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					26 Occupational Outlook Handbook

related operations. Contract administrators may have worked as          Earnings
contract specialists, cost analysts, or procurement specialists. Man-   Earnings of administrative services managers vary greatly depend-
agers of unclaimed property often have experience in insurance          ing on the employer, the specialty, and the geographic area. In gen-
claims analysis and records management.                                 eral, however, median annual earnings of administrative services
    Persons interested in becoming administrative services or facil-    managers in 2000 were $47,080. The middle 50 percent earned
ity managers should have good communication skills and be able to       between $32,550 and $67,630. The lowest 10 percent earned less
establish effective working relationships with many different people,   than $23,800, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $90,120.
ranging from managers, supervisors, and professionals, to clerks        Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest num-
and blue-collar workers. They should be analytical, detail-oriented,    bers of these workers in 2000 are shown below:
flexible, and decisive. They must also be able to coordinate several
activities at once, quickly analyze and resolve specific problems,      Computer and data processing services ...................................... $54,700
                                                                        Colleges and universities ............................................................ 51,470
and cope with deadlines.
                                                                        Local government ....................................................................... 48,470
    Most administrative services managers in small organizations        Management and public relations ............................................... 44,420
advance by moving to other management positions or to a larger          State government ........................................................................ 43,710
organization. Advancement is easier in large firms that employ
several levels of administrative services managers. Attainment of          In the Federal Government, contract specialists in nonsupervisory,
the Certified Administrative Manager (CAM) designation offered          supervisory, and managerial positions earned an average of $60,310
by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers through work        a year in 2000. Corresponding averages were $58,050 for facilities
experience and successful completion of examinations can increase       managers, $57,360 for industrial property managers, $53,830 for
a manager’s advancement potential. In addition, a master’s degree       property disposal specialists, $57,400 for administrative officers,
in business administration or related field enhances a first-level      and $48,410 for support services administrators.
manager’s opportunities to advance to a mid-level management
position, such as director of administrative services, and eventu-      Related Occupations
ally to a top-level management position, such as executive vice         Administrative services managers direct and coordinate support
president for administrative services. Those with the required capi-    services and oversee the purchase, use, and disposal of personal
tal and experience can establish their own management consulting        property. Occupations with similar functions include office and
firm.                                                                   administrative support worker supervisors and managers; cost esti-
    Advancement of facility managers is based on the practices and      mators; property, real estate, and community association manag-
size of individual companies. Some facility managers transfer from      ers; purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents; and top
other departments within the organization or work their way up          executives.
from technical positions. Others advance through a progression of
facility management positions that offer additional responsibili-       Sources of Additional Information
ties. Completion of the competency-based professional certifica-        For information about careers in facility management, facility man-
tion program offered by the International Facility Management           agement education and degree programs, and the Certified Facility
Association can give prospective candidates an advantage. In or-        Manager designation, contact:
der to qualify for this Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designa-       † International Facility Management Association, 1 East Greenway Plaza,
tion, applicants must meet certain educational and experience           Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77046-0194. Internet:
requirements.                                                               General information regarding facility management and a list of
                                                                        facility management educational and degree programs may be ob-
                                                                        tained from:
Job Outlook                                                             † The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, 1643 Prince
Employment of administrative services managers is expected to grow      St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2818. Internet:
about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2010. Like        For information about the Certified Administrative Manager des-
other managerial positions, there are more competent, experienced       ignation, contact:
workers seeking jobs than there are positions available. However,       † Institute of Certified Professional Managers, James Madison
demand should be strong for facility managers because businesses        University, College of Business, Harrisonburg, VA 22807. Internet:
increasingly are realizing the importance of maintaining and effi-
ciently operating their facilities, which are very large investments
for most organizations. Administrative services managers employed
in management services and management consulting also should            Advertising, Marketing, Promotions,
be in demand, as public and private organizations continue to con-
tract out and streamline their administrative services functions in     Public Relations, and Sales Managers
an effort to cut costs. Many additional job openings will stem from     (O*NET 11-2011.00, 11-2021.00, 11-2022.00, 11-2031.00)
the need to replace workers who transfer to other jobs, retire, or
stop working for other reasons.
                                                                                               Significant Points
    Continuing corporate restructuring and increasing utilization of
office technology should result in a flatter organizational structure   —     Employment is projected to increase rapidly, but
with fewer levels of management, reducing the need for some middle            competition for jobs is expected to be intense.
management positions. This should adversely affect administra-          —     College graduates with related experience, a high level
tive services managers who oversee first-line mangers. Because                of creativity, and strong communication skills should
many administrative managers have a variety of functions, how-
                                                                              have the best job opportunities.
ever, the effects of these changes on employment should be less
severe than for other middle managers who specialize in only cer-       —     High earnings, substantial travel, and long hours,
tain functions.                                                               including evenings and weekends, are common.
                                                                       Management and Business and Financial Operations Occupations 27

Nature of the Work
The objective of any firm is to market and sell its products or ser-
vices profitably. In small firms, the owner or chief executive of-
ficer might assume all advertising, promotions, marketing, sales,
and public relations responsibilities. In large firms, which may of-
fer numerous products and services nationally or even worldwide,
an executive vice president directs overall advertising, promotions,
marketing, sales, and public relations policies. (Executive vice presi-
dents are included in the Handbook statement on top executives.)
Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales
managers coordinate the market research, marketing strategy, sales,
advertising, promotion, pricing, product development, and public
relations activities.
    Managers oversee advertising and promotion staffs, which usu-
ally are small, except in the largest firms. In a small firm, managers
may serve as a liaison between the firm and the advertising or pro-
motion agency to which many advertising or promotional functions
are contracted out. In larger firms, advertising managers oversee
in-house account, creative, and media services departments. The
account executive manages the account services department, as-
sesses the need for advertising and, in advertising agencies, main-
tains the accounts of clients. The creative services department
develops the subject matter and presentation of advertising. The
creative director oversees the copy chief, art director, and their re-
spective staffs. The media director oversees planning groups that            Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales
select the communication media—for example, radio, television,               managers design advertisements.
newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs—to disseminate
the advertising.                                                             serve as the eyes and ears of top management. They observe social,
    Promotion managers supervise staffs of promotion specialists.            economic, and political trends that might ultimately affect the firm
They direct promotion programs combining advertising with pur-               and make recommendations to enhance the firm’s image based on
chase incentives to increase sales. In an effort to establish closer         those trends.
contact with purchasers—dealers, distributors, or consumers—pro-                 Public relations managers may confer with labor relations man-
motion programs may involve direct mail, telemarketing, television           agers to produce internal company communications—such as news-
or radio advertising, catalogs, exhibits, inserts in newspapers, Internet    letters about employee-management relations—and with financial
advertisements or Web sites, instore displays or product endorse-            managers to produce company reports. They assist company ex-
ments, and special events. Purchase incentives may include dis-              ecutives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintain-
counts, samples, gifts, rebates, coupons, sweepstakes, and contests.         ing other forms of public contact; oversee company archives; and
    Marketing managers develop the firm’s detailed marketing strat-          respond to information requests. In addition, some handle special
egy. With the help of subordinates, including product development            events such as sponsorship of races, parties introducing new prod-
managers and market research managers, they determine the de-                ucts, or other activities the firm supports in order to gain public
mand for products and services offered by the firm and its competi-          attention through the press without advertising directly.
tors. In addition, they identify potential markets—for example,                  Sales managers direct the firm’s sales program. They assign
business firms, wholesalers, retailers, government, or the general           sales territories, set goals, and establish training programs for the
public. Marketing managers develop pricing strategy with an eye              sales representatives. (See the Handbook statement on sales repre-
towards maximizing the firm’s share of the market and its profits            sentatives, wholesale and manufacturing.) Managers advise the sales
while ensuring that the firm’s customers are satisfied. In collabora-        representatives on ways to improve their sales performance. In large,
tion with sales, product development, and other managers, they               multiproduct firms, they oversee regional and local sales managers
monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services          and their staffs. Sales managers maintain contact with dealers and
and oversee product development. Marketing managers work with                distributors. They analyze sales statistics gathered by their staffs to
advertising and promotion managers to promote the firm’s prod-               determine sales potential and inventory requirements and monitor
ucts and services and to attract potential users.                            the preferences of customers. Such information is vital to develop
    Public relations managers supervise public relations specialists.        products and maximize profits.
(See the Handbook statement on public relations specialists.) These
managers direct publicity programs to a targeted public. They of-            Working Conditions
ten specialize in a specific area, such as crisis management—or in a         Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales man-
specific industry, such as healthcare. They use every available com-         agers are provided with offices close to those of top managers. Long
munication medium in their effort to maintain the support of the             hours, including evenings and weekends, are common. Almost 38
specific group upon whom their organization’s success depends,               percent of advertising, marketing, and public relations managers
such as consumers, stockholders, or the general public. For ex-              worked 50 hours or more a week in 2000. Working under pressure
ample, public relations managers may clarify or justify the firm’s           is unavoidable when schedules change and problems arise, but dead-
point of view on health or environmental issues to community or              lines and goals must still be met.
special interest groups.                                                         Substantial travel may be involved. For example, attendance at
    Public relations managers also evaluate advertising and promo-           meetings sponsored by associations or industries often is manda-
tion programs for compatibility with public relations efforts and            tory. Sales managers travel to national, regional, and local offices
28 Occupational Outlook Handbook

and to various dealers and distributors. Advertising and promotion                                        Most advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and
managers may travel to meet with clients or representatives of com-                                   sales management positions are filled by promoting experienced
munications media. At times, public relations managers travel to                                      staff or related professional or technical personnel. For example,
meet with special interest groups or government officials. Job trans-                                 many managers are former sales representatives, purchasing agents,
fers between headquarters and regional offices are common, par-                                       buyers, product or brand specialists, advertising specialists, promo-
ticularly among sales managers.                                                                       tion specialists, and public relations specialists. In small firms, where
                                                                                                      the number of positions is limited, advancement to a management
Employment                                                                                            position usually comes slowly. In large firms, promotion may oc-
Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales man-                                  cur more quickly.
agers held about 707,000 jobs in 2000. The following tabulation                                           Although experience, ability, and leadership are emphasized for
shows the distribution of jobs by occupational specialty.                                             promotion, advancement can be accelerated by participation in man-
                                                                                                      agement training programs conducted by many large firms. Many
Sales managers ............................................................................ 343,000
Marketing managers ................................................................... 190,000        firms also provide their employees with continuing education op-
Advertising and promotions managers ........................................ 100,000                  portunities, either in-house or at local colleges and universities, and
Public relations managers ........................................................... 74,000          encourage employee participation in seminars and conferences, of-
                                                                                                      ten provided by professional societies. In collaboration with col-
   These managers were found in virtually every industry. Sales                                       leges and universities, numerous marketing and related associations
managers held almost half of the jobs; most were employed in whole-                                   sponsor national or local management training programs. Courses
sale and retail trade, manufacturing, and services industries. Mar-                                   include brand and product management, international marketing,
keting managers held more than one-fourth of the jobs; services                                       sales management evaluation, telemarketing and direct sales, inter-
and manufacturing industries employed about two-thirds of mar-                                        active marketing, promotion, marketing communication, market
keting managers. Half of advertising and promotions managers                                          research, organizational communication, and data processing sys-
worked in services industries, including advertising, computer and                                    tems procedures and management. Many firms pay all or part of
data processing, and engineering and management services. More                                        the cost for those who successfully complete courses.
than two-thirds of public relations managers were found in services                                       Some associations (listed under sources of additional informa-
industries, such as educational services, management and public                                       tion) offer certification programs for advertising, marketing, sales,
relations, and social services.                                                                       and public relations managers. Certification—a sign of compe-
                                                                                                      tence and achievement in this field—is particularly important in a
Training, Advancement, and Other Qualifications                                                       competitive job market. While relatively few advertising, market-
A wide range of educational backgrounds are suitable for entry into                                   ing, and public relations managers currently are certified, the num-
advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales mana-                                 ber of managers who seek certification is expected to grow. For
gerial jobs, but many employers prefer those with experience in                                       example, Sales and Marketing Executives International offers a
related occupations plus a broad liberal arts background. A                                           management certification program based on education and job per-
bachelor’s degree in sociology, psychology, literature, journalism,                                   formance. The Public Relations Society of America offers an ac-
or philosophy, among other subjects, is acceptable. However, re-                                      creditation program for public relations practitioners based on years
quirements vary, depending upon the particular job.                                                   of experience and an examination.
    For marketing, sales, and promotion management positions, some                                        Persons interested in becoming advertising, marketing, promo-
employers prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business                                          tions, public relations, and sales managers should be mature, cre-
administration with an emphasis on marketing. Courses in busi-                                        ative, highly motivated, resistant to stress, flexible, and decisive.
ness law, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, and statis-                                    The ability to communicate persuasively, both orally and in writ-
tics are advantageous. In highly technical industries, such as                                        ing, with other managers, staff, and the public is vital. These man-
computer and electronics manufacturing, a bachelor’s degree in                                        agers also need tact, good judgment, and exceptional ability to
engineering or science, combined with a master’s degree in busi-                                      establish and maintain effective personal relationships with super-
ness administration, is preferred.                                                                    visory and professional staff members and client firms.
    For advertising management positions, some employers prefer                                           Because of the importance and high visibility of their jobs, ad-
a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. A course of study                                   vertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales man-
should include marketing, consumer behavior, market research,                                         agers often are prime candidates for advancement to the highest
sales, communication methods and technology, and visual arts—                                         ranks. Well-trained, experienced, successful managers may be pro-
for example, art history and photography.                                                             moted to higher positions in their own, or other, firms. Some be-
    For public relations management positions, some employers pre-                                    come top executives. Managers with extensive experience and
fer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public relations or journal-                                   sufficient capital may open their own businesses.
ism. The applicant’s curriculum should include courses in
advertising, business administration, public affairs, public speak-                                   Job Outlook
ing, political science, and creative and technical writing.                                           Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales man-
    For all these specialties, courses in management and comple-                                      ager jobs are highly coveted and will be sought by other managers
tion of an internship while in school are highly recommended.                                         or highly experienced professional and technical personnel, result-
Familiarity with word processing and database applications also                                       ing in keen competition. College graduates with related experi-
is important for many positions. Computer skills are vital be-                                        ence, a high level of creativity, and strong communication skills
cause interactive marketing, product promotion, and advertising                                       should have the best job opportunities. Those who have new media
on the Internet are increasingly common. The ability to commu-                                        and interactive marketing skills will be particularly sought after.
nicate in a foreign language may open up employment opportuni-                                           Employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public rela-
ties in many rapidly growing niche markets around the country,                                        tions, and sales managers is expected to increase faster than the
especially in large cities and in areas with large Spanish-speaking                                   average for all occupations through 2010. Increasingly intense do-
populations.                                                                                          mestic and global competition in products and services offered to
                                                                                                  Management and Business and Financial Operations Occupations 29

consumers should require greater marketing, promotional, and public                                     Sources of Additional Information
relations efforts by managers. The number of management and                                             For information about careers and certification in sales and market-
public relations firms may experience particularly rapid growth as                                      ing management, contact:
businesses increasingly hire contractors for these services instead                                     † Sales and Marketing Executives International, 5500 Interstate North
of additional full-time staff.                                                                          Pkwy., No. 545, Atlanta, GA 30328-4662. Internet:
   Projected employment growth varies by industry. For example,                                            For information about careers in advertising management, con-
employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations,                                     tact:
and sales managers is expected to grow much faster than average in                                      † American Association of Advertising Agencies, 405 Lexington Ave.,
most business services industries, such as computer and data pro-                                       New York, NY 10174-1801. Internet:
cessing, and in management and public relations firms, while little                                       Information about careers and certification in public relations
or no change is projected in manufacturing industries.                                                  management is available from:
                                                                                                        † Public Relations Society of America, 33 Irving Place, New York, NY
                                                                                                        10003-2376. Internet:
Median annual earnings in 2000 for advertising and promotions
managers were $53,360; marketing managers, $71,240; sales man-
agers, $68,520; and public relations managers, $54,540. Earnings                                        Budget Analysts
ranged from less than $27,840 for the lowest 10 percent of adver-
tising and promotions managers, to more than $137,780 for the high-                                     (O*NET 13-2031.00)
est 10 percent of sales managers.
    Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest                                                           Significant Points
numbers of advertising and promotions managers in 2000 were as
follows:                                                                                                —    Two out of five budget analysts work in Federal, State,
                                                                                                             and local governments.
Computer and data processing services ...................................... $79,970
Advertising ................................................................................. 58,890    —    A bachelor’s degree generally is the minimum
                                                                                                             educational requirement; however, some employers
  Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest                                             require a master’s degree.
numbers of marketing managers in 2000 were as follows:
                                                                                                        —    Competition for jobs should remain keen due to the
Computer and data processing services ...................................... $85,750                         substantial number of qualified applicants; those with a
Advertising ................................................................................. 72,590         master’s degree should have the best prospects.
Management and public relations ............................................... 70,170

  Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest                                        Nature of the Work
numbers of sales managers in 2000 were as follows:                                                      Deciding how to efficiently distribute limited financial resources is
                                                                                                        an important challenge in all organizations. In most large and com-
Computer and data processing services ...................................... $86,690
Professional and commercial equipment .................................... 84,770
                                                                                                        plex organizations, this task would be nearly impossible were it not
New and used car dealers ............................................................ 80,680            for budget analysts. These professionals play the primary role in the
Hotels and motels ........................................................................ 42,210       development, analysis, and execution of budgets, which are used to
                                                                                                        allocate current resources and estimate future financial requirements.
  Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest                                        Without effective analysis of and feedback about budgetary prob-
numbers of public relations managers in 2000 were as follows:                                           lems, many private and public organizations could become bankrupt.
Management and public relations ............................................... $57,380                     Budget analysts can be found in private industry, nonprofit or-
Colleges and universities ............................................................ 50,200           ganizations, and the public sector. In private sector firms, a budget
                                                                                                        analyst examines, analyzes, and seeks new ways to improve effi-
   According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers                                        ciency and increase profits. Although analysts working in non-
survey, starting salaries for marketing majors graduating in 2001                                       profit and governmental organizations usually are not concerned
averaged $35,000; those for advertising majors averaged $29,700.                                        with profits, they still try to find the most efficient distribution of
   Salary levels vary substantially, depending upon the level of                                        funds and other resources among various departments and programs.
managerial responsibility, length of service, education, firm size,                                         Budget analysts have many responsibilities in these organiza-
location, and industry. For example, manufacturing firms usually                                        tions, but their primary task is providing advice and technical assis-
pay these managers higher salaries than nonmanufacturing firms                                          tance in the preparation of annual budgets. At the beginning of
do. For sales managers, the size of their sales territory is another                                    each budget cycle, managers and department heads submit proposed
important determinant of salary. Many managers earn bonuses equal                                       operational and financial plans to budget analysts for review. These
to 10 percent or more of their salaries.                                                                plans outline expected programs, including proposed monetary in-
                                                                                                        creases and new initiatives, estimated costs and expenses, and capi-
Related Occupations                                                                                     tal expenditures needed to finance these programs.
Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales man-                                        Analysts examine the budget estimates or proposals for com-
agers direct the sale of products and services offered by their firms                                   pleteness, accuracy, and conformance with established procedures,
and the communication of information about their firms’ activities.                                     regulations, and organizational objectives. Sometimes, they employ
Other workers involved with advertising, marketing, promotions,                                         cost-benefit analysis to review financial requests, assess program
public relations, and sales include actors, producers, and directors;                                   trade-offs, and explore alternative funding methods. They also ex-
artists and related workers; demonstrators, product promoters, and                                      amine past and current budgets and research economic and finan-
models; economists and market and survey researchers; public rela-                                      cial developments that affect the organization’s spending. This
tions specialists; sales representatives, wholesale and manufactur-                                     process enables analysts to evaluate proposals in terms of the
ing; and writers and editors.                                                                           organization’s priorities and financial resources.

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