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                                                                                   Manufacturer:   Kopper’s
Roth Bros. was founded in 1923 by
                                                                                   Roof Type:      Built-Up Coal-Tar
                                                                                   Manufacturer:   Firestone
David and Abraham Roth, offering                                                   Roof Type:      Modified Bitumen
roof installation service throughout                                               Manufacturer: GAF
Northeast Ohio. The company                                                        Roof Type:        Modified Bitumen
                                                                                   • Lordstown, OH -       • Marion, OH
experienced tremendous growth                                                         Metal Fabrication • Mansfield, OH
                                                                                   • Indianapolis, IN -    • Dayton, OH
during World War II and the years                                                     Allison Transmission
following, and by the sixties Roth Bros.                                           • Fort Wayne, IN

was recognized throughout the country
as a premier roofing contractor.              JO-ANN STORES INC.
                                              DISTRIBUTION CENTER
Roth Bros., an approved contractor for        Square Feet:    1.5M Sq. Ft.
                                              Manufacturer:   Kopper’s
most major roofing manufacturers, has         Roof Type:      Built-Up Coal-Tar
shown its expertise in industrial plants,
institutional buildings, warehouses,
shopping centers, malls, and even
historical landmarks. To date, Roth Bros.
has installed over 30 million sq. ft. of
various roofing materials.

                                                                                   BIG LOTS
                                                                                   Square Feet:    2.150M Sq. Ft.
                                                                                   Manufacturer:   Kopper’s
                                                                                   Roof Type:      Built-Up Coal-Tar

                                              CUSHWA HALL
                                              YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY
                                              Square Feet:    36,000 Sq. Ft.
  Roth Bros. is continually recognized for    Manufacturer:   Kopper’s
                                              Roof Type:      Built-Up Coal-Tar
its roofing excellence, with such honors as
  Firestone’s “Q” Award, Carlisle’s “Hall     Square Feet:    18,000 Sq. Ft.
of Fame” Award, and Firestone’s “Master       Manufacturer:   Carlisle
                                              Roof Type:      White adhered EPDM
   Contractor” Award to name just a few.
Square Feet:    21,500 Sq. Ft.
Manufacturer:   Sarnafil
Roof Type:      Ballasted PVC

                                 COLUMBIANA COUNTY
                                 CAREER CENTER
                                 Square Feet:    130,000 Sq. Ft.
                                 Manufacturer:   Steelox
                                 Roof Type:      Standing seam
                                                 metal roof

                                                                   Roofing is one of the construction trades
                                                                   most susceptible to accidents and injuries.
                                                                   At Roth Bros., Inc. we take safety very
                                                                   seriously. Roofing projects require
MC DONALD                                                          completion on time, within budget and
                                                                   without interference to our customers’
Square Feet:    17,400 Sq. Ft.
Manufacturer:   Sarnafil                                           operations. These requirements are
Roof Type:      Mechanically
                attached PVC                                       meaningless if they are not achieved
                                                                   through safe operations.

                                                                   Safety starts at the top. From our president
                                                                   to our executive vice presidents...from our
                                                                   operations managers to our superintendents
                                                                   to our foremen, we are all committed to
                                                                   providing the proper procedures, controls
                                 CHAPEL HILL
                                 MALL COMPLEX                      and follow-up to assure each worker goes
                                 Square Feet:    47,500 Sq. Ft.    home safely each and every day.
                                 Manufacturer:   Firestone
                                 Roof Type:      Ballasted EPDM
                                                                   At Roth Bros. we are proud of our
                                                                   commitment to safety and will continue
                                                                   to challenge ourselves to improve services
                                                                   to our clients.
                                                   STEEL & LABOR
                                           Square Feet:    7,200 Sq. Ft.
                                           Manufacturer:   Carlisle
                                           Roof Type:      Fully adhered EPDM

                                           Square Feet:    10,000 Sq. Ft.
                                           Roof Type:      Copper standing seam
     TRUMBULL COUNTY                                       metal roof                             STAMBAUGH
       COURT HOUSE                                                                                AUDITORIUM
Square Feet:   20,000 Sq. Ft.                                                          Square Feet:     24,000 Sq. Ft.
Roof Type:     Historical Renovation,                                                  Roof Type:       Historical Renovation,
               Copper stamped panels                                                                    Copper standing seam
                                                                                                        metal roof

                                  ROTH’S ROOFING SOLUTIONS
                          At Roth Bros. corporate facility in Youngstown, Ohio, over 40,000 sq.
                          ft. of shop space is dedicated to sheet metal fabrication. From historical
                          renovation, standing seam roof systems, siding and custom sheet metal
                          fabrication, Roth Bros. is committed to providing specially crafted
                          metal work for their customers’ unique requirements.

                      Commercial • Industrial • Institutional • Contractors • Engineers
                        Corporate Office: 3847 Crum Road, P.O. Box 4209 • Youngstown, Ohio 44515-0209
                         (330) 793-5571 • Fax (330) 799-3369 • 1-800-USA-ROTH •

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