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Prosecution Subpoena Trial


Prosecution Subpoena Trial document sample

More Info
 Case Officer  ___________________________                  Def. Attorney   ________________________
 Case Number ___________________________                    Def. Atty. Ph:  ________________________
 Defendant Name ________________________                    Judge: _________________________________
 DOB/SSN _____________________________
 Phone Number __________________________                    DWI charge:       1st      2nd      3rd   4th/subs.
 Major Dates:
 Date of Arrest: ____________________________               Pretrial Conference: _______________________
 Date of Release: __________________________                Trial: __________________________________
 Date 6-month rule runs: ____________________               Sentencing Hearing: ______________________
 Bond Arraignment: _______________________

     Bond Arraignment: amount of bond: _____________________________ or
      Custody Arraignment
        Copy of complaint from jail
        Rap sheet from court (to determine conditions of release and possible amendment to complaint)
Pretrial Conference
      Discovery given/mailed to defense attorney or defendant
        Witness list
        Police report (courtesy only)
        Other _____________________________________________________
      Entry of Appearance
      Request for Discovery completed
        Discovery received from defendant
      Disclosure of Information completed
      Copy of breath report received ( certified copies of machine test, defendant=s test, subsequent machine
         calibration test, and key operator log book for one week before and one week after test.)
      If there was a blood test, copy of SLD 705 form received from the Scientific Laboratory Division
      Copy of videotapes of defendant received from police, if any
      Received motor vehicle printout for determination of level of DWI
        priors are found, check with appropriate court(s) or Supreme Court Case Lookup Service (website:
            If to document usable priors (Was there counsel or waiver of counsel,
         certified J&S document available, etc.)
      Crash Reconstruction Report received, if applicable.
      Victim restitution: If there was a crash with or without injuries, copies of evidence of victim costs (for negotiation
          of plea or sentence) received from victim: hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, etc.

Pretrial Motions
      Motion to amend complaint (aggravated or enhancement)
      Tender plea offer to defendant
      Continuance/delay: who/what caused delay, date of delay _____________________________________
      Continuance/delay: who/what caused delay, date of delay _____________________________________
Between Pre-trial and Trial
      Pretrial interviews requested by defense?    Witness: _________________ Date______________
          Witness: _______________ Date: __________ Witness: _________________ Date:______________
      Pretrial interviews requested by prosecutor? Witness: _________________ Date ______________
          Witness: _______________ Date: __________ Witness: _________________ Date:______________

Other Trial Documents/Tasks
      Witness #1: _________________________________Date subpoena sent: ______________________
      Witness #2: _________________________________Date subpoena sent: ______________________
      Witness #3: _________________________________Date subpoena sent: ______________________
      Witness #4: _________________________________Date subpoena sent: ______________________
      Court interpreter requested? (if needed)
      Jury panel requested? (if needed)
      Trial continuedB witnesses notified?
Presentence/Post-Trial: Date of Sentencing Hearing: ____________________
      Copy of Judgment and Sentence or
      Copy of Plea Agreement
      Is tracking sentencing documents required by state or other entity?
          Name of tracking entity _________________________ phone number ________________________
      Copy of presentence report reviewed prior to sentencing hearing
      Reporting required for any grant funds?

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