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					PTA Convention Speech 2004

By Cara S. Mocarski
Cutting Edge Communications
(203) 929-1430

Define what is marketing?

Process of promoting, selling and distributing products and services

PTAs promote and sell -


Target Audience –

Committee Members

Example of PTA Convention and Connecticut’s County Kids

National PTA rolled out new marketing campaign in 2002

“every child…one voice.”
Have CD with State Ads, Logos and Templates
Same logo, ads, message, color (PMS 541, slate blue)
7x to remember something!

Consistency of message important – Branding


PTA Products –

Memberships and services
Events and fundraising activities
PTA newsletter and website
Volunteer and goodwill opportunities
PTA’s mission and advocacy efforts

Direct Marketing – Tangible Good

Sell memberships
Attendance at seminars and meetings
Fundraising activities
Specialty items
Food functions

Indirect Marketing – Concepts

Image building
Sponsorships, donations
Membership development
Community relations
Political activities
Citizen education

5 Steps to Marketing PTA

   1.     Conducting a situation analysis
          a. Analyze your local PTA’s existing products, activities, services
   2.     Setting realistic and measurable goals
          a. Define what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish and by when.
   3.     Selecting marketing strategies
          a. Choose methods that will most effectively let people know of your PTA’s
              goods and services.
   4.     Creating an action plan
          a. Determine the who, what, when and how of your marketing plan.
   5.     Tracking and measuring results
          a. Decide how you will measure success and what you will do with those

   Examples: need timeline

   Back to School Promotion
   Membership Growth Plan
   Coalition Building Plan

What is Public Relations?

PR is about reputation:

the result of what you do
what you say
what others say about you

Means to educate and establish credibility

PR Examples:

Print flyers, newsletters, brochures
Host PTA speakers
Develop traveling exhibits
Hold special events – community forums

PR integral to planning of all unit’s efforts:

Attract new members
Increase meeting attendance
Gain public attention for PTA’s programs

Steps for Writing a Great Press Release

Follow PTA format
Who, what, where, when, why and how

PR Tips

   1.      Learn about PTA.
   2.      Appoint a spokesperson.
   3.      Develop a media list.
   4.      Determine what reporter or editor should be notified.
   5.      Look for photo opportunities.
   6.      Utilize PTA resources.

State and National PTA Resources

Our Children
National PTA Handbook
Website –
State PR Chair
National PTA Office

Achieving PR Goals

   1.        Set realistic, measurable goals.
   2.        Determine your audience.
   3.        Contact the media.
   4.        Form a pr committee – delegate.
   5.        Evaluate

Types of PR


Easier to get press for a non-profit.

Media Options - Print          Opportunities

Paid Ad                        Usually by PTA political action group for a referendum
                               or PTA for a general ad. Never an individual or school!

                               Reproducible Materials section or downloaded from
                               Members’ area of National PTA website,
                      Username: members
                               Password: 4PTA

                               Reflections Program, After-School Programs, Funding
                               For Education

Calendar Listings              School Events, Fairs, Carnivals, Rock Climbing, Breakfasts

Feature Stories                Cultural Arts events – orchestras, Lincoln impersonator

Photos                         Submit photos of school events, post-event

Letter to the Editor           Write opinion piece for local newspaper. Need
                               to speak as one voice and get approval. Ag. Budget
                               or in support of a referendum.

Weekly Column                  Positive Talk About Schools in Shelton

Request for Coverage           Invite local media to special events. Keep trying.

Media Options - Radio      Opportunities

Public Service             Free exposure. Radio must run certain percentage.

Calendar Listings          For upcoming events. Weekend calendar.

Talk Shows                 Talk about major educational issues. NCLB.

Media Options – TV         Opportunities

Public Service             Free exposure. TV must run certain
Announcements              percentage, especially public access TV.

Calendar Listings          For upcoming events. Daily calendar.
                           Only for non-profits on public access.

News Story                 Special activities. No TV Week. Tie
                           in with national news and trends.

TV Talk Shows              Been featured on special shows, Valley
                           Worthy of Note, for 9/11 fundraising.
                           School raised over 8K.

Internal press – within your school community

Media Options              Opportunities

Newsletter                 Communicate from local, state, national.
                           Can tap in resources and reproduce sections
                           of state and national newsletters.

                           Give much recognition and praise to volunteers.

Flyers                     Constant at our school.

PTA ads                    From National office and National newsletter.

Web postings               Post newsletter, flyer on website.

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