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					                               North Carolina Room
                          New Hanover County Public Library
                                201 Chestnut Street
                               Wilmington, NC 28401

Collection: James E. L. Wade Papers     (1917-1980)

Call Number: NC Sp. Coll. # 1210

Processed by: Katie Abbott

Completion Date: 14 June 2007

Size: Three Legal Size Boxes and One Oversized Box

Restrictions: None

Provenance: This collection was given to the New Hanover County Public Library to be
stored in the North Carolina Room in 2007 by the Cape Fear Museum. It was originally
processed by museum staff when they received the collection in 1980. The museum
retains the artifacts and photographs from this collection and other donations of Wade
materials, but has donated the paper documents to the library. When the collection was
further processed in 2007 it was assumed that the materials were primarily left in the
order they were received from Wade’s estate. This order has been maintained except for
some reorganization of the material to make it more accessible to the researcher.

Biographical Note: James E. L. Wade (1889-1980) was born in Union County, but moved
to Wilmington as a young child. His first job was at the age of 12 working as an office
boy for George L. Morton, who operated a naval store on Water Street. Two years later
he became a messenger for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and over the years he held
many positions, remaining involved with this organization for the rest of his life as a
member of the Brotherhood of the Railroad Trainmen. In 1911, he married Miss Alberta
Thurman Dickerson from Fairmont Virginia. As a young man he traveled, but returned to
Wilmington and began his political career in earnest in the 1920s. He was a Public Works
Commissioner during the 1920s and later Mayor (1949, 1958-1959), serving on the City
Council for 36 years. It was during this time that Wade became known as “Hi Buddy.”
He was given this nickname because he was known for greeting everyone he passed,
helping to make him a beloved member of the Wilmington community. Along with his
friendly disposition he also worked towards the betterment of the Wilmington
community. He considered some of his most important contributions to be the
introduction of numerous bills including the first railroad stop law, the first state wide
game protection law, a law to provide county free school books, and numerous bridge
bills. Wade was also proud of his contributions to the parks and recreations in
Wilmington, playing a large role in the conception of Greenfield Park. Outside of his
political career Wade was a local businessman, managing the Wade Realty Company and
an active member of many local and national organizations, including the United Service

Organization (USO), the Sudan Temple, Optimist’s Club and the Salvation Army. Wade
enjoyed his involvement with the Wilmington community playing Santa Claus for over
50 years. In a 1977 interview Wade stated, “I love everybody and everything about the

Description: This collection deals largely with James E. L. Wade’s involvement in the
public eye in Wilmington beginning with his career as a city councilman and later as
mayor of Wilmington in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The first box contains two
folders with biographical information and newspaper clippings that provide a working
knowledge of Wade’s interests and accomplishments during his lifetime. The remainder
of box one is paperwork collected by Wade during his career as a city councilman in
Wilmington. These documents are mostly from the 1950s and the 1960s, with a heavy
concentration in 1957, 1958 and 1960 during Wade’s time as mayor. The scope of these
materials includes prominent projects that Wade was involved with and City Council
business. Most of the material was kept as it was received, meaning that some folders
contain city council business including minutes and correspondence while some of this
material has been separated into folders by subjects and years. When researching City of
Wilmington business in this collection make sure to look at all inclusive years and
subjects. Box Two primarily contains data from 1960 until Wade’s death in 1980 and
deals mostly with Wade’s continued interest in Wilmington civic life after his time as a
city councilman. Some of this paperwork is filed by subject and does include materials
from the 1940s-1950s; particularly interests that Wade adopted during his time as a city
councilman and continued throughout his life. Major subjects in this box include
paperwork concerning Wade’s involvement with the USO, an organization that he helped
establish in Wilmington during WWII, documents associated with the Wade Realty
Company, documents pertaining to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and the
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and a significant amount of materials concerning Wade’s
support of Richard Nixon during the 1970s. Box Two also contains personal items
including correspondence that Wade collected over the years from friends, family and
supporters. Box Three is a continuation of personal correspondence saved by Wade.


Box 1

Folder 1      James E. L. Wade biographical information, this includes first hand
              accounts written by Wade; photocopies of photographs of Wade that
              highlight some of his interests (originals located at the Cape Fear

Folder 2       Newspaper Clippings pertaining mostly to Wade’s public life from the

Folder 3      City of Wilmington Appropriations Numbers 40 and 42 for the years 1917
              and 1919

Folder 4    City of Wilmington Budget 1955

Folder 5    Report on the Monument of the Confederate Dead at Oakdale Cemetery,
            includes blueprints, 1956; photocopy of picture of a monument at Oakdale
            (original at the Cape Fear Museum)

Folder 6    1956 Resolutions, subjects include natural gas; Atlantic Coast Line
            Railroad Company; and garbage removal

Folder 7    City of Wilmington Business 1957, Correspondence; Resolutions;
            Reports; Proclamations; major subjects include local growth; Wilmington
            Port Authority; and Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company

Folder 8    City of Wilmington Business 1957, Proclamations; Reports;
            Correspondence; major subjects include North Carolina Industrial
            newsletters; United States Department of Commerce newsletters;
            resolution for a grain handling facility

Folder 9    Standard Specifications for Municipal Improvements for the City of North
            Carolina, a report submitted in 1957 by Wade as mayor

Folder 10   American Municipal Association compilation of newsletters, titled
            National Legislative Bulletin from 1958; Wade received these as the
            mayor of Wilmington because the city was considered a member city

Folder 11   1959 Proclamations and Resolutions by Wade, subjects are bridges and
            Brotherhood Week

Folder 12   City of Wilmington Business, 1960; Resolutions; Budget;
            Correspondence; Minutes; major subjects include urban renewal; Atlantic
            Coast Line Railroad; traffic (Monthly Report on the Wilmington Housing
            Authority, March 1960, City of Wilmington Expenditures May 1960
            moved to Oversized Box 4)

Folder 13   City of Wilmington Business, 1960; Resolutions; Agenda; Minutes;
            Correspondence; major subjects bridge proposal

Folder 14   City of Wilmington Business, 1961; Correspondence; Reports; major
            subjects water and sewage

Folder 15   City of Wilmington Budget, 1961

Folder 16   Correspondence with the Georgia Public Service Commission concerning
            the discontinuation of the train from Augusta to Wilmington

Folder 17   City of Wilmington Budget 1962-1963

Folder 18   City of Wilmington Budget 1962-1963

Folder 19   1963 Highway and Bridge Projects, includes newspaper clippings,
            correspondence and reports

Folder 20   1966 American Legion Resolution honoring Wade

Folder 21   1966 correspondence and statements concerning water projects for 1967 in
            North Carolina; statements by Senator B. Everett Jordan and Senator Sam
            J. Ervin

Folder 22   Letters to League of Women Voters 1967

Folder 23   Miscellaneous City Council Business- budget sheet; biographical sketch of
            George J. Mathieu; list of problems confronting the historic district 1971;
            petition; General Assembly questionnaire; Mayor’s Proclamation
            concerning Civil Air Patrol Week; petition dealing with sidewalks

Folder 24   City Council Minutes 1950

Folder 25   City Council Minutes 1952

Folder 26   City Council Minutes 1956

Folder 27   City Council Minutes 1957

Folder 28   City Council Minutes 1958

Folder 29   City Council Minutes 1959

Folder 30   1954-1955 Correspondence

Folder 31   1956 Correspondence

Folder 32   1957 Correspondence, major subject Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

Folder 33   1957 Correspondence, major subjects election, Wilmington Pony League;
            Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

Folder 34   1957 Correspondence

Folder 35   1958 Correspondence

Folder 36   1959 Correspondence, one letter to Wade from Sam J. Ervin, Jr.
            concerning Wilmington Port

Folder 37   1959 Correspondence, concerning police uniforms

Folder 38   1960s Correspondence

Folder 39   Miscellaneous Correspondence, not dated

Folder 40   Receipts, many years included, through 1980

Folder 41   Receipts, many years included, through 1980

Folder 42   Public Management, Journal of the International City Managers’
            Association, 1957

Folder 43   The United States Municipal News, 1957

Box 2

Folder 1    Wade Realty Company- Correspondence; Financial Material; Contracts;
            major subjects include Bay Shore Estates; Lullwater; Fifth and Wright
            Streets; Claredon Plantation; Continental Homes Inc.; Boones Mill,
            Virginia; Tanglewood

Folder 2    Wade Realty Company- 715 South 4th Street data concerning the
            structures impending demolition

Folder 3    Wade Realty Company- North Carolina Association of Realtors Directory;
            National Association of Realtors License to Wade

Folder 4    Wade Realty Company- Shipping Request Forms

Folder 5    Wade Realty Company- Property Flyers

Folder 6    Brotherhood of the Railroad Trainmen- mostly correspondence from 1968;
            membership cards; The Railroad Evangelist Publication 1976

Folder 7    Atlantic Coast Line Railroad- major subject Champion McDowell Davis,
            mostly correspondence between Davis and Wade

Folder 8    United Service Organization, Inc. (USO) 1959-1960- Budget, Minutes and
            Correspondence data, most of the information concerning the Wilmington
            branch at 321 North Front Street

Folder 9    USO 1959-1960s, Budget 1960s, pamphlets, clippings, USO News
            November-December 1959, May 1959, March-April,1960; 1965 Budget

            Information; USO National Council 5th Annual Meeting Packet;
            Promenade Magazine, 1960

Folder 10   USO, 1960s-1980s, News from the USO newsletters, Meeting Agendas,
            Correspondence with USO World Headquarters

Folder 11   USO 1960s-1980s- mostly press releases and publication materials
            published by the USO; some correspondence and meeting agendas
            concerning USO branch at 321 North Front Street

Folder 12   Hi Buddy Day 1964- Congratulations Correspondence regarding
            September 26 being named Hi Buddy day in Wilmington; includes
            correspondence with William Randall from May 7, 1963

Folder 13   National Rivers and Harbors Congress, late 1960s-early 1970s- data
            concerning the growth of the Wilmington port and recommendations for
            the future, includes correspondence mainly between Wade and the State of
            North Carolina Department of Water and Air Resources and the Ocean
            Hiway Association; photocopy of picture of Wade with Ocean Hiway
            ribbon at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (original at the Cape Fear
            Museum); 1968 statements by Senator B. Everett Jordan; publications
            about water and air resources in North Carolina issued by the state of
            North Carolina; Coastal Plains Regional Commission Second Annual
            Report 1968-1969

Folder 14   Astronauts, 1969, 1973- Correspondence between Wade and National
            Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), subjects include Wade
            congratulating astronauts on their success and invitations to visit
            Wilmington; notable names, Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, Michael
            Collins, Edwin Aldrain Jr.

Folder 15   Environment- Information dealing with Wade’s interest in protecting
            natural resources including correspondence and newspaper clippings
            dealing with trees in New Hanover County, 1956 data pertaining to
            Greenfield Lake, July 29, 1950 pamphlet about celebration of 25th
            anniversary of Greenfield Lake

Folder 16   James Walker, June 24, 1967- correspondence between Wade and
            Honorable O.O. Allsbrook, Mayor of Wilmington concerning the closing
            of James Walker Memorial Hospital and Wade’s interest in honoring
            James Walker with a history and the preservation of James Walker’s
            portrait that hung in the hospital

Folder 17   League of Municipalities 1970- correspondence mainly between Wade
            and Benjamin W. Taylor, Director of Publications concerning the

            organization’s decision to adopt Wade as an honorary member, Wade
            includes an autobiographical statement; North Carolina Labor-
            Management Relations Survey October 1970

Folder 18   North Carolina Savings and Loan League, 1972- League Leader
            publication; brochure concerning convention in Bermuda

Folder 19   Council of Aging, 1970-1972- Correspondence, Conference information
            and newsletters

Folder 20   Wilmington Housing Authority, 1973- Correspondence between Wade
            and H.R. Emory; The Early Years of the Housing Authority of the City of
            Wilmington, N.C., H.R. Emory, 1973

Folder 21   Fixed Span Bridge in Wilmington Information, 1979

Folder 22   Daughters of the Revolution- Concerning Historical Markers,
            Correspondence and Application

Folder 23   New Hanover Humane Society, Statement from the Board of Directors;
            1955 Correspondence; Constitution

Folder 24   National Flag Week, Pamphlet, Etiquette of the Stars and Stripes

Folder 25   The Optimist Club, club rosters, and programs

Folder 26   The Salvation Army, pamphlets and Senior Soldiers meeting information

Folder 27   Christmas- assorted information dealing with Wade’s involvement,
            includes information pertaining to Wade’s role as Santa Claus,
            correspondence with children; photocopy of picture of Wade as Santa with
            children (original located at the Cape Fear Museum); late 1970s
            correspondence from Wade concerning renewal of a Christmas program
            and Merry Christmas wishes; 1962 correspondence dealing with
            Christmas lights downtown; sketches of Christmas decorations downtown;
            information dealing with Christmas decorations in Augusta including
            clippings and photographs

Folder 28   St. Paul’s Episcopal Church- Wade was a member, includes a program
            from 1955 and a newsletter

Folder 29   Sudan Temple- clippings mentioning Wade, miscellaneous information

Folder 30   Unites States Industrial Council- correspondence to Wade

Folder 31   Miscellaneous Materials Saved by Wade- includes a variety of materials,
            placemats; addresses; resumes; newsletters, The North Carolina Society of
            County and Local Historians, Tar Heel Folklore; menus; information
            concerning Mary Cooper Williams

Folder 32   Wade re-election cards

Folder 33   Election Materials from various politicians- First Monday publications,
            1972; correspondence from Eugene Merritt and Strom Thurmond

Folder 34   Richard Nixon- Election materials 1972; Correspondence between Wade
            and Nixon and his press secretary, Wade offers support and asks Nixon to
            visit Wilmington as a campaign stop; Documents dealing with Nixon’s
            possible impeachment, mostly correspondence asking for Wade’s support
            of the president

Folder 35   1970s-1980s Correspondence- major correspondents to Wade, Jesse
            Helms; The North Carolina Literary and Historical Association; North
            Carolina League of Municipalities; USO; Lower Cape Fear Historical
            Society; numerous United States Senators (with signatures) 1978;
            Grandfather Mountain Cloggers, Inc.; Sam J. Ervin Jr.; Cape Fear
            Memorial Hospital, Inc.; New Hanover County Airport Commission;
            Bishop Thomas H. Wright

Folder 36   1979 Correspondence from Buckingham Palace on behalf of Queen
            Elizabeth thanking Wade for his gift of a silver bowl

Folder 37   1979 Correspondence to Jimmy Carter from Wade concerning Iran and
            Wade’s German Shepherds

Folder 38   Late 1960s-early 1970s, Correspondence between Wade and Lyndon
            Johnson, his press secretary and wife, concerning birthday wishes to
            Johnson; thank you from Johnson concerning an engraved key Wade
            gifted him; Wade’s invitation to Johnson to attend the Azalea Festival;
            thank you letter from Lady Bird Johnson for extending holiday wishes

Folder 39   Correspondence from Wade to Jacqueline Kennedy in 1964 expressing
            regret over the death of John F. Kennedy and presenting her with an
            engraved key from the City of Wilmington

Folder 40   1964 Correspondence with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC);
            Wade directs questions about the TODAY Show to Frank Blair; also
            correspondence from David Brinkley

Folder 41   1979 Charlie Rose Correspondence- from Wade, he discusses political

Folder 42   Miscellaneous Correspondence- Not dated

Folder 43   Publication- 1958 North Carolina Society of Engineers

Folder 44   Publication- 1975, The Public Schools and the Eighteen Year Old Voters

Folder 45   Collected Poems and Short Stories, some written by Wade

Folder 46   90th Birthday Materials- Clippings and Photocopies from Life Around
            Wilmington and Its Beaches

Folder 47   Religious Materials- includes sermons; prayers; and a program for
            Wrightsville United Methodist Beach

Folder 48   “Hi Buddy” Recipes

Folder 49   Wade’s Driver’s License

Folder 50   Correspondence with Vivian Burroughs and Robin Williams 1963

Folder 51   Certificates, Moved to Oversized Box 4

Folder 52   Greeting Cards, Late 1970s from businesses

Folder 53   Variety of Greeting Cards

Box 3

Folder 1    Variety of Greeting Cards

Folder 2    Greeting Cards and Personal Letters

Folder 3    Greeting Cards 1970s

Folder 4    Late 1970s mostly greeting cards, some correspondence

Folder 5    Greeting Cards, primarily get well cards for Wade’s eye surgery

Folder 6    Get Well Greeting Card from the 2nd and Princess Gang

Folder 7    The Patients Guest Book

Folder 8    Greeting Cards, mostly get well 1978

Note to the Researcher: Another box was received with this collection and is housed at
the Cape Fear Museum. This box contains photographs. The subjects include Wade
portraits, azaleas, Wade as Santa Claus, Wilmington Navy Certificate presentation, city
council meetings, Masons and Shriners, unidentified houses (most likely Wade Realty
properties), and Greenfield Park

Subjects:     Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
              Wilmington Bridges
              Oakdale Cemetery
              City of Wilmington Business
              Charlie Rose
              Buckingham Palace
              Jacqueline Kennedy
              Lyndon Johnson
              Jimmy Carter
              Richard Nixon
              James Walker Memorial Hospital
              Lower Cape Fear Historical Society
              Sudan Temple
              Daughter of the Revolution


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