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      PSA welcomes                       that this may not occur is an
                                         additional reason why we
      national rego                      believe a practitioner from each
      PSA has welcomed the               State and Territory must be
      Australian Health Workforce        included on the national board.’
      Ministerial Council                He said a key area in the report
      announcement that it has           requiring clarification is the
      agreed to a framework for          process for the development of
      a National Registration and        professional standards.
      Accreditation Scheme.
                                         ‘The scheme must allow              PSA National President              Pharmacy Guild National President
                                                                             Warwick Plunkett                    Kos Sclavos
      PSA National President             the PSA to retain its role
      Warwick Plunkett said while        in developing, setting and          health measures that benefit        Pharmacy Guild National
      some issues need further           maintaining standards for the       all Australians,’ she said.         President Kos Sclavos said
      examination and clarification,     pharmacy profession – primarily                                         the PBS forward estimates
      the Society broadly                through its competency              Mr Plunkett said a number
                                                                                                                 contained in the Budget
      welcomes the thrust of the         standards, professional             of the Budget moves
                                                                                                                 showed Government PBS
      announcement.                      practice standards and code         are welcome, including
                                                                                                                 expenditure was expected to
                                         of professional conduct. This       the addition of two new
      ‘PSA strongly supports the                                                                                 grow by an average of only
                                         accords with the National           medications on the PBS –
      recommendation by the Council                                                                              1.9% per year in real terms up
                                         Health (Pharmaceutical              Avastin and Sutent – and the
      that for annual renewal of                                                                                 to 2012–13.
                                         Benefits) (Conditions of            continuation of funding for
      registration, applicants must                                          Herceptin, as well as other         ‘This is due in no small part
                                         approval for approved
      show they have participated                                            cancer initiatives.                 to the contribution community
                                         pharmacists) Determination
      in a continuing professional                                                                               pharmacy has made to PBS
                                         2007 which states pharmacists       ‘The Government has
      development program as                                                                                     reforms. ‘The Guild has
                                         must: “comply with the              also provided funding for
      approved by their national                                                                                 always worked co-operatively
                                         Pharmaceutical Society of           preventative health and
      board,’ Mr Plunkett said.          Australia’s Professional Practice                                       with Government to deliver
                                                                             health promotion activities.        efficiencies to the PBS, and
      ‘PSA also strongly supports        Standards”.’
                                                                             In addition, the Government         we are pleased that this
      the recommendation that                                                has continued funding the           co-operative approach has
      external accrediting bodies will   NPS funding in                      National Return and Disposal        been reflected in this Budget,’
      continue their very important
      role and remain independent of
                                         budget welcomed                     of Unwanted Medicines (RUM)         Mr Sclavos said.
                                                                             program which is welcomed
      government and that national       PSA has welcomed the                by PSA. PSA also welcomes           Mr Plunkett said clarification
      boards will be required to         $22 million in funding for the      the $1.5 billion in health          about some of the Budget’s
      register students.’                National Prescribing Service        infrastructure funding,’ he said.   announcements, such as the
                                         (NPS) announced in the                                                  workforce initiatives, was
      Mr Plunkett said PSA also                                              However, Mr Plunkett voiced
                                         Federal Budget.                                                         needed. ‘The measures do not
      approved the proposal                                                  PSA’s concern that the Budget       appear to include pharmacists
      for a uniform approach             PSA National President              unfairly targets the PBS to         who are the most accessible
      across all States to have          Warwick Plunkett said the           make additional savings by          health-care professionals in
      all pharmacists undergo            funding will enhance quality use    putting some medications in a       Australia,’ he said.
      professional development for       of medicines through improved       new therapeutic group.
      re-registration.                   prescribing and PSA is keen to
                                         work with the NPS in this area.     ‘This comes at a time when          Nurse prescribing
      However, he said that PSA
                                                                             PBS reforms, calculated to
      is concerned by the proposal       NPS CEO Dr Lynn Weekes                                                  The Budget announcement
                                                                             save the Government more
      that the national board would      said the announcement                                                   to extend PBS cover to
                                                                             than $7 billion over seven
      determine where State or           acknowledged NPS’s role in                                              appropriately qualified
                                                                             years, are just starting to take
      Territory boards will be           providing accurate, independent                                         and credentialed nurse
                                                                             effect. It is premature of the
      appointed.                         information to health                                                   practitioners and eligible
                                                                             Government to take this course
                                         professionals and consumers.                                            midwives has been applauded
      ‘PSA believes it is essential                                          of action before the reforms
                                                                                                                 by PSA.
      that a State and Territory         ‘It also reflects the               have been able to take hold
      entity remain in each State        Government’s commitment to          and produce the expected            Under the new arrangements,
      and Territory. The possibility     integrative and preventative        results,’ Mr Plunkett said.         these senior nurses will

446                                                                                                                 Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009

      be authorised to write            Preventative role                  Pharmacy Self Care program            ‘The Government is clearly
      prescriptions for certain                                            is an established program on          using underage sexual activity
      drugs that will attract all the   for pharmacists                    preventative health and we            as a marker for sexual abuse
      benefits of the PBS for their     The role of pharmacists must       would welcome the opportunity         and this is absolutely the
      patients.                         be utilised in the Government’s    to assist the Government in           wrong approach. There is little
                                        Budget commitment to               the implementation of their           doubt the laws will have a
      Mr Plunkett said the
                                        preventative health programs,      initiative so that time, effort and   negative social impact in that
      Government decision would
                                        including tobacco, obesity         public funding is not wasted in       these people may not access
      increase public access to
                                                                           duplicating programs.                 appropriate measures for
      quality health care and free      and alcohol, according to PSA
                                                                                                                 contraception and reduction of
      up doctors to perform more        President Warwick Plunkett.        ‘Pharmacies are already the
                                                                                                                 STDs for fear of being reported
      critical medical duties.                                             focal point of many preventative
                                        The Federal Budget’s focus                                               to the authorities.’
                                                                           health programs dealing with a
      ‘The nurse practitioners who      on preventative care and
                                                                           range of issues which include         Dr Jackson said the NT had
      are authorised to undertake       its moves to encourage
                                                                           tobacco and obesity. We urge          among the highest rate of
      these prescribing functions       multidisciplinary primary
                                                                           the Government to use the PSA         sexually transmitted disease in
      are educated to a Masters         care teams are consistent
                                                                           Pharmacy Self Care program as         Australia and any moves which
      level and are recognised as       with the broader approach
                                                                           a starting point in developing its    might deter young people from
      Nurse Practitioners by the        to preventative health care
                                                                           proposals,’ Mr Plunkett said.         using contraceptives were
      nurse regulatory authority in     commendably demonstrated
                                                                                                                 counter-productive. ‘There is
      their State or Territory,’ he     by the reviews commenced
      said. ‘PSA understands that       by the Rudd Government,            PSA contraception                     also the question of the laws
                                                                                                                 forcing pharmacists and other
      eligible midwives will be         including the Preventative         concerns                              health workers to break patient
      subject to similarly stringent    Health Task Force, the Primary
                                                                           PSA has expressed concerns            confidentiality or risk fines of up
      standards.’                       Health Care Strategy and the
                                                                           over laws in the Northern             to $20,000,’ Dr Jackson said.
      Mr Plunkett said the              Health Reform Commission.
                                        Mr Plunkett said the initiatives   Territory requiring pharmacists       ‘Patients put a very high
      development of private                                               to report sales of contraceptive
                                        were a positive step forward in                                          value on the accessibility and
      practice/consultant nurse                                            items and possibly pregnancy
                                        the provision of primary health                                          confidentially of their visits to
      practitioners had been                                               tests to people under the age
                                        services.                                                                the pharmacist and these laws
      restricted by the absence of                                         of 16.                                threaten to undermine one of
      PBS cover.                        ‘However, it is disappointing
                                                                           Under the laws, which have            the foundations on which this
      ‘Currently if authorised nurses   that the Government doesn’t                                              accessible and confidential
                                        yet grasp the key role that        been in place for some months
      did prescribe, the consumer                                          but which the Government has          health care is made available to
      would be charged full cost        pharmacists can play in                                                  all Australians.
                                        the primary care team as           only recently ordered health
      for the medication,” Mr                                              workers to comply with, sexual
                                        the most accessible health                                               ‘PSA fully supports the Northern
      Plunkett said. ‘This has been                                        activity among people under the
                                        professionals.’                                                          Territory’s commitment to
      a major disincentive to the                                          age of 16 must be reported to         reducing harm to children but
      growth of the practice and a      ‘PSA’s Pharmacy Self Care          a team that includes police and       feels this measure may in the
      barrier to equitable access       program has a clear focus          staff in the NT Department of         long term create more problems
      for consumers. The decision       on preventative health and         Health and Families. The laws         than it seeks to address.
      to extend PBS cover to nurses     consumer self-care which           apply to any person under the
      prescribing medications is a      should be utilised in any          age of 16 who is sexually active,
      common sense move which           program the Government             regardless of the age of that
      will enhance the wellbeing of     undertakes in the area of          person’s sexual partner or if the
      consumers, including those        preventative health,’ Mr           activity is consensual.
      living in rural and remote        Plunkett said.
      areas.’                                                              PSA Vice President Dr Shane
                                        ‘The Budget is unclear             Jackson said the laws raised
      PSA believes pharmacists are      on exactly how the                 issues of public health and
      ideally placed, given their       Government plans to develop        privacy. ‘Our concern is that
      grounding in therapeutics and     the preventative health            these laws could act as a
      quality use of medicines, to      programs and the PSA would         deterrent to young people
      prescribe in the near future.     like to see details of the         seeking to act responsibly
                                        proposals. The reason for          in relation to their sexual           PSA Vice President Dr Shane
                                        such clarity is that the PSA       activities,’ Dr Jackson said.         Jackson

448                                                                                                                 Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009
                                                                                                          international news

Health care reform
Chinese style
By Karen Tye

I bet most Australians                  to go to the hospital – in
believe that waiting times for          Australia, that sounds semi-
consultation with a doctor are          serious, doesn’t it?
too long. Well, try waiting in
                                        I soon understood that I need
line in China.
                                        not be too worried about her.
The country, which is trying to         Following many conversations,     Someone with a stomach ache would trek to the gastrointestinal ward of a
address this and many other             I have gathered that, in          hospital, take a ticket to get in line, and would have to wait in a queue for
                                                                          around two hours or more to see a doctor.
health-related issues, unveiled         general, Chinese people
its long-awaited health care            want to see the best possible     the doctor will push for some              filled. All in all, the experience
reform plan in April this year,         doctor when sick. While this      sort of expensive, diagnostic              costs at least RMB 200 (AUD
which aims to establish a               is true for all of us, Chinese    test, such as an ultrasound or             38.54), with RMB 100 (AUD
comprehensive medical system            patients do not hold GPs in       an endoscopy, which is partly              19.27) accounting for the
that is accessible to all by            high regard and instead flock     due to insufficient training or            consultation fee and the other
2020. A number of goals are             to public hospitals to see a      experience of the doctor and               RMB 100 (AUD 19.27) to pay
central to the plan, including          specialist. With cities such as                                              for the drugs. Needless to say,
                                                                          partly to generate revenue.
overhauling the public hospital         Shanghai just a few million off                                              doctor-patient and pharmacist-
system, setting up a national           the population of the whole       On average, the basic monthly              patient communication is
medical insurance system,               of Australia you can see how      wages of hospital doctors                  far from what Australians
and slashing medical bills so           the system is nightmarish for     are around RMB 1000 (AUD                   experience, with medication or
the average person can afford           health authorities on so many     192.68) to RMB 2000 (AUD                   allergy history rarely checked.
basic treatment. There are so           levels.                           385.36), which are linked to               I don’t write this of course
many stipulations in the policy                                           the income of the hospital.                with the intent to shock or cast
                                        So, someone with a stomach
and even more undertakings                                                The more drugs they prescribe,             a disdainful eye on another
                                        ache would trek to the
to be rolled out that it’s hard                                           the more expensive the drugs               country’s health system, but
                                        gastrointestinal ward of a
to know where to start when                                               prescribed are and the more                the one area I believe China’s
                                        hospital, take a ticket to get
it comes to explaining China’s                                            tests they recommend mean                  health care reform can focus
                                        in line, and would have to
health care plans to those who                                            that their take home salary                on is the role of pharmacists
                                        wait in a queue for around
are unfamiliar.                                                           each month goes up a fraction.             and other health care
                                        two hours or more to see
                                                                          If the patient opts for                    professionals, which I have
But, let’s look at the most             a doctor. Such a scene is
                                                                                                                     not read about too much in
basic level – a trip to the             replicated on most levels of      medication instead, they are
                                                                                                                     mainstream media.
doctor for an ailment of some           the hospital and throughout       usually sent to the pharmacy
sort. I expressed grave concern         every public hospital in China.   on the same floor with a queue             The central and local
the first time a colleague told         The consultation doesn’t last     that can rival that of Boxing              governments are planning to
me she had to take the day              very long of course, around       Day department store sales,                inject approximately RMB 850
off work because she needed             10 minutes on average. Often,     with a number of scripts to be             (Continued overleaf)

   GSKP0207 Panadeine Extra_53x180AP.indd 1                                                                                            14/5/09 9:39:15 AM   449
Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009

      News briefs                                                             billion (AUD 163.78 billion)
                                                                              over the next three years
                                                                                                                addition, a health care team
                                                                                                                approach in a clinical setting,
                                                                              to mainly ensure its health       which consists of pharmacists,
      COPD guide updated
                                                                              insurance system takes off        nurses, physiotherapists,
      The Australian and New Zealand guidelines for managing chronic          and to subsidise medical          occupational therapists, among
      obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been updated to               institutions, which will sell     others, could work to improve
      reflect the most recent research. The Australian Lung Foundation’s      drugs at cost price in a bid      the efficiency of China’s health
      COPD-X Guidelines are available online in a searchable format           to reduce over-prescribing        care system. Admittedly,
      to provide clinical guidance for health professionals managing          and the reliance of medical       implementation of health care
      patients with COPD. The evidence supporting these guidelines            institutions on drug income.      reform plans won’t happen
      is reviewed quarterly through a stringent examination of all            While investment is also          overnight. But as China has
      relevant randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews.           being poured into training        developed its infrastructure at
      Four important changes to the guidelines relate to the use of                                             lightning speed, changes to its
                                                                              for doctors and grassroots
      tiotropium and ipratropium; the benefits of disease management                                            health care sector promises to
                                                                              medical institutions to treat
      programs; smoking cessation updates; and advice about                                                     be just as exciting and worth
                                                                              less serious or chronic medical
      advanced care planning. The guidelines can be accessed at                                                 keeping an eye on.
                                                                              conditions to relieve public
                                                                              hospital resources that are       The 35th PSA Annual Offshore
      Free sign help                                                          bursting at the seams, there      Conference will be held in
                                                                              isn’t much focus on local         Beijing and Shanghai 28 April
      Health care professionals who have deaf or hearing impaired             pharmacies and the role they      – 7 May 2010.
      patients don’t need to pay for sign language interpreters for           can play in the community.
      appointments with their deaf or hearing impaired clients. The
      National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service                 Since my first article for
      (NABS) provides free sign language interpreters across Australia.       Australian Pharmacist two
      Communication is no problem between a health professional and           years ago, there haven’t
      their deaf or hearing impaired client when an interpreter is there to   been too many changes to
      facilitate communication between parties. It removes the obstacle       community pharmacies. Most
      of misunderstanding each other and having to write notes back and       of the time, a registered
      forth. For further information go to                    pharmacist is not present,
                                                                              shop assistants try to push
                                                                                                                Karen Tye
      New HIV company                                                         the most expensive drug
      GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Pfizer have agreed to create a                onto the customer and there
      new world-leading HIV company focused solely on research,               is no counselling offered.         Karen Tye is a registered
                                                                                                                 pharmacist in Victoria and is
      development and commercialisation of HIV medicines. The new             As the health care reform          currently the Shanghai bureau
      HIV business will be more sustainable and broader in scope than         is implemented across the          chief of Interfax news agency,
                                                                                                                 a leading international
      either company’s individually, and will hold a 19% share of the         country, revenue of community
                                                                                                                 information group.
      growing market and have an industry-leading pipeline. GSK will          pharmacies will be further
      initially hold an 85% equity interest in the new company and            under threat as medical
                                                                              institutions, which will be
      Pfizer will hold 15%. The company will have a pipeline of six                                             PSA welcomes
      innovative and targeted medicines, including four compounds             subsidised by the government,
      in phase II development. Altogether, the company will have 17           will dispense prescriptions at    e-health report
      molecules to develop.                                                   cheaper prices as there won’t
                                                                                                                PSA has welcomed the
                                                                              be a cost-plus markup.
      Pfizer joins ASMI                                                                                         National Health and Hospitals
                                                                              More than ever, Chinese           Reform Commission (NHHRC)
      Pfizer Australia has been welcomed by the Australian Self-              community pharmacies need         report focussing on e-health
      Medication Industry (ASMI) as its newest member. ASMI is                to provide better primary         and the introduction of
      the industry body representing over-the-counter (OTC) and               care, counselling and drug        ‘person-controlled electronic
      complementary medicines. ASMI Executive Director Juliet Seifert         information. Much like in
      said the addition of Pfizer to ASMI’s membership base comes at                                            health records’.
                                                                              Australia, Chinese community
      a critical time for the sector. ‘We are very pleased to welcome                                           The report recommends that
                                                                              pharmacies could become the
      Pfizer. Our growing membership base reflects the recognition that                                         by 2012 every Australian
                                                                              first port of call for general
      much of the industry’s prospects rest on the success in convincing                                        should own and have full
                                                                              health inquiries, which would
      regulators and policy makers of the merits of greater access to
                                                                              alleviate the burden on the       control over a personal
      safe, effective OTC medicines,’ she said.
                                                                              public hospital system. In        electronic health record.

450                                                                                                                Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009

        PSA Vice President                    the ongoing health-care                changes that need to be       pictures and words because
        Dr Shane Jackson said the             needs of all Australians.              made for this to occur.’      they are the most effective
        NHHRC report addressed                                                                                     at convincing people to
                                              ‘PSA welcomes the                      The proposal would improve
        concerns expressed about                                                                                   quit. These warnings
                                              accelerated timetable                  pharmacists’ ability to
        the National E-Health                                                                                      appear in more than a
                                              proposed by the                        assist in the continuity of
        Strategy, which proposed a                                                                                 dozen countries, including
                                              NHHRC. PSA supports                    care for patients.
        10-year time frame for the                                                                                 Australia. Throughout the
                                              the widespread and
        adoption of electronic health                                                                              next 12 months the WHO
                                              comprehensive use                      Smoke labels                  will encourage governments
                                              of electronic health                   encouraged                    to adopt tobacco health
        ‘PSA has long maintained              records for recording the                                            warnings that meet the
        that the 10-year proposal,            supply of medications                  May 31 was World No
                                                                                                                   criteria for maximal
        as outlined in the E-Health           and also supports the                  Tobacco Day. This year
                                                                                                                   effectiveness, including
        Strategy, was unrealistic             recommendation that all                tobacco health warnings
                                                                                                                   that they cover more than
        and did not meet the best             health care providers have             was the theme.
                                                                                                                   half of the pack, appear
        interests of the Australian           an obligation to ‘transmit’            Tobacco health warnings       on both the front and back
        public,’ Dr Jackson said.             key data, such as dispensed            appear on packs of            and contain pictures. The
        ‘It is refreshing to see the          medications. Whilst we                 cigarettes and are among      WHO works through its
        NHHRC moving to speed up              support that all health care           the strongest defences        Tobacco Free Initiative
        the process of introducing            providers transmit key data,           against smoking. The          department to help countries
        electronic health records             it must be acknowledged                World Health Organisation     to meet their obligation,
        which PSA believes are an             that government needs                  (WHO) approves of tobacco     providing technical and other
G S K P important step in d e i n e
        0 2 0 7 P a n a improving      E x . pto fund the infrastructure 1 / 5 / 0
                                                df    Pa ge 1 1                      health 5 : 2 7 containing
                                                                                     9 ,    warnings P M           assistance.

      Independent know-how at Griffith                                          is focused on understanding
                                                                                the evidence basis of the
                                                                                                                  ‘Our Masters students this
                                                                                                                  year will complete the stage
      By James Caulfield                                                        information they’re dealing       1 of the AACP consultant
                                                                                with.’                            pharmacist accreditation,
                                                                                                                  which means after they do
                                                                                Prof Smith said the Masters
                                                                                                                  their internship and register
                                                                                program provides much more
                                                                                                                  they can then look very
                                                                                focus on both clinical and
                                                                                                                  seriously at slotting easily into
                                                                                professional practice topics.
                                                                                                                  stage 2 accreditation.’
                                                                                She said placements feature
                                                                                prominently in the program.       The School teaches various
                                                                                                                  practice areas such as
                                                                                ‘During first semester they
                                                                                                                  compounding pharmacy, which
                                                                                do two days a week on
                                                                                                                  is taught by Peter Mayne.
                                                                                placement, which allows them
                                                                                                                  Instruction continues until he is
                                                                                to immediately integrate the
                                                                                                                  confident they have the skills
                                                                                work they’re doing in class
                                                                                                                  to make consistent product
                                                                                in pharmacotherapeutics and
                                                                                                                  every time.
                                                                                pharmacy practice into what
                                                                                they’re seeing on placement.
      Professor Nerida Smith with Peter Mayne.
                                                                                Students then report back
      A rigorous program of learning         ‘We had a small intake initially   to their class about their
      and experiencing pharmacy              of 40 to 50 students so our        experience, which works
      gives Griffith University              output for the last three or       extremely well.
      pharmacy students the                  so years has been 40 to 50         ‘In second semester they do
      ability to work independently          students. This year we’ll be       their block of three weeks,
      with confidence according              graduating 67 students from        which includes one week in
      to Professor Nerida Smith,             the Masters program, the year      a hospital, and the remaining
      Head of the Griffith School of         after around 88 and the year       two weeks in a hospital,
                                                                                                                  Griffith’s dummy API pharmacy.
      Pharmacy.                              after that about 100, moving       community or an associated
                                             up to 120,’ she said.              health setting such as a needle   Prof Smith said the School has
      She told Australian Pharmacist
                                                                                exchange. They also do rural      kept student numbers to no
      the school can be confident            ‘The foundation
                                                                                placements at that time.’         more than 120. ‘That means
      that the graduates it sends out        pharmaceutical sciences
      into practice are work-ready           degree provides the students       Being able to work well in a      we can keep our class groups
      and can provide a professional         with a strong grounding in         multidisciplinary team and        down to quite small numbers
      level of care.                         the sciences, but also starts      individually are both important   so that in the professional
                                             introducing them from year two     skill sets in the course.         pharmacy practice, the
      ‘The program was set-up                                                                                     pharmacotherapeutics and the
                                             to some of the professional        ‘The course gives students
      to provide a different type                                                                                 specialised dosage formulation
                                             aspects of pharmacy practice.      the opportunity to work
      of degree structure,’ Prof                                                                                  training the students, as well
                                             Last year we introduced            with students from other
      Smith said. Griffith students                                                                               as working in small groups,
                                             the S2/S3 training as a            disciplines, so they have
      undertake a three year                                                                                      also have to work individually
                                             program requirement in             their classes with students
      undergraduate Bachelor of                                                                                   to attain competency.
                                             second year, and a pharmacy        from dentistry, physiotherapy,
      Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                             communications course.             medicine. We’ve introduced        ‘It’s labour intensive, it’s
      before a year and half Master
                                             That links through in third        inter-professional learning       expensive but I think it’s
      of Pharmacy to become a
                                             year where they do a course        where the students do problem     worth it because we know the
      pre-registrant. Alternatively
                                             devoted to pharmacy law and        solving based learning with the   students graduate with the
      students can go down a
                                             ethics, because I believe that     medical students, which has       skills they should have, and
      research track instead after the
                                             providing students with two        proved to be very good. That      are work-ready when they go
      three years, going into areas
                                             or three weeks on that topic is    collaboration will increase       into practice. That’s extremely
      such as medicinal chemistry.
                                             insufficient – you need a very     with the opening of the Gold      important. They’ve got to learn
      Prof Smith said the School is          strong grounding in that area.     Coast Teaching Hospital           to work not only in teams but
      still young, having launched in        Finally, we do a course on drug    next door to the campus,’         independently and be able to
      2002, while she joined in 2005.        information evaluation, which      Prof Smith said.                  deliver care.’

452                                                                                                                  Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009
      refresher news

                       Refresher in the Baltic spring
                       By Andrew Daniels

                       The 240 delegates to the          country – but has shown no       The EC took legal action
                       34th PSA Refresher Course in      interest in selling them off.    against seven EU member
                       Stockholm and Tallinn arrived     (As an aside Australian wine     states challenging laws
                       in the Baltic almost to the day   is prominent on the wine list    restricting pharmacy
                       that spring arrived and the       at Swedish restaurants, but      ownership to pharmacists
                       snow melted. The result was       very expensive. However, in      and restrict the number or
                       mild (for us) weather for the     the bottle shops a cask of       pharmacies a pharmacist can
                       entire trip.                      Kangarouge is dirt cheap.)       own. They lost the case but
                       The first stop was Sweden.        Delegates were welcomed          are appealing.
                       Delegates arrived in the          to Sweden at the official        Mr Bjork said that with
                       same week that the Swedish        conference opening               patient information the
                       Government debated and            on Saturday by Thony             difficulty lay in differentiating
                       passed legislation to end         Bjork, President of the          between real consumer
                       the government monopoly           Pharmaceutical Group of          information and advertising,
                       on pharmacy ownership and         the European Union and           while counterfeit medicines
                       sell off two thirds of the        Vice-president of FIP.           were a growing problem for
                       country’s pharmacies. An                                           EU countries.
                                                         Mr Bjork told delegates about
                       interesting decision given that
                                                         the challenges facing European   While in Stockholm National
                       the Swedish Government also
                                                         pharmacists in the coming        President Warwick Plunkett
                       has monopoly ownership of
                                                         year. These include attempts
                       all the liquor outlets in the                                      and former PSA National
                                                         by the European Commission
                                                                                          President, John Bell, met
                                                         (EC) to deregulate pharmacy
                                                                                          with senior members of the
                                                         and a greater focus by the EU
                                                                                          Swedish Pharmaceutical
                                                         parliament on health issues.
                                                                                          Association (SPA) at its
                                                         He said issues such as           headquarters in Stockholm
                                                         patient rights to cross-border   where they discussed
                                                         health and prescription          pharmacy in Australia and
                                                         reimbursement, patient           how some of the professional
                                                         information, dealing with        services being rolled out in
                                                         counterfeit medicines and        Australia could potentially be
                                                         pharmaco-vigilance are all on    implemented in Sweden.
                                                         the EU parliamentary agenda
                                                         and pharmacy has a role to       The meeting was held
                                                         play in all of them.             on an historic day for
                                                                                          Swedish pharmacy as the
                                                                                          Swedish Parliament voted
                                                                                          to sell off two thirds of the
                                                                                          nation’s government-owned
                                                                                          pharmacies. Given that the
                                                                                          Swedish parliament was
                                                                                          debating the privatisation
                                                                                          of Sweden’s pharmacies,
                                                                                          the SPA was particularly
                                                                                          interested in the Australian
                                                                                          National Medicines Policy
                                                                                          and QUM.

454                                                                                          Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009
      refresher news

                                         all 900 pharmacies in Sweden      that placed professional
                                         for the past 38 years, will       services as the key point of
                                         sell 640 of them to pharmacy      difference with competitors.
                                         chains and independent owner
                                                                           Richard Hill, an Australian
                                                                           clinical epidemiologist
                                                                           working with the World Health
                                         The education                     Organisation Collaborating
                                         It was not all EU politics, the   Centre for International Drug
      SPA President Karin Svensson
      and PSA National President,        delegates were kept busy with     Monitoring at Uppsala, near
      Warwick Plunkett.                                                    Stockholm, spoke on how safe
                                         the education program in the
                                         morning and touring in the        medicines really are.
      SPA President Karin Svensson       afternoon.                        He said that no medicine
      said that pharmacy in Sweden
                                         Keynote speakers included         is completely safe and that
      would change dramatically as
      a result of the privatisation.     Professor Peter Carroll who       there needs to be a balance
                                         gave a series of therapeutic      between risk and benefit. ‘The
      ‘The risk is that the focus will   updates, Bruce Annabel and        studies of a drug may not be
      be on distribution and low         Managing Partner of Pharmacy      representative of the people
      prices not health care. A major    services with Johnston Rorke      who will use it after it is on
      concern is the lack of detail      Chartered Accountants gave a      the market.’
      about exactly how the sell off     four-part series of lectures on
      will be done,’ she said.                                             However, post marketing there
                                         the issues facing community
                                                                           are few restrictions on patient
      On 1 July, the Swedish             pharmacies in 2009 and
                                                                           populations and that makes
      Government, which has owned        outlined a pharmacy model
                                                                           adverse reaction reporting
                                                                           even more important.
                                                                           Professor Andrew McLachlan
                                                                           from the University of Sydney
                                                                           presented a series of lectures
                                                                           on aged care covering: the
                                                                           impact of ageing on drug
                                                                           therapy; dementia and
                                                                           delirium; managing multiple
                                                                           medicines in older people; and,
                                                                           cardiovascular medicines.
                                                                           Dr Greg Crawford, a palliative
                                                                           care physician from the
                                                                           University of Adelaide spoke
                                                                           on pain management and
                                                                           palliative care. He provided
                                                                           what was perhaps the quote
                                                                           of the conference. ‘Life is a
                                                                           sexually transmitted disease
                                                                           that has 100% mortality.’ He
                                                                           shared not only his clinical
                                                                           expertise with delegates
                                                                           but also some practical and
                                                                           heartfelt advice on how to deal
                                                                           with the pressures arising from
                                                                           working in a palliative care
                                                                           environment that he summed
                                                                           up briefly as ‘remember to take
                                                                           time out for yourself.’

456                                                                          Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009
                                                                                                            refresher news

When the conference moved             Mr Plunkett spoke to a packed                                         of Russia. The museum has
on to Tallinn in Estonia the          auditorium about PSA’s                                                three million items on its
education program also                priorities for the future. He                                         catalog. Apart from anything
moved on with former PSA              said the pharmacy profession                                          else the art exhibits are mind
Young Pharmacist of the               suffers from the lack of a                                            blowing. There are few places
Year, Simon Bell, now based           strategic plan for its future.                                        in the world that can boast two
in Finland, speaking about                                                                                  Leonardo Da Vinci paintings
                                      ‘PSA has started the process
the latest developments                                                  Tallinn’s 600 year old pharmacy.   and four Van Goghs.
                                      and is preparing a strategy
in antidepressants                                                       made from red granite, in fact
                                      paper on where the profession
and appropriate use of
                                      should be heading. This            the whole place is made from       Next year
antipsychotic medications.                                               granite and marble.
                                      should lead to a white paper
                                                                                                            The best thing about the PSA
                                      on the future of pharmacy in       All three cities are classic
Jack Thomas Quiz                      Australia.’                        European cities with buildings
                                                                                                            Refresher Course is that there
                                                                                                            is always another one next
                                      Mr Plunkett pointed out that       300 years and more still in use.   year. So if you missed this
                                      Bruce Annabel in his lectures      However, it was worth the sore     year’s amazing experience,
                                      had said that pharmacy needs       feet to be able to have lunch      just wait for the China
                                      a new model because what           in a Swedish restaurant that       experience in 2010 on the
                                      is there now will not take the     is 400 years old, or to visit a    35th PSA Annual Offshore
                                      profession into the future. The    pharmacy in Tallinn that has       Conference. It promises to
                                      white paper is expected to take    been operating for 600 years,      be another trip of a lifetime.
Paul Hanna, Anne Borgna and           about two years to complete.       if only to see some of the         The course will visit Beijing
Julie Singelton.
                                                                         amazing traditional ‘medicines     and Shanghai (28 April to
                                      He also spoke about the
                                                                         on display’ (bleached dog          7 May) with pre conference
The one activity at a PSA             fourth and fifth community
                                                                         faeces, for example.)              tours to Guilin and Xian or a
Refresher Course that gets            pharmacy agreements,
                                                                                                            Yangtze River Cruise. The
people’s competitive spirit           national registration, the PSA     In St Petersburg it was worth      post conference tour is to
raging is the Jack Thomas             national amalgamation and          walking for miles and miles to     Hong Kong.
Quiz. This year the winner            PSA’s immediate priorities –       see as much as possible. It is
was Anne Borgna from                  professional development,          an 18th and 19th century city
Queensland. Runners up were           practice support and advocacy.     originally built on a swamp
Paul Hannan from NSW and                                                 that is much as it was 200
Julie Singleton from NSW.             The touring                        years ago – granite lasts a
The winners were announced                                               long time. It is a city of 600
at the final night dinner at          In 20 years when delegates         palaces. All are dwarfed by the
the Smolny Cathedral in               look back on the touring part      Hermitage Museum, formerly
St Petersburg.                        2009 Refresher Course it will      the winter palace of the Tsars
                                      be sore feet. In Sweden much
State of the Nation                   of the sightseeing was in the
                                      old town of Stockholm where
An interesting addition to the        the streets are still paved with
program this year was the State       cobblestones – quaint but hard
of the Nation speech delivered        on the feet! In Tallinn, the
by President, Warwick Plunkett        same – cobblestones, and in St
on the ferry between Stockholm        Petersburg the pavements are
and Tallinn.

Warwick Plunkett delivers the State
of the Nation address.

Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009                                                                                                              457

Capital Chemist Woden –                                                                                   resources have helped give
                                                                                                          Mr Amin and his pharmacy a
excellent customer care                                                                                   competitive edge. With more
                                                                                                          time to spend one-on-one with
                                   Without the organisational                                             customers Mr Amin realised
                                   framework that QCPP provides                                           there was a high demand for
                                   I would spend substantial                                              sports injury care, diabetes
                                   amounts of my time managing                                            needs and incontinence care in
                                   my staff and that would                                                Woden. Capital Chemist Woden
                                   compromise our service level to                                        now offers comprehensive
                                   our clients,’ Mr Amin said.                                            sports injury care, diabetes
                                   QCPP helps Mr Amin to ensure                                           needs and incontinence care
                                                                        QCPP helps Mr Amin to ensure
                                   routine tasks are completed          routine tasks are completed
                                                                                                          departments backed up by staff
                                   confidently and effectively, but     confidently and effectively.      with specialised training in
                                   without him having to manage         Assistance Service, Residential   these areas.

Faruq Amin: professional
                                   every step of the way.               Medication Management             ‘In Canberra’s highly
compounding is just one of the
                                   ‘With QCPP I give my team a          Review, Home Medicines            competitive pharmacy market,
services offered.
                                   clear understanding of their         Review, blood pressure checks,    you need to embrace the goals
Capital Chemist Woden, in          roles and responsibilities and       Dose Administration Aids and      of Quality Care and pharmacy
Westfield Woden shopping           how they each contribute to          National Diabetes Services        best practice or risk being left
centre in Canberra, provides its   the business’ success. By            Scheme agent.                     behind,’ Mr Amin said.
customers with best practice       allocating specific duties to        By utilising the organisational   For more information on QCPP
health care every day. By          each staff member, people feel       support structure of QCPP,        visit: or contact
implementing the Quality Care      empowered and work harder to         Mr Amin is able to share the      the QCPP helpline on
Pharmacy Program (QCPP)            provide the best customer care       responsibility of professional    1300 363 340.
2nd edition policies and           possible,’ he said.                                                       GCA1 2 8 2 N. p d f                                Pa ge   1
                                                                        services between his staff.
procedures, this busy shopping
                                                                        There are always three
centre pharmacy is equipped
                                                                        pharmacists on duty (including
to handle all of its customers’
                                                                        Mr Amin), each trained in
health management needs.
                                                                        a variety of professional           Can Cartia®
Owner Mr Faruq Amin offers
his customers a service-based
                                                                        programs. A commitment
                                                                        to staff training and regular
                                                                                                            help prevent
pharmacy, focused on face-to-                                           assessment through QCPP               another
face interaction and personal                                           means Mr Amin can be
consultation. He and his staff                                          assured his pharmacy is               stroke?
are always available to help                                            providing customers with the
customers with their every                                              highest quality care. Regular
need. Mr Amin uses QCPP to                                              team meetings help identify
assign management duties to                                             areas where improvements
his staff, such as compiling                                            can be made and determine
                                   Woden now offers comprehensive
a roster for dispensary tasks      sports injury care, diabetes needs   a timeline for changes to be
and evaluating and monitoring      and incontinence care departments.   made. Product and health
front-of-shop departments.                                              management training sessions
This means he no longer            With a number of pharmacies
                                                                        give staff the in-depth
needs to micro-manage staff        located nearby, Mr Amin’s
                                                                        knowledge their customers
                                   business has to remain one
members, as QCPP policies and                                           expect from community
                                   step ahead of the competition.
procedures clearly outline why                                          pharmacy and ensure this
                                   His pharmacy offers a
and how the pharmacy works.                                             pharmacy is continually
                                   broad range of professional
                                                                        improving its quality of
‘Thanks to QCPP I have             services to its customers
                                                                        customer care.
more time to concentrate on        including professional
providing first-rate customer      compounding, Pharmacy                A firm commitment to QCPP
service such as our extensive      Asthma Management                    and the utilisation of the
                                                                                                          Cartia® and Duentric® are registered trade marks of
range of professional services.    Service, Diabetes Medication         program’s comprehensive           the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. GCA1282/N

Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009                                                                                                                                459
         state news

                                        Victoria’s PD surge                                                  Darling Harbour in Sydney
Contact your branch                                                                                          on June 12–14, this year’s
           ACT Branch
                                        PSA Victorian Branch is                                              Expo is expected to break all
  President: Associate Professor        experiencing a surge in                                              attendance records. Combining
               Gabrielle Cooper         demand for its professional                                          a free trade fair with a first-
  Branch Director: Lillian Lesueur      development (PD) events.                                             rate education program, it is
              Address: TBA
          T: (02) 6201 5897
                                                                                                             easy to see why this event is
                                        The Mental Health Clinical
  email:                                                                          so popular.
                                        Weekend at Hepburn Springs
      New South Wales Branch            was fully booked weeks                                               With 80 education sessions
        President: Peter Gissing                                                                             held across three days, there
                                        before the event, and the April
     Branch Director: Steven Drew
              82 Christie St            medical devices workshop had      PSA Victorian Branch Director      is something for everyone.
      ST LEONARDS NSW 2065              to be re-run in May with unmet    Bill Suen.                         A few of the highlights for
               PO Box 162               demand rolled over to August.                                        this year include Epilepsy –
      ST LEONARDS NSW 1590                                                Sarah Curulli, PSA Vic PD
                                        According to PSA Victorian                                           on your mind by Associate
T: (02) 9431 1100 | F: (02) 9431 1150                                     pharmacist, said that Sunday
                                        Branch Director Bill Suen,                                           Professor Armin Mohammed,
        Toll Free: 1300 369 772                                           learning was becoming very
     email:       the increase in popularity of                                        Smoking Cessation by
                                                                          popular among members
         Victorian Branch               these events is a reflection                                         Professor Matthew Peters and
                                                                          because they can achieve a
      President: Mark Feldschuh         of the PD team’s emphasis                                            Management of Dyslipidaemia
                                                                          significant number of CPD
       Branch Director: Bill Suen       on consultation and planning                                         by Dr Tim Chen. Don’t miss
          381 Royal Parade                                                points and concentrate on one
                                        to provide events that suit                                          this chance to attend one of
         PARKVILLE Vic 3052                                               single topic.
                                        members’ needs.                                                      the premier pharmacy events
T: (03) 9389 4000 | F: (03) 9389 4044
      email:                                            ‘On July 12, we will be running    in Australia! You can view the
                                        ‘For example, many                a dementia Sunday with a           full education program on our
        Queensland Branch
       President: Dr Lisa Nissen
                                        pharmacists find it challenging   variety of health professional     website as well as register
 Branch Director: Michelle Rosenthal    to fulfil stage 2 requirements    speakers covering a range of       online and read all about
          Unit 2 Crown Court            for consultant pharmacist         topics such as diagnostic tools,   our green initiatives at
            1 Crown Street              accreditation after completing    new medications, continence
             PO Box 8171
                                        stage 1 training,’ he said.       management and risk reduction
                                        ‘This can be a daunting and
                                                                          strategies,’ she said.             Griffith’s
T: (07) 3844 4900 | F: (07) 3846 3811
     email:         time consuming process.           Her PD pharmacist colleague        specialised training
                                        With the support of a             Francis Ip said regional
 South Australian and Northern
       Territory Branch
                                        number of leading accredited      members’ needs were
       President: Grant Kardachi        pharmacists, we have designed     also being looked after.
      Branch Director: Julie Black      a workshop running on             ‘We have run a number of
      Suite 7/102 Greenhill Road        Thursday June 18 to assist        Sunday seminars in Mildura
           UNLEY SA 5061
                                        pharmacists in meeting the        and Horsham, and will be
T: (08) 8272 1211 | F: (08) 8272 7925
     email:        stage 2 requirements, such        running an oncology Sunday
                                        as creating a portfolio of        in Horsham on July 26, with
        Tasmanian Branch
     President: Dr Shane Jackson        evidence, preparation for the     dermatology and opiate             Bill Kelly (CEO, AACP) with Griffith’s
 Branch Director: Paquita Sutherland    multiple choice questions and     replacement for Warrnambool        Head of Pharmacy Professor Nerida
      (Monday 11.30am–3.30pm,                                             on August 2,’ he said.             Smith and lecturer Satish Maganlal.
                                        case studies, critical analysis
Tuesday 8:30–12:30, Wednesday 9–5,
                                        of literature as well as report   For further information please     Griffith University School of
  Thursday 8:30–12:30, Friday 9–5)
         161 Campbell Street            writing skills,’ he said.         call the Victorian Branch office   Pharmacy has won approval
          HOBART Tas 7000
                                        ‘We have also targeted a          on 03 9389 4000, or go to          to deliver preparatory training
T: (03) 6231 2636 | F: (03) 6231 2669
                                        number of medical conditions                     to final year students in
                                                                                                             specialised professional
   Pharmaceutical Society of
                                        that have emerged as
                                                                                                             services such as Home
       Western Australia                significant health challenges.    Expo – time’s
                                                                                                             Medicine Reviews (HMR).
         President: John Harvey
        Registrar: Bob Brennan
                                        Our PD team is working            running out
                                        through these trends and                                             Griffith is the first university to
             21 Hamilton St
                                        designing programs to meet        There are only days left until     be endorsed by the Australian
          SUBIACO WA 6008
T: (08) 9388 2886 | F: (08) 9388 2940   the anticipated demand both       one of the biggest pharmacy        Association of Consultant
        email:        in metropolitan Melbourne and     events on the calendar,            Pharmacy (AACP) to provide
                                        country Victoria.’                Pharmacy Expo. Held at             the Stage 1 training – the first

460                                                                                                             Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009
                                                                                                                    state news

step to becoming an accredited      Awards were announced                                                 While Denis was trained as
pharmacist. Accredited              for students in the Bachelor                                          a pharmaceutical scientist,
pharmacist and Griffith lecturer    of Pharmacy, Master of                                                his research papers were
Satish Maganlal said, ‘Research     Pharmacy and Master of                                                published in international
has shown that these reviews        Herbal Medicines courses. The                                         journals across a range
provide patients with safer,        PSA Gold Medal recognising                                            of areas – for example,
more effective use of their         consistent, outstanding                                               in anaesthesiology,
medications. More accredited        performance was awarded to                                            gastroenterology, foetal
pharmacists are required as the     pharmacy student Suzanne                                              and neonatal development
demand for HMRs increase.’          Olding.                                                               and others – in addition to
                                                                                                          pharmaceutical science and
The training has been               Professor Derrick Armstrong,
                                                                                                          pharmacology journals.
incorporated into Griffith’s        the University’s Deputy
Professional Pharmacy Practice      Vice-Chancellor (Education),                                          He was awarded a Doctor
course in the third and final       highlighted the Faculty’s         Denis Morgan                        of Science degree in 1999
semester of the Master of           innovative business skills                                            by Monash University in
                                    course and the student            knowledgeable, skilful and          recognition of the substantial
                                    pharmacy association’s career     with all the attributes required    contribution of his research
‘Embedding the preparatory          enhancement initiatives as        of a pharmacist. He was             publications across four
training into the student’s         examples of how the Faculty       compassionate and loved the         separate but related themes to
degree is an incentive for          enhances the experience of        interaction with people and         do with the way medicines are
them to move on to Stage 2          pharmacy students at Sydney.      the assistance he was able to       handled in the body.
and accreditation in a timely                                         give them.
                                    ‘Initiatives like these set                                           Denis will be remembered as
fashion,’ Mr Maganlal said. ‘It’s                                     In 1972 he joined the
                                    the Faculty apart from its                                            a world class scientist and
also an example of Griffith’s                                         University of Sydney to
                                    competitors and put it at the                                         researcher. But, more than
innovation in curriculum design                                       complete a Master of Science
                                    forefront of excellence in                                              G he 1 3 0 5 N . p d f
                                                                                                          that,C Awill be remembered as P a g e                       1
and shows our commitment to                                           and Doctor of Philosophy.
                                    education whilst providing a
responding to the needs of the                                        Denis was an outstanding
                                    valuable student experience
community at a time when there                                        post graduate student – by
                                    for pharmacy students. To
are significant health workforce
                                    have students winning awards      the time he finished his
                                                                      PhD he had published eight
                                                                                                               Can Cartia®
                                    from prestigious national
For more on pharmacy at Griffith    organisations is testament to     research papers, all of them in         help prevent
                                                                      international journals. Denis
University see this month’s         the quality of their education
                                    at the Faculty, their own         became a lecturer at the
news profile on page 453.
                                    hard work and the support of      Victorian College of Pharmacy           heart attack?
                                    Faculty staff in turning these    in 1978. Over 14 years he rose
USyd celebrates top                 students into competent young     through the ranks, firstly to
students                            professionals,’ he said.          Senior Lecturer in 1985 and
                                                                      then to the senior academic
The University of Sydney Faculty                                      position of Reader in 1992, in
of Pharmacy celebrated its top      Vale Denis Morgan                 recognition of his stellar record
performing students in April,                                         in research. Denis retired from
                                    Victorian pharmacists
awarding more than $88,000 to                                         the College due to illness in
                                    have mourned the death of
its highest achievers during a      respected pharmacist and          1999. Nevertheless, his abiding
special Awards Ceremony.            researcher Denis Morgan           passion continued and his
                                    earlier this year from            research papers continued to
                                    complications of multiple         be published for several years
                                    sclerosis.                        more. Over the course of his
                                                                      career, Denis published about
                                    Denis grew up in Hobart and       170 scientific papers – an
                                    completed his undergraduate       average of about eight a year.
                                    education and training there in   His numerous publications
                                    the late 1960s and early 70s.     and grant applications were
Suzanne Olding receives the PSA                                       meticulously prepared, elegant
Gold Medal from PSA NSW Branch      He was an excellent pharmacy                                          Cartia® and Duentric® are registered trade marks of
CEO Steven Drew.                    practitioner – extremely          and a pleasure to read.             the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. GCA1305/N

Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009                                                                                                                                461
        state news

      a wonderful person. He loved       support officers to give senior
      talking about his family – his     nurses the opportunity to
      wife Isobel and daughters          devote maximum attention to
      Fiona, Melissa and Amy. He         patients, not paperwork,’ Mr
      had a great sense of humour        Della Bosca said.
      and enjoyed sharing a joke. He
                                         Other initiatives include more
      will be sadly missed by us all –
                                         clinical pharmacists; a nurse
      his family and his many friends
                                         in charge or midwife in charge
      – and will be remembered with
                                         in every ward; introduction
      great fondness.
                                         of clinical initiative nurses
                                         for emergency departments;
      Pharmacy health                    male and female wards where
      reform role                        possible; and more specialists
                                         for outer metropolitan and
      Helen Dowling, Area Director       rural areas.
      of Pharmacy at Hunter                                                       David Peachey and Lorraine Smith provide a PSA information pack.
      New England Health and             Ms Dowling said she was
                                         looking forward to contributing          crowd of more than 70,000               opportunity, especially in rural
      former National President
                                         to the ongoing improvements              people.                                 Tasmania. The pharmacists
      of the Society of Hospital
                                         and has welcomed the                                                             and students who attend also
      Pharmacists of Australia                                                    Volunteer pharmacists, interns
                                         enhanced role for clinical                                                       promote pharmacists as a great
      (SHPA), has been appointed                                                  and students gave an excellent
                                         pharmacy services. ‘We know                                                      source of health information
      to the independent panel to                                                 effort, with more than 1600
                                         that we can improve patient                                                      available throughout remote
      monitor progress on reform                                                  information packs with Self
                                         care if we focus on ensuring                                                     communities, and showcase
      of the NSW public hospital                                                  Care fact cards, Medimates
                                         that the medicines ordered for                                                   the Pharmacy Self Care
      system.                                                                     and safe drinking and
                                         each patient are right, as soon                                                  program with health campaigns
                                                                                  smoking information handed
      NSW Health Minister John           as possible during their time in                                                 designed to educate and raise
                                                                                  out. Pharmacy students and
      Della Bosca has established        our care,’ she said.                                                             public awareness of particular
                                                                                  pharmacists helped children
      the six member panel to                                                                                             health topics, and how they
                                                                                  make 500 jars of hand cream
      regularly audit progress and                                                                                        are treated or prevented.
      to provide a transparent
                                         PSA shines at                            for Mother’s Day, while on

      monitoring process for the         Agfest                                   Saturday, the Rustica Rural             This year PSA again teamed
                                                                                  Health Club medical students            up with Diabetes Australia.
      Caring Together: The Health
                                         Agfest, Tasmania’s premier               plastered children and                  Pharmacists have an active
      Action Plan for NSW reforms.
                                         agricultural and rural event,            measured blood pressures.               role in supporting the
      ‘The panel includes clinicians     has again proved a valuable                                                      management of diabetes
                                                                                  Each year Agfest provides
      as well as people with             and successful community                                                         within the community in
                                                                                  an excellent opportunity for
      expertise in culture change,       event for PSA Tasmania                                                           collaboration with other health
                                                                                  PSA to promote the many
      systems information, trend         Branch.                                                                          care professionals, to support
                                                                                  dimensions of pharmacy.
      analysis, and governance           Three beautiful days of fine                                                     patient self management of
                                                                                  Patrons are exposed to
      and administration and will        weather ensured a bumper                                                         their condition. PSA is pleased
                                                                                  pharmacy as a career
      have its own independent                                                                                            to foster its liaison with DA
      secretariat,’ Mr Della Bosca                                                                                        and Agfest provides a great
      said. ‘The panel will report on                                                                                     opportunity to foster these
      the progress of Caring Together                                                                                     links.
      each six months for the next
                                                                                                                          The Tasmanian Health
      three years.’
                                                                                                                          Minister, Lara Giddings also
      Ms Dowling joined other                                                                                             visited the tent on Thursday
      leading experts at a forum in                                                                                       to see the activities in full
      May hosted by Mr Della Bosca                                                                                        swing. Pharmacists and
      to ensure stage two of Caring                                                                                       interns talked to many
      Together achieves real and                                                                                          patrons giving general health
      on-going improvements in the                                                                                        advice, information about
      public hospital system. ‘The                                                                                        safe use of medicines, and
      plan invests in 500 clinical       PSA’s Agfest stand proved popular with attendees.                                smoking cessation.

462                                                                                                                          Volume 28 | Number 6 | June 2009

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