasons that we vacci-    contact with an infant          Some resources of infor-
            nate against tetanus are to   whose age is less than 12       mation are the CDC either
            protect against lock jaw,     months of age. This can         online or over the phone
            diphtheria and whooping       include our older genera-
            cough. Lockjaw can cre-       tion over 65 years of age,
            ate painful muscle spasms     when indicated by a pro-        or 1-800-CDC-INFO (232-
            that can occur all over the   vider to be of more benefit     4636) and the Immuniza-
            body. Diphtheria causes a     than harm to the patient.       tion Action Coalition at
            thick covering at the back    With Whooping cough be-
            of the throat. Whooping       coming more prevalent in
It’s Cool   cough produces severe         the community our need
  to Be     coughing spells, vomiting     for protection with Tdap is
            and disturbed sleep.          increasing.
            Everyone over the age of      Haven’t yet had your
            ten should be vaccinated      Tdap? On your next visit
            with one dose of Tdap in      ask for one.
            their lifetime, especially
            those who will be in close

            How to Section

            MEDICATION RENEWAL            on your voice mail or with      have less than a 5 day
            PROCESS:                      a family member without         supply of medication.
            CALL 253 968 0770 at          your permission, if you
            least 2 weeks prior to        wish us to do so please         REMEMBER THIS DOES
            needing your medication       state that in the message.      NOT GUARANTEE THAT
                                                                          A MEDICATION WILL BE
            SELECT THE CORRECT           PLEASE READ: In an ef-
            OPTION. LEAVE A MES-                                          REFILLED!
                                         fort to accommodate medi-
            SAGE WITH THE FOL-           cation refills, without inter-
            LOWING INFORMATION:                                           If there are any problems
                                         fering with scheduled clinic     or questions a nurse or
            Your Name, Your sponsors appointments, refill re-             provider will contact you at
            Social Security Number,      quests will be processed         the number you leave in
            Name of your Provider, the within 5 working days.             the message.
            name/names of the medi-      Please go to Madigan
            cation(s) you need refilled, main pharmacy to pick up
            a telephone number where you complimentary 7 day
            you can be reached.
                                         maintenance refill if you
            Remember that we cannot
            leave a detailed message
                                              One of our efforts in patient centered medical home imple-
                                              mentation is to invest time at the beginning of your visit en-
                                              suring all our information on your care is complete and com-
                                              prehensive. You may notice that you will be spending more
                                              time with your nurse at the beginning of your visit. Do not
                                              worry that this will decrease your time with your provider, it
Department of Family Medicine                 will not. It is carved out especially to take better care of you!
9040 Jackson Avenue
                                              Please continue to arrive 15 minutes early for your appoint-
                                              ment so you can verify your medication list and fill out some
                                              additional medical history information.
Tacoma, WA 98431
                                              Hillary Arnold, DO
                                              Chief, Family Medicine Clinic
Phone: 253-968-0770                           Madigan Healthcare System 
Fax: 253-968-2826

Care With Compassion


Frequently Asked Questions
                                explaining the changes       Nursing Walk-In hours:
Did you know you can            that have been made to       8:00am to 11: 30am and
change your provider if         the Patient's provider/      1:00pm to 3:30pm, Mon-
you want to?                    clinic.                      day-Wednesday and Fri-
                                All required forms are       days.
Here's how: All provider        located at the Admin         Thursdays Walk-In hours
and clinic change re-           front desk.                  are from 9:00am to 11:30
quests must be adminis-                                      am and 1:00pm to
tered through the DFM           Nursing Walk-Ins are         3:30pm.
Administration office front     limited to the following:
desk at Madigan. If a                                        TELEPHONE MESSAGE
patient wishes to change        Pregnancy testing            LINE: (253) 968-0770
clinics they must come to       Throat cultures
DFM administration and          Suture Removal               Madigan Pharmacy Refill
fill out a request form.        B/P Checks                   Line, please call (253)
                                Immunizations                968-2999.
All requests are proc-          Repeat Injectable Medi-
essed in a 4-6 week pe-         cations (Vit. B 12, Estra-   If you need to schedule or
riod (Tri-West), if a re-       diol, Testosterone)          cancel an appointment
quest has been granted,         RhoGam Injections            call 1-800-404-4506.
a letter will be sent

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