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					     Commonwealth Youth Programme
            Caribbean Centre
                         Monthly News Update

     Issue: 4                                          November – December, 2005

    Inside this Issue:

   Seventeen graduate from UG with Pan-Commonwealth Diploma in Youth
    Development Work.

   GYBT requests CYPCC assistance in mentoring young entrepreneurs.

   Grenada shaping youths to create a violence and drug free society

   Consultation on Competency Standards for Youth Work moving apace in St
    Vincent and the Grenadines

   CYPCC staff attends Strategic Planning Workshop for 2006-2008 programme year.
    Seventeen graduate from UG with Pan-Commonwealth Diploma in Youth Development Work.

   Ms. Paula Best, best graduating student in the Diploma programme receives her certificate from
                          Regional Director of CYPCC, Mr. Henry Charles

Seventeen students graduated at the University of Guyana's 39th Convocation Ceremony after
successfully completing the 2nd offering of the Pan-Commonwealth Diploma in Youth Development
The students were also presented with the Commonwealth Award, which is recognised across the Pan–
Commonwealth, at a special ceremony held by the Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean
Centre (CYPCC) on 16th December, 2005.
Addressing the graduates were Regional Director, CYPCC, Mr. Henry Charles; Deputy Vice-
Chancellor, University of Guyana, Mr. Al Creighton; Head of the Institute of Distance and Continuing
Education (IDCE), Mr. Samuel Small A.A; Dr. Heather Johnson, Deputy Programme Manager,
Caribbean Community Development, CARICOM; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Youth
and Sports, Mr. Keith Booker, on behalf of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports and Course
Coordinator, Ms. Elaine Thomas.
Ms. Thomas provided the course report, highlighting challenges and achievements of the second
offering of the Diploma. She noted that the graduates performed creditably, despite the challenges, in
particular the January floods, which hindered tutorial sessions.

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CYPCC's Regional Director, Mr. Henry Charles, Dr. Johnson and Mr. Booker all charged the
graduates to not see their work as completed, but now beginning. They remarked, as youth workers,
the graduates will be expected to go into the fields to apply what they learnt in the classroom to help in
the development of young people in their respective communities. Mr. Charles, implored the graduates
to be ever cognizant of the fact that they will be responsible for moulding young minds. He added that
youth are depending on the youth work professionals to help them overcome the many challenges
ahead. He encouraged the Diploma graduates to thoroughly research into issues affecting young people
before they plan and execute youth programmes. They were also urged to document their best
practices for the benefit of other youth work professionals.
Special prizes were presented to the Best Graduating Student, Ms. Paula Bess, who graduated with
Distinction; Second Best Graduating student Mr. Chandrika Mohanlall (Distinction) and the Students'
Representative, Ms. Cheryl Sam.
While addressing her peers, Ms. Bess expressed her gratitude to the CYPCC and the IDCE for
helping to provide an avenue for them to combine their love for working with young people with the
training they received to ensure that young people are the beneficiaries of quality development
The Diploma in Youth Development Work was funded mainly by the CYPCC but was delivered as a
collaborative effort between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Guyana, CYPCC and the
University of Guyana (IDCE).

  The 2005 graduates, who are from varying educational backgrounds, hail from Linden, Essequibo,
  Georgetown and the East Coast of Demerara.
           SANDRA          BADLEY                  PASS                      LINDEN

           ANITA           BARRON-ELLIOTT          CREDIT                    LINDEN

           PAULA           BESS                    DISTINCTION               GEORGETOWN

           GRACE           GRANT-ANDRIES           PASS                      GEORGETOWN

           ELIZABETH       GULLIVER                CREDIT                    LINDEN

           MICHAEL         HARPER                  PASS                      E.C.D

           DESIREE         JEFFREY                 CREDIT                    GEORGETOWN

           DONNETH         KELLMAN                 PASS                      ESSEQUIBO COAST

           EZRALEEN        McLEAN                  PASS                      E.C.D

           CHANDRIKA       MOHANLALL               DISTINCTION               E.C.D

           RAJMONIE        MOHANLALL               CREDIT                    E.C.D

           BONITA          PERRY                   CREDIT                    LINDEN

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            PAULA           PLUCK                  PASS                     GEORGETOWN

            CHERYL          SAM                    CREDIT                   GEORGETOWN

            TANNECISA       SPELLEN                PASS                     ESSEQUIBO COAST

            GAIL            ST HILL                PASS                     E.C.D

            GLENNA          TONEY                  PASS                     GEORGETOWN

This Diploma, which is offered across the Commonwealth, provides training for youth development workers
from all segments of the society including churches, governmental and non governmental organizations. The
thirteen module programme was delivered using supported distance methodology which allowed students to
study at home and also provided for group sessions with their tutors.
Youth Development graduates have been trained in Commonwealth Values in Youth in Development; Young
People and Society; Principles and Practice of Youth in Development Work; Working with People in their
Communities; Gender and Development; Learning Processes; Management Skills; Project Planning,
Monitoring and Evaluation; Policy Planning and Implementation; Conflict Resolution, Strategies and Skills;
Promoting Enterprise; Economic Development; Youth and Health; Sustainable Development and
Environmental Issues.
The Commonwealth Youth Programme has been training youth development workers across the Caribbean at
the Certificate Course and Diploma Levels since 1974. Currently, this Pan- Commonwealth Diploma
programme is being offered by twenty-six other universities and training institutions across the Commonwealth,
including the University of the West Indies, Moa Campus, Jamaica.

              GYBT requests CYPCC assistance in mentoring young Entrepreneurs

The Guyana Youth Business Trust (GYBT) has requested the assistance of the Commonwealth
Youth Programme Caribbean Centre (CYPCC) to Mentor young Entrepreneurs as part of a youth
entrepreneurship programme offered by the GYBT.

GYBT is a non – governmental, not-for-profit organisation operating within the domain of the
Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) and via an international network, Youth Business
International (YBI). The organisation works towards the development of youth, mainly in the areas of
unemployment the provision of supervised credit, training, insurance and mentors.

The Mentor is expected to guide, teach and provide ideas catering to the specific needs of the Mentee.

The request was made to CYPCC because of its valuable contribution in advancing youth
entrepreneurship programmes in the Region.

                 Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre Monthly News Update
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            Grenada shaping youths to create a violence and drug-free society.

“Shaping our youth to create a violence and drug-free society” was the theme for Grenada‟s youth
week activities held on November, 6th to 12th, 2005.

The youth week celebrations started with a National Youth Rally which brought together thousands of
youths from across the island. The rally focused on the involvement of young people in positive
activities by showcasing their ability to work together in creating a violence and drug-free society.

A live radio programme focusing on the theme for the youth week celebrations was broadcasted on
national radio on the 7th November. The panelists comprised the Minister
of Youth, Senator Emmerlain Pierre, Coordinator of Youth Affairs, Mr. Cecil Greenidge and
Regional Youth Caucus (RYC) representative, Norman Gilbert. The one hour radio programme
allowed each of the panelists to discuss the theme in details. The CYPCC Regional Director‟s address
to mark Caribbean Youth Day was read during the programme.

RYC representative, Norman Gilbert challenged his peers to become agents of change within their
communities by helping to curb the problem of violence and drug use on the island.

“The support of youth groups and youth development agencies in channeling their energies towards
youth development is evidence of their support. However, it is left up to you as young people to fully
maximise your potential and utilize the resources available to you in order to contribute to the
development of your society and the empowerment of your peers.” He noted.


   The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) woks towards a society where young
   women and men are empowered to develop their potential, creativity and skills as
   productive and dynamic members of their societies and participate fully at every level of
   decision-making and development, both individually and collectively, promoting
   Commonwealth values of international cooperation, social justice, democracy and human

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    CYPCC facilitates National Consultation on Competency Standards for Youth Work in St. Vincent &

As part of its efforts to professionalise youth work in the region, the Commonwealth Youth
Programme Caribbean Centre (CYPCC) has designed draft Competency Standards for Youth Work.
Member governments across the Commonwealth Caribbean are currently holding national
consultations on these standards.

Mr. Leolyn Gordon, Standards Assessment Development Officer at the National Council on
Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) Jamaica, who heads the Lead Group which
designed the draft standards, provided technical assistance in St Vincent & the Grenadines‟
consultations held November 18th, 2005.

The sessions saw the coming together of major stakeholders such as youth workers, students from the
Youth Work Diploma Programme at UWI, church representatives, representative from the Ministry
of Education, National Youth Commission among others.

Mr. Carlos Williams, Director of Youth, Barbados, made a presentation on behalf of CYPCC In his
presentation he highlighted the need for pathways and opportunities for advancement in the youth
work profession and the need for endorsement of competency standards.

Mr. Leolyn Gordon, emphasised the importance of the roles and functions of persons who operate as
youth workers, research methodology used in the development of competency standards, the benefits
of having competency standards (benefits to employers and employees), an understanding of
competencies and the interpretations of the segments of a competence unit.

Mr. Gordon said “Based on responses by way of questions and comments from the participants, there
is a need for the implementation of the standards since it will assist in improving competence and job
recognition of youth workers.”

During the second session of the consultations, a meeting was held with representatives of a local
„Lead Team‟ which will provide guidance in the second phase of the Island‟s consultations.

At the end of the meeting the team was able to draft a terms of reference, determine committee
members, chart a preliminary course of action for reviewing and giving feedback on the standards and
engage the relevant entities to foster understanding of the roles and functions of Youth Workers.

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                Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre Monthly News Update
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            CYPCC staff attends Strategic Planning Workshop for the 2006 – 2008 programme year.

Regional Directors and Programme staff of the Commonwealth Youth Programme‟s Regional Centres in
Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South Pacific met at the Sundridge Park Conference Room, London during 3rd to
9th December, 2006 for a strategic planning workshop for July 2006 – June 2008.
The Strategic Planning Workshop reviewed CYP‟s work between the operational years of 2003– 2006 and
determined programmes areas in terms of name, scope, consolidation, enhancement and amendment in the
light of:

           Commonwealth Secretariat strategic and operational plan and Commonwealth Heads of Government
            Meeting (CHOGM) mandates;

           Regional Advisory Board & Regional Youth Caucus decisions and recommendations ;

           Assessment of CYP‟S comparative/competitive and absolute advantage;

           Financial situation and pledge level;

           Staff establishment – size, capacity, skills base;

           Strategic programme teams and work plans for 2006-2008.
Participants from the four regional centres worked together on issues such as the Overview of CYP 2003-2005;
Analysis of RAB &RYC recommendations; Strategic Programme Areas for 2003-2008; Budget weighting and
key projects/activities for each programme area; Plan for Plan of Action Youth Empowerment (PAYE) and
Youth Development Index (YDI) Draft Strategic Plan 2006-2008 for submission to CYMM 2006.

                                                     Up Coming Event
                    Event                                  Date                      Venue

            Achievement Motivation          February 13 to 16, 2006    Sea Breeze Hotel, Georgetown,
             Training (AMT)                                             Guyana

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