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					Name                        Vishwas Kadam

Discipline                  -   Project Services (Contracts, Planning, Finance/Accounts,
                                 Documentation, Cost Estimation, Quality Assurance)
                            -   Project Controls
                            -   Audits, Governance
                            -   Quality Assurance

Current Location            Brunei

Contact (Brunei)            Tel :    + 673 8836280 (Mob),            + 673 3334001 (Home),
                                     + 673 3378431 (Office)

E-mail                      vrkadam@hotmail.com

Availability                3 Months Notice (reducible with compensation)

Mobility                    Anywhere, preferably on family status (spouse only) or on-off basis

Marital Status              Married, No of Children - One Daughter, Age 22, Studying in India.

Present Address             Head Project Services & Quality,
                            Asset Reference Plan (ARP) Projects – APS,
                            Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd, LUMUT, KC 2935
                            Brunei Darussalam

Permanent Address           Prachiti Bungalow, 373/6, E – Ward,
                            Ambai Defence Colony, Unit – 1, Shivaji University Road,
                            KOLHAPUR, (MS) - 416008, INDIA

Permanent Contact (India)   Tel : + 91 9420733010 (Mob), + 91 231 2696314 (Home)

Qualifications              Master of Technology (Mechanical), Indian Institute of Technology,
                            Madras, India, 1983

                            Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical),         Walchand     College    of
                            Engineering, Sangli, India, 1981

Experience Summary          Professional with experience/exposure in various areas such as
                            Project Management, Contracts, Project Controls, Audit / governance
                            and QA/QC. Currently leading a team of 25 professionals to provide
                            project services. Has total 27 years of experience with 16 years in Oil
                            and Gas field with various multinationals having complex
                            organisations with multi-cultural work environment.

Strengths                   Main strength is ability to understand and analyse the business
                            process/work environment, assess risk, work out strategies, mobilise
                            resources and execute activities / implement solutions in a
                            professional manner and in due consultations with all stakeholders.

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June 06 - Till Date   Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd ( Brunei )

                      Head - Project Services (Major Projects)

                      Working as a Head of Project Services Dept. leading a team of 25
                      professionals to provide project services to project leaders in the
                      various areas such as Project Planning, Contracts, Project Finance
                      and Accounts, SAP support, Cost Estimating, Quantity Surveying,
                      Quality Assurance, Materials Procurement and Materials co-
                      ordination, Project Audits, Documentation and Administration.

                      Brunei LNG is one of the oldest plants. To ensure continuation of
                      reliable operational capabilities for next 30 years, the “Asset
                      Reference Plan” Projects organization has been established to
                      develop and implement major projects related to asset rejuvenation.
                      Total value of the ARP projects is in the order of US$ 500 Mln, with
                      annual CAPEX expenditure of approx US$100 Mln.

                      Project Services Dept is responsible for following activities

                      Human Resources:
                      Planning, resourcing, development, coaching and on the job training
                      of staff to ensure that required level of competencies are attained in
                      various areas related to project services to effectively meet the
                      business needs whilst taking into account individual requirements for
                      a healthy work-life-balance.

                      Project Planning:
                      Integrated project planning & work management support for projects
                      to ensure that Project Plans are realistic and doable.

                      Contracting and Procurement:
                      Understand methodologies and apply tools, processes and procedures
                      to support contracts management. Provide inputs in strategy
                      development, bid analysis, contract negotiations, settlement of claims
                      and disputes and contract close out. Organise contract management
                      reviews and provide advice on interpretation of terms and conditions,
                      contract risks etc. Utilise project benchmarking data, regional &
                      global leverage agreements & best practices to identify opportunities
                      for improvement. Monitor compliance and performance of
                      contractors. Main objective is to ensure that contracts are awarded at
                      most favourable terms and executed in accordance with company’s
                      contracting policies and procedures.

                      Project Accounts and Finance Control:
                      Assist Project Leaders in ensuring efficient planning of project finance
                      portfolio and compliance to controls in projects. Implementation and
                      performance monitoring of annual business plans. Ensure effective
                      management of the project accounts services section. Provide
                      support in the areas of Governance and controls.

                      Assist in providing SAP Processing services to Projects in the areas of
                      finance, contracting, procurement, logistics, work management,
                      activity planning, accounting, budgeting, SAP entries administration,

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                    KPI monitoring, ensuring projects comply with Company procedures
                    and standards.

                    Co-ordination of Procurement and logistic tasks for project materials.

                    Quantity surveying services.

                    Provide project cost estimation.

                    Maintain projects data and documentation; manage document
                    distribution and delivery.

                    To provide project audit services during all phases of projects.

                    Manage project communication and reporting to all stakeholders.

                    Assist in the continuous improvement of the             BLNG       Quality
                    Management System.

                    Review and analyse project performance and identify improvement

June 02 - June 06   Brunei Shell Petroleum Co., ( Brunei )

                    Senior Auditor

                    I worked with corporate Internal Audit Dept. reporting to Head of
                    Internal Audit. My major responsibilities were preparation of risk
                    based assurance plan, development of audit program, planning and
                    execution of audits, analyse findings and presentation of reports to
                    management of Shell Group in Brunei (it includes Brunei Shell
                    Petroleum, Brunei LNG, Brunei Shell Marketing and Brunei Shell

                    Lead the audit team when nominated as an Audit Team Leader. The
                    role encompasses activities such as preparation of Terms of
                    Reference, review risk profile of business process to be audited and
                    objectives of audit, resourcing auditors, organising logistics,
                    executing audits, preparing audit reports, agreeing on audit action
                    points, entering findings and agreed actions in the system and follow
                    up of audit actions.

                    Investigate/Analyse specific issues, when referred by management.

                    In these 4 years, I participated in more than 45 major audits covering
                    following areas and was rated as top performers in the Audit Dept.
                    for 4 consecutive years.

                    Project Audit:
                    One of the main areas of my audit experience is Oil and Gas projects
                    audits covering all phases of projects such as Field development Plan,
                    Project Initiation, Basis for design, Project execution plan, Budget
                    approval, Conceptual and Detail design, Cost estimation,
                    Procurement, Contracting, Construction, Commissioning and Hand
                    over, Project close out and Post implementation reviews.

                    Contract Audit: Contract Management, Contract administration,
                    Contract reviews

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                   IT Audits:
                   Application development/support, Data management, Trust Domain
                   (IT Security), SAP etc.

                   Operations Audit: Production Forecasting, Integrated Production

                   Maintenance Audit: Risk based maintenance

                   ISO 9000 / ISO 14001 Audits
                   HSE Audits
                   HR Management, Training, Marketing audits etc.

                   I am familiar with Shell Global Audit Network Environment (Global
                   Audit Network Standards, Audit Process, Methodology, Tools,
                   Practices and Risk based approach to assurance).

                   I am approved as Auditor as per International Register of Certified
                   Auditors (IRCA) scheme of Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA),

Nov 96 - June 02   Brunei Shell Petroleum, ( Brunei )

                   Methods and Procedures Engineer

                   As a Quality Management focal point for Engineering Function I was
                   responsible to develop, implement, maintain and improve Quality
                   System for Engineering Projects to ensure quality in all phases of

                   Plan, organise, co-ordinate and participate in internal audits and act
                   as facilitator during internal, Shell (SIEP) and ISO 9001 quality audits.
                   Ensure compliance of Quality System to ISO 9001 Standard.

                   Provide feedback to management on effectiveness of Quality System
                   & advice on Quality issues.

                   Train new staff to understand the Quality System requirements.
                   Monitor quality management system of contractors' through reviews.

July 95 - Nov 96   United Engineering Services, (Inch-Cape Group UK)
                   ( Muscat, Oman )

                   Quality Management Consultant

                   I worked with three companies in Sultanate of Oman to advise them
                   on development of Quality Control System based on ISO 9000
                   standards, implement it, train the staff and achieve certification.
                   United Engineering Services, which is one of the largest Engineering
                   companies in Sultanate of Oman working for PDO, was the first
                   engineering company in Sultanate of Oman to achieve ISO 9001

Dec 93 - June 95   Deutag Drilling Co., ( Muscat, Oman )

                   Quality Assurance Manager

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                          I was working with this German multinational, for implementation of
                          ISO 9000 Quality System and training of all personnel (multi-national
                          crew) in their worldwide affiliates, initially being posted in Sultanate
                          of Oman. We implemented the quality management system in this
                          drilling company and it was awarded ISO 9002 certificate in record
                          span of 10 months and Deutag Oman was the first drilling company
                          in Middle East to get ISO 9002 certification.

June 83 - Dec 93          Mahindra and Mahindra Group, Mumbai

                          Senior Manager - Quality Assurance

                          During this period, I worked with various manufacturing companies in
                          India and in my last job in India I worked with Mahindra Sintered
                          Products Ltd (owned by Mahindra & Mahindra Group). It
                          manufactures ferrous and non-ferrous powder metallurgy
                          components in technical and financial collaboration with GKN Group
                          of Companies, UK.

                          With overall responsibility for quality of product, my responsibilities

                          Develop, monitor, implement & improve Quality Management System
                          based on ISO 9000 standards for various companies manufacturing
                          sintered product, packaging machines, diesel engines, etc.

                          Implementation Total Quality Management and SQC / SPC techniques
                          to improve quality of product.

                          Training of personnel at all levels for QA / QC.

                          Handling of customer complaints.

                          Consultancy and Teaching :

                          I worked (on part-time basis) as a consultant for (i) Machine Tool
                          Division of Premier Automobiles Ltd., Pune for analysing structures of
                          machine tools (Static & Dynamic Analysis) and (ii) Interface
                          Electronics for Finite Element Analysis projects. I was associated with
                          two other medium size companies as consultant, for development
                          and Quality Systems based on ISO 9000 series of Standards. I was
                          also associated with Engineering Colleges & Management Institute as
                          a lecturer for various Engineering & Management subjects.

Trainings and Seminars:   -       Shell Internal Auditing (GAN–Global Audit Network), PWC, UK
                          -       Information System / IT Auditing, Computer Society of India
                          -       SAP Auditing, Neo Quest, India
                          -       ISO 9000 Lead Assessor (auditor) Course, P. E. Batalas U. K.
                          -       HSE Related : PTW Authorised Signatory, PTW Auditor, Off-
                                  shore Safety & Survival training , Brunei Shell Petroleum
                          -       Contract Category Management, Brunei Shell Petroleum
                          -       Various training courses in SAP, Brunei Shell Petroleum
                          -       Quality Control and ISO 9000, Wartsila Diesel, Finland
                          -       Workshop on Total Quality Management, Mumbai
                          -       Various courses in SQC, SPC, ISO 9000
                          -       Course in Welding Technology, Advani-Oerlikon Ltd., Mumbai.
                          -       Finite Element Analysis , Cosmos Training Institute, USA
                          -       MS-Windows/NT, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc

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