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Psy 103 Worksheet


Psy 103 Worksheet document sample

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									Unofficial                                                        Gadsden State Community College                                                                    Unofficial
                                                                             Department of Nursing
                                                                         RN Program of Study Worksheet

    Name:________________________________________                                Student Number: __________________________ Date: _____________

                               The associate degree in nursing requires completion of 72 semester hours of courses presented in the following program of study.

                                                                         College                         Repeat       Repeat                  Advisor
    Course #   Title                               Hours     Grade                    Semester/Year                                                       Comments
                                                                         (GS / T)                        Grade        Semester/Grade          Initials
    ENG 101    English Composition                 3 SH
    SPH 106    Fund of Oral Communication          3 SH
    HUM                                            3 SH
    MTH                                            3 SH
    BIO 201    Anatomy & Physiology I              4 SH
    BIO 202    Anatomy & Physiology II             4 SH
    BIO 220    Microbiology                        4 SH
    PSY 200    General Psychology                  3 SH
    PSY 210    Human Growth & Development          3 SH

    NUR 102    Fund of Nursing                     6 SH
    NUR 103    Health Assessment                   1 SH
    NUR 104    Introduction to Pharmacology        1 SH
    NUR 105    Adult Nursing                       8 SH
    NUR 106    Maternal & Child Health             5 SH
    NUR 201    Nursing Through the Lifespan I      5 SH
    NUR 202    Nursing Through the Lifespan II     6 SH
    NUR 203    Nursing Through the Lifespan III    6 SH
    NUR 204    Transition Into Nursing Practice    4 SH

Suggested Plan of Study A                                                                Suggested Plan of Study B
(General study courses completed prior to admission to the program)
Semester 1           Semester 2              Semester 3                                   Semester 1 (Fall)         Semester 2 (Spring)       Semester 3 (Summer)
EH 101               MTH 116                 SPH 106                                      MTH 116                   NUR 105                   NUR 201
BIO 201              BIO 202                 BIO 220                                      NUR 102                   NUR 106                   PSY 200
Hum Elective         PSY 210                                                              BIO 201                   BIO 202                   BIO 220
PSY 200                                                                                   NUR 103                   ENG 101
                                                                                          NUR 104
Semester 4 (Fall)     Semester 5 (Spring)      Semester 6 (Summer)                        Semester 4 (Fall)         Semester 5 (Spring)
NUR 102               NUR 105                  NUR 201                                    NUR 202                   NUR 203
NUR 103               NUR 106                                                             PSY 210                   NUR 204
NUR 104                                                                                   SPH 106 or 107            Humanities Elective
Semester 7 (Fall)     Semester 8 (Spring)
NUR 202               NUR 203
                      NUR 204

Suggested Plan of Study C – Alternative Track
Contact the Nursing Advisor for more information on this option.

Area I- Written Composition
ENG 101- To be eligible for this class you must have successfully completed ENG 093 or have a score of 62 or better on the writing portion of the COMPASS or a
score of 20 or more on the ACT.

Area II- Humanities & Fine Arts
SPH 106, 107, or 116- Choose only one. There are no prerequisites for any of these classes.
HUM Elective- Choose any 3 credit-hour class you like in Art, Music, Drama, Religion, Philosophy, Foreign Language, or Humanities except for HUM 299A,
Humanities for Technology Students.

Area III- Natural Science or Mathematics
MTH 116- All core math classes in Alabama must have at the minimum high school Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with an appropriate math placement score.
           An alternative is that the student pass MTH 090 with a “C” or higher.
BIO 201- You must have successfully completed BIO 103 to be eligible for this class. However, you may skip it if you scored high enough on the COMPASS
           placement test (76 or higher on the Reading portion and 62 or higher on the Writing portion). This exemption is currently scheduled to end at the conclusion
           of the Spring 2011 semester.
BIO 202- You must complete BIO 201 with a grade of “C” or higher to take this class.
BIO 220- The prerequisites is BIO 103. Please see the requirement for skipping BIO 103 as noted under BIO 201.

Area IV- History and Behavioral Sciences
PSY 200- There is no prerequisite for this course.
PSY 210- You must have successfully completed PSY 200 to be eligible for this class.

Students are not eligible to take nursing classes until they have been accepted to the nursing program. This is not the same as having applied and been
accepted to the college in general; an additional application and selection process (specific to the Nursing Department) is required.

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