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					                                             Delta Council PTA
                                             Mitzi Reagan, President

Message from the President
A new school year is starting soon and we are just wrapped up the last one! Delta Council PTA, collectively, had a
great year.

Three new schools were chartered…welcome to Dozier Libbey PTSA, Delta Academy of the Performing Arts
PTSA, and Discovery Playschool PTA! Thankfully, we did not de-charter a single unit, so our school count is up to

Our membership has increased to 4,483 which is a 15% over last year’s number! Congratulations to you all…what
a difference all of you have made! Our Council, amazingly, was the only council in the District that grew in
membership. This trend is very different from across the State. The State was about 50,000 members short of the 1
million member goal. “Our voice is 1 million strong”, sounds so much better than “Almost 1 million strong”.

We now have a website! I encourage you spend some time and looking over the different pages. The most
important pages are the “Unit Due Dates”, this page lists the dates for remittances to Council, and the “Important
Dates”, page, which is a list of our meeting and programs dates. In addition, we are trying to make this a site to
support your successes, please send pictures or articles of your PTA making a difference!

Lastly, Delta Council would like you to consider joining us! We have several open positions and would love to add
your insight and energy to our board. If you are interested, please let me know.

Mitzi Reagan                                                                      Inside this issue:
Delta Council PTA President
                                                              Message from President                                 1

                                                              Buddy list                                             2

                                                              Delta Council Executive Board                          3

                                                              Membership                                             3-4

                                                              Treasurer                                              5

                                                              General Mtg/Vendor Night                               6

                                                              Important Dates                                        7

                                                              By Laws                                                8

                                                              Reflections                                            9

          Delta Council PTA Buddy List 2009-2010
Buddy        School                                 President's Name            Phone                         Email
Anettee      O'Hara Park Intermed.                 Nicole         Almassey    925-625-2060

Anettee      Laurel Elementary PTA                 Kathy          Reinders    925-679-9744

 Bobbi       Oakley Elementary PTA                 Loni           Borromeo    925-813-4045

 Bobbi       Vintage Parkway Elementary PTA        Kim            Lattner     925-625-2023

Brenda       Lone Tree Elementary School PTA       Miryt          Furiosi     925-978-6205

Brenda       Deer Valley High School               Candi          Amigo       925-706-7563

Brenda       Mission Elementary PTA                Valerie        Fee         925-727-8325

 Bridget     Carmen Dragon PTA                     Michael        Green       925-706-1991

 Bridget     Antioch High School PTSA              Natasha        Quinn       925-565-5065

 Bridget     Park Middle School PTSA               Shelly         Rodrigues   925-754-9707

 Chris       Dallas Ranch Middle School PTSA       Margaret       Sandoval    510-410-2725

 Chris       Delta Academy PTSA                    Regena         Florenti    925-777-0611

 Chris       Jack London Elementary PTA            Marcita        Enis        925-777-1251

 Chris       Mno Grant Elementary PTA              Deena          Zollars     925-706-8910

 Denise      Byron/Excelsior PTSA                  Michel         Gnutzman    925-580-5773

 Denise      Discovery Bay Elementary School PTA   Tina           Duncan      925-516-6330

 Denise      Discovery Play School                 Brandy         Woloman     925-516-8250

 Denise      Timber Point Elementary PTA           Erin           Spivak      925-516-8301

 Janto       John Muir Elementary PTA              Sharyn         Baker       925-437-4977

  Mitzi      Delta Vista Middle School             Stacie         Lehfeldt    925-625-0238

  Mitzi      Dozier Libbey PTSA                    Janice         Santos      925-778-8332

  Mitzi      Iron House PTA

  Mitzi      John B. Turner Elementary PTA         Patricia       Singh       925-757-2755

  Nina       Black Diamond Middle School PTSA      Dana           Boyer       925-754-8029

  Nina       Orchard Park School                   Kerri          Seligman    925-963-3177

  Sara       Gehringer PTA                         Liz            Wortman     925-625-3970

  Sara       John Sutter Elementary PTA            Carol          Wood        925-784-5368

                             Delta Council Executive Board 2009-2010
               Name           Last Name           Phone                                  Email
President      Mitzi          Reagan             925-978-1979

Exe. VP        Bobbi          Nugent             925-240-7912

Historian      Sara           Hall-Cottrell      925-522-9836

Parent Ed      Janto          Widjaja            925-234-5463
1 VP
Membership     Bridget        Wimberley          925-628-3539

Auditor        Nina           Maurico            925-754-4102

Secretary      Chris          Low                925-778-0446

Treasurer      Denise         Dimock             925-516-6901

Advisor        Brenda         Steffen            925-779-9718

Advisor        Annette        Lewis              925-625-2915

            PTA relies on its members to fulfill its mission. We must spread the word about what
            PTA has to offer in the way of advocacy, parent support and help for public schools.
            We must each have the words and the passion to explain the benefits of PTA – why
            PTA membership makes a difference to the welfare of children, youth and families and
            the parent involvement is key to student success.

            Membership campaigns are an opportunity to make a special first impression and set
            the tone for participation throughout the school year. This is an opportunity to inform
            parents and the school community about PTA priorities and the issues that affect our
            children. Families are much more apt to join an organization that supports the
            education, health and well-being of their students.

            Please note these important dates on your newsletters, calendar and agenda:

            Early Bird Award                                                                  10/1/2009
            Chairman's Club Award                                                            10/15/2009
            First Remittance                                                                  11/1/2009
            Final Remittance                                                                   3/1/2010

                                               Are you having trouble coming up with
                                           membership themes? Need some fresh ideas?
                                           Maybe together we can help each other think
                                         outside the box in 2009 – 2010 with a Membership

                                             Anyone that is interested please contact
                                             Bridgette Wimberly at 925- 978-9439


_ Develop a team specifically to recruit new members.
_ Develop a plan for the entire year for attracting new members and retaining current
_ Establish goals that are ambitious, but attainable.
_ Assign specific tasks to team members and dates for their completion.
_ Make everyone feel welcome and provide ongoing training.
_ Model inclusiveness, particularly on your membership committee. Your PTA should
  Mirror the demographics of your community.
_ Make use of key resources, membership brochures, and information on PTA
  Websites ( and which includes National PTA's Great Idea Bank).
_ Develop a membership brochure that provides local, state, and national benefit
  information. Include contact information so interested individuals can contact your
  PTA about joining.
_ Take advantage of back to school enthusiasm. Draft a letter or invitation from your
  President for use in direct mail campaigns, newsletters or to be handed out at
  school/community events inviting attendees to become members (see the
  "Guidelines for an Invitation Letter"). Prepare a "why you should join PTA"
   presentation and sell the value of PTA membership.
_ Use every PTA or appropriate school event to recruit members. Have a membership
   Table and materials at every school and PTA event.
_ Make it easy for new people to join by asking them to become members.
_ Design a visual representation of your growing membership for display at your
  school, and publish or announce your membership count in newsletters.
_ Include articles about membership and a clip-out membership form in every issue of
  your newsletter or the school newsletter throughout the year.
_ Collaborate with other PTAs that have been successful in their membership efforts to
  Identify best practices you can use in your PTA.
_ Evaluate and update your plan by seeking feedback from members about their
  reasons for belonging (or thinking about leaving).
_ Celebrate your membership growth!

Units Due to Delta Council
Budget                                        9/10/2009
Early Bird Award                              10/1/2009
Chairman's Club Award                        10/15/2009
First Remittance                              11/1/2009
Tax Return                                    11/1/2009
Request for Extension Form 8868
Insurance                                     12/5/2009
Workers Compensation Forms                     1/1/2010
Mid Year Audit                                 2/2/2010
Final Remittance                               3/1/2010
Executive Board Roster                        4/25/2010
Unit Report (volunteer hours)                  5/1/2010
Year End Financial Report                     6/30/2010
Year End Audit                                6/30/2010

If you should have any questions with financial
matters, please contact Denise Dimock at
925.360.1118 or

Thank you,
Denise Dimock

You asked for
                                    Monday, August 10, 2009
                                        7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
it, and we                          Laurel Elementary School
listened!!!!                             Multi-use Room
                                        1141 Laurel Road

After our normal business            Oakley, CA 94561-5906
has been conducted, we                 Who Should Attend?
have invited several vendors
to showcase their                  Unit officers, committee chairs
fundraising programs for
your convenience. Please
                               DELTA COUNCIL
keep in mind that the PTA
does not endorse any of
these vendors. We have
just arranged this venue as
a courtesy to our unit             MEETING AND
boards. Also, contracts
cannot be signed at this           VENDOR NIGHT
meeting… all fundraising                        >HAND OUTS
vendors need to be                              >INFORMATION >PACKETS
approved by the units before                    >IDEAS FOR PROGRAMS
any contracts is signed.
                                                >GIVE AWAYS




  Executive Board Meeting Dates       General Membership Meeting
           July 16, 2009
          August 13, 2009                   August 10, 2009
        September 10, 2009                  October 12, 2009
         October 15, 2009                   January 11, 2010
        November 12, 2009                    March 8, 2010
         January 14, 2010                     June 7, 2010
         February 11, 2010
          March 11, 2010
           April 22, 2010
           May 13, 2010
           June 10, 2010
                        Other Event Dates

         July 30, 2009 - President's Meet and Greet

September 26, 2009 - Book Fair Fundraiser at Barnes and Noble

          October 17, 2009 - Teen Workshop at LMC

         December 3, 2009 - Reflections Entries Due

    February 25, 2010 - Delta Council Founders Day Dinner

How old are your bylaws?
Every year the California State PTA revises the bylaws template for Units,
Council and Districts. These revisions are to ensure they match with any
new changes to the California State PTA Bylaws. They also are done, to
make sure all our bylaws comply with the rules and laws set forth by
governmental agencies.

Every PTA is required to follow the rules set forth in the newly revised
templates. This is why it is important for all PTA’s to review their bylaws on
a yearly basis. It is also important to update (using the most current
template) your bylaws every two years.

So, pull out that copy of your bylaws. Look at the date on the cover. No
date on the cover means you are past due. Do your incoming board a
favor and update those bylaws now.

                                           Delta Council
                                            2009 -2010
                                          Annual dues are
                                            now $1.00

                   2009 - 2010


                    >Visual Arts
                >Musical Composition
                >Dance Choreography
               >Film/Video Production

Important date

All entries must be turned into Delta Council by
October 26, 2009. If you have any question, please
contact Chris Low at


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