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                                                            <city, state zip>

                                                    USF Continuing Education
                                                    4202 E Fowler Ave, NEC116
                                                         Tampa FL 33620

                This Memorandum of Understanding between <Enter Client name> (Client) and USF Continuing Education
                (CE) is to define the respective roles and responsibilities in relation to the provision of registration and
                related services for the following program:
 Initial for
approval or     Program Title:          <event title>
acceptance      Dates:                  <event date>
of selected     Venue:                  <event location>
Yes     No
___             I.      Engagement/Contact:
                        A.    CE agrees to provide registration services for the Client’s program defined above. The
                              Client’s primary CE contact person is Vicki Ciucio, Assistant Director and Registration
                              Supervisor,, 813-974-4631, Fax 813-974-5732.
                        B.    Client will identify a lead team member who will be CE’s primary contact person:
                              Name <contact name> , Title <contact title> , Email <contact email> ,
                              Phone <contact phone> , Fax <contact fax> .
                        C.    Client will supply a copy of approved EBA form. For information on establishing an
                              Educational Business Activity (EBA) visit : COMPASS: Establishing an Educational
                              Business Activity which includes a link to the request form.
                        D.    Client chartfield <program chartfield> to be used for distribution of funds
                              1.       Revenue Account: 44209 Budget Category 84600 for external sales
                              2.       Revenue Account: 74209 Budget Category 86000 for USF internal payments
                              3.       Expense Account: 75000 Budget Category 88800 for USF internal expenses
                        E.    Client backup chartfield <backup chartfield> will be used for charges and refunds if
                              funds are not available in the program chartfield (or comparable Grant Budget Category as
                        F.    No action will be taken in registration until this Memorandum of Understanding and the
                              attached Information Sheet are signed and submitted along with a copy of the approved
                              EBA form.
                        G.    Unless stated otherwise, all fees will be charged to the client chartfield (primary or backup)
                              as listed above
Yes     No
                II.     CE will provide the following standard services:
___                     A.      A $300 setup fee for each program (fiscal year) will be charged to client chartfields upon
                                the receipt of this MOU
                        B.      Course and session number(s) assigned and setup to accept registration on the web, by
                                phone, FAX and mail.
                        C.      Multiple registration fees (i.e., Standard, Late, Student, Comp, etc.) and up to 3 optional
                                fees (i.e., Banquet, Parking, etc.) can be utilized and included in the registration fees
                                collected through CE.
                        D.      Establish Distribution Codes for the deposit of registration fees into client and CE
                                chartfields as defined in this agreement. CE will prepare the Request for
                                Distribution/Charge Codes, forward it to the Client Accountable Officer for signature who
                                will return it by fax (813 974-5421) for submission to Accounts Receivable.

                                                                                                               Created: 2007
                                                                                                            Revised: 07/02/10
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                       E.      Establish user name and password to access standard web reports that include Roll,
                               Roster, Financial Report, Name Tag Export, and Mailing Label Export. Exports can be
                               merged into Word documents.
                       F.      Access to reports extending 6 months after end of the program.
                       G.      Web link for customer registration supplied for inclusion in area’s web page and printed
___                            material.
                       H.      Per University Cash Collection Guidelines, only credit cards are accepted as Point of Sale
                       I.      Deposit collected fees into the Client’s Chartfield as identified above, less all agreed upon
___                            CE fees.
                       J.      For each change to program setup initiated by Client after the initial setup will be charged a
                               $30 fee at the time that the change is made
___                    K.      CE will manage all registration refunds
                               1.       Refunds must be requested by the registrant and authorized by the Client within 30
___                                     days following the last day of the activity
                               2.       Refund will be processed as a revenue reversal to client chartfield used for
___                                     distribution of funds
                               3.       Processing fee will be charged to client chartfield at the time of refund. (See III.C.)
                               4.       “No Show” participants will not receive refunds except in extenuating
                       L.      CE will provide a final settlement listing all revenues collected and associated CE
                               expenses within forty-five (45) days of the conclusion of the event.
Yes     No
___             III.   Basic fees associated with individual registrations and client responsibility:
                       A.      $15 per registration received through the online, web-based system,
                       B.      $25 per registration received through the mail, fax or via the telephone including any
                               special handling items (i.e. scholarships, discounts, purchase order registrations, etc.)
                       C.      $15 for transfers, cancellations or withdrawals
                       D.      $10 for each substitution
                       E.      $10 per complimentary attendees (Speakers, staff, guests, etc.). Fee will be charged to
                               client chartfield at the time of registration.
___                    F.      Credit card processing fee of 2.5% will be charged to the chartfield on a quarterly basis.
___                    G.      Postage associated with confirmation/receipts mailed to each registrant will be directly
                               charged by the USF Post Office to client chartfield – Expense Account: 75649 Budget
                               Category 88800 (or comparable Grant Budget Category as needed).
___                    H.      $15 for registration fee adjustments after registration has been processed will be charged
                               to the client chartfield at the time of the adjustment.

Yes     No
                IV.    Onsite Registration Services:
___     ___            A.     Kiosk setup onsite for $300 (requires high speed internet connection not included in cost)
                       B.     Cost for onsite registration staff supplied by CE varies. Costs include required high speed
                              internet connection, $50 per hour per staff member including travel time, travel costs,
                              meals, and any necessary accommodations
                       C.     Onsite fees will be billed to the client chartfield at the conclusion of the service.
Yes     No
                V.     Optional Services:
                       A.     Parking permits on USF Campus –
___     ___                   1.      Cost of $3.00 per day per participant (subject to current Parking fees) may be
                                      included in the registration fees and will be charged to the  individual or
                                       client. A copy of the Campus Activities Request Form signed and approved by
                                      Parking Services is required for this service. CampusActivitiesRequestForm.pdf
___     ___                   2.      Parking permit fees will be deducted along with registration fee prior to distribution
                                      of funds. Other Optional Service fees will be charged to the client chartfield at the
                                      time of the service.
___     ___            B.     Extended access to web reports beyond the initial 6 months is $100 per quarter
___     ___            C.     Process rolls and issue Letters of Attendance for $10 per person
___     ___            D.     Customized reports and research to meet client’s needs are $50 per hour

                                                                                                               Created: 2007
                                                                                                            Revised: 07/02/10
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Yes     No
___     ___     VI.      Purchase Order and Payment Plan Processing and Fees:
                         A.    Client will create a FAST invoice and supply invoice number to CE before registrations can
                               be processed
____                     B.    Client is responsible for collection of funds
___                      C.    All fees associated with Purchase Orders or Payment Plan Processing will be deducted
                               along with registration fee prior to distribution of funds.
                         D.    $30 per Installment Payment Plan
___                      E.    Fees to process purchase orders are $75 per purchase order plus $25 per registration on
                               each purchase order
___                      F.    Payments on purchase order are mailed to: USF Continuing Education Payment Center,
                               PO Box 864360, Orlando, Florida 32886-4360.
___                      G.    CE will email a monthly aging report to client’s contact for three months after event’s end
___                      H.    $10 fee will be charged to client chartfield for each additional monthly aging report until
                               payment is collected.
Yes     No
                VII.     CEU Processing and Fees:
___     ___              A.    Generic USF CEUs
                               1.      Issued at end of program completion based on 80% attendance.
                               2.      Printed confirmation /receipt and certificate mailed to each registrant (domestic).
                               3.      Credit card fees included in processing charge.
___     ___                    4.      $25 processing fee charged to
                                        individual or  client chartfield
___     ___              B.    Provider related CEUs
                               1.      Client must have providership and seek approval to grant CEUs for the event.
                               2.      Client supplies CE Broker information and login to CE
                               3.      CE provides client with approved form format
                               4.      Client distributes form to participants.
___     ___                    5.      $25 processing fee per form charged to
                                        individual or  client chartfield
                               6.      CE validates hours submitted and issues certificate.
                               7.      CE uploads information to supplied CE Broker account for Florida participants.
                               8.      Submitted forms are scanned and stored electronically.
___     ___              C.    Replacement document(s)
                               1.      Issued within 2 years
                               2.      $10 processing fee charged to individual by credit card
Yes     No
                VIII.    Americans with Disabilities Act:
                         A.    CE will collect and forward to the client requests for accommodations as part of the
                               registration process.
___                      B.    The Client assumes all costs of the provision of reasonable accommodations and assumes
                               contracting responsibility.

Assistant Director, CE                          Date              Client                                            Date

                                                                  Accountable Officer/Budget Director, Program Chartfield

                                                                  Accountable Officer/Budget Director, Backup Chartfield

                                                                                                              Created: 2007
                                                                                                           Revised: 07/02/10
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                                             Information Sheet.
1. Description of event

2. Registration activation date

3. Mininum number of attendees for event to run

4. Maximum number of attendees

5. Decision date for cancellation

6. Fee types and amount

7. CEU types and amount if being offered

8. Last day to accept registrations

Assistant Director, CE                     Date          Client                                Date

Full links to hyperlinks:
Campus Activities Request Form

Educational Business Activity COMPASS page

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