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 Project title         Reengagement and Reform Support Grant
 Reference             P122807
 Funding agency
 Countries             Guinea
 Deadline              Open
 Sectors               FINANCE & BANKING:
                        - Reporting / Finance Management
                       PROGRAMME & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT:
                        - Personnel / Human Resources Management
                       PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION:
                        - Reform
                        - Budget / Budget Support / Public Investment / Finances / Debt
                        - Democracy / Human Rights
 Project description   Project ID: P122807 | Project Status: Pipeline

                       The Reengagement and Reform Support Grant Program for Guinea
                       aims to support authorities' efforts to consolidate recent democratic
                       gains, and engage decisively on a reform program that would enhance
                       macro-economic stability and mark a clean break with the past on
                       executive accountability and transparency. While the grant would
                       primarily translate into facilitating arrears clearance to International
                       Development Association (IDA) to allow resumption of Bank's
                       disbursement in support of the transitional poverty reduction strategy,
                       particular attention is given to policy actions aimed at: (i) improving
                       public financial management; (ii) strengthening public sector efficiency
                       and accountability focusing on core personnel management systems
                       and; (iii) fostering transparency in the mining sector. The proposed
                       operation is fully aligned with the Bank's Interim Strategy Note (ISN) for
                       Guinea for the period 2011-12, and with the World Bank's Africa action
                       plan. Given the quick response needed to an emergency situation, the
                       operation does not fully address certain design considerations, per OP
                       8.60. Deficiencies in economic data due to the deterioration of statistical
                       systems and the impact of the political instability make it difficult to
                       present a reliable analysis of the recent economic developments in
                       Guinea as well medium-term prospects. However, it is clear that since
                       2008, economic performance in Guinea has deteriorated significantly.
                       Cumulatively, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita declined by 4.6
                       percent between 2008 and 2010. While agriculture continued to grow
                       modestly, the mining sector historically a major driver of growth
                       contracted in real terms by 6 percent between 2008 and 2010 in spite of
                       rising world prices. The regulatory business environment worsened with
                       the cancellations of contracts in the mining sector, changes of license
                       terms and conditions in the telecommunications sector, and more
                       generally, uncertain political situation in the context of deteriorated

                       Approval Date N/A
                       Closing Date N/A
                       Total Project Cost** 78
                       Region Africa
                       Major Sector (Sector) (%) Public Administration, Law, and Justice
                       (Public administration- Finance) (40%)
                        Energy and mining (Mining and other extractive) (40%)
                        Public Administration, Law, and Justice (General public administration
                       sector) (20%)
                       Themes (%) Macroeconomic management (100%)
                       Environmental Category N/A
                       Bank Team Lead Fiadzo, Emmanuel Doe
                       Borrower/Recipient REPUBLIC OF GUINEA
                       Implementing Agency MINISTRY OF FINANCE

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