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					                         PTA Board Meeting Minutes
                         Tuesday, December 12, 2006
                           Kelly Racovolis’ Home

Call to Order: 7:05 pm
Roll Call and Board Member List:
     Position                        Name                       Present
1 President                          Terry Jett                 yes
2 Vice President                     Helen Banks Routon         yes
3 Treasurer                          Sean Schwoerer             yes
4 Secretary                          Heather Ortega             yes
5 Director of Fundraising            Kym Meade/JoDee Hull       no
6 Director of Membership             Lori Chisholm              yes
7 Director of Communications         Karina Meik                no
8 Director of Education              Rebecca B./Gurleen G.      yes
9 Director of Health & Welfare       Tracy Shaffer              no
10 Director of Special Events        Dan / Diane Dorsey         no
11 Director of Hospitality           Kelly Racovolis            yes

    Board Member Positions Filled 11                            7

Total needed for quorum: 6      Quorum Reached? yes

General Business:
   Nominating Committee – Need 3 volunteers for this committee. Ideally
     would like to have these by the General Meeting on Jan. 18 th, but if not,
     will nominate people at the meeting.
   Microphone needs repair; there are funds available to fix it. Rebecca
     made a motion that we use PTA funds to repair the microphone. Motion
     was seconded, all were in favor, motion passed.
   Spirit Day. Did not work so well last time; classes did not get officially
     counted, kids were disappointed. Ideally would like a better system.

Committee Reports:
  Vice President, Helen Routon:
   Newsletter: Denise F. has been working with Helen. Helen distributed a
     schedule of newsletter date deadlines for the remainder of the year.
     Please contact Helen if you would like a copy.
   Art Grant: Ben Rush Art program received a grant for $1,347.
   Luncheon: The Lake Wash. Foundation Luncheon will be on Mar. 27th.

   Secretary, Heather Ortega
    Sean moved to approve minutes from our last Board Meeting on 11/14/06.
      The motion was seconded, and the minutes were approved.

   Communications, Karina Meik (absent, no email report):
    Directory. Kelly will have this ready by Sat. (Dec. 16) for Terry to review.
    Reader Board. Working well.

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Hospitality, Kelly Racovolis:
 Kelly will meet with Hospitality team to prepare for PTA general meeting
  on Jan. 18th.

Membership Report, Lori Chisholm:
 As of Dec. 12, 137 families (45%) have joined PTA, compared to 166 by
  the end of last year.
 32 staff members (78%) have joined compared to 40 by the end of last

Education, Rebecca Bluechel:
 Art Program – finished first round with Art Instructor (Ellie). Now would
  like teachers to teach art. Would like to find a way to integrate the art
  curriculum into the classroom.
 Assemblies – Might try to have Digipen Assembly for 3-6 grades.
 Science Fair – There will be a Science Fair, Thereza Howling will chair.
  Date will be Feb. or March.
 Adult Education – Love & Logic class from Feb. 28 to Mar. 28; limit to 20
  families, taught by Carolyn Cramer. Flyer w/details and sign-up sheet will
  be sent home in January. Terry will check if YMCA can provide
  childcare during these sessions.
 Passport Check-in – last Tuesday of every month through May.
  December’s check-in date went smoothly and was a great success.
  Please contact Ellen Krumm at if you would like to
  be on her volunteer-email list.

After-School Clubs, Heidi Linsky (email report):
 After-school clubs – Heidi will send out individual flyers the first week of
   Jan. and also have forms online. (thanks Dan.) The classes will be mainly
   the same with the addition of “French for Kids”. She looked at a couple of
   other new additions but it did not work out for us this year.
 Heidi has a template of a contract that she will have all vendors sign as
   soon as it is approved.
 Next year’s classes will depend on who is running the after-school
   program. Heidi will try to recruit someone to help her out this year so that
   they can take over next year. She is starting a regular job in Jan. so
   would welcome any help with the after-school classes. It would probably
   be 1-2 hours a week monitoring the classes, depositing checks, etc.

Fundraising, Kym Meade (absent – no report)

Treasurer Report, Sean Schwoerer:
    Current balance is $22,862.
    IRS sent us a bill for $1,814 in late filing fees. Sean sent a request to
      waive fees, but also sent payment. There was discussion that we
      should hire a paid professional to handle tax filings and other legal
    Charitable solicitations – checking to see if we can file early.
    Need returns from Pottery Night.
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          Contracts – must have two signatures from Executive Committee
          Still earning interest on CD’s and sweep accounts.
          Sean prints checks twice a month (1st and 15th).
          Scholarships – how do we ensure that students really need money?
           Need general guidelines as to what defines a scholarship candidate.
          Specific request – for student to take after-school art class. Rebecca
           made a motion to approve scholarship for one art class for one
           session. Motion was seconded and all were in favor.
          Kathy Woods, staff member, requested a one-time approval for $25.25
           to cover delinquent lunch accounts for a total of 5 students. Motion
           was seconded and approved.

      Parent Organizer:
          o Sean will be ready to present the plan at the January meeting.

   Health & Welfare, Tracy Shaffer (absent – no report)

   Special Events, Dan/Diane Dorsey (absent – no report)

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Submitted by Heather Ortega


PTA Board Meeting:
   Tuesday, Jan. 9th at 6:45 pm at Gurleen Gulati’s house

PTA General Meeting:
   Thursday, Jan. 18th at 6:30 pm at Ben Rush Library

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