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									Dear Customer:

As your mortgage servicer, Vericrest Financial, Inc. (Vericrest) would like to try to assist you. In order to evaluate
your situation and propose solutions, please provide the following documents:

         Letter of Explanation (Hardship Letter) signed by all borrowers.
         Completed Borrower Monthly Expense Form (enclosed).
         Documentation to verify all income for each borrower (including alimony, child support or rental income).

               Borrowers who are salaried employees must provide a copy of (1) month recent pay stubs. The pay
               stubs must indicate the year-to-date income and pay period.

               Self-Employed or commission borrowers (1099) must provide a copy of your most recent filed
               federal tax return with all schedules and your most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit/loss
               statement. You must also provide a copy of three (3) months recent and consecutive business bank
               statements, or personal bank statements if no business account exists. If organized as a corporation
               or partnership you must provide most recent filed corporation or partnership returns with all

               Borrowers who have Unemployment Income must provide a copy of your weekly benefit amount
               and the remaining term or dollars. You must also provide a copy of three (3) months recent and
               consecutive bank statements.

               Borrowers who have income from social security, alimony, child support, pension, rental income,
               etc. must provide a copy of your Award letter and a copy of three (3) months recent and consecutive
               bank statements. If you receive rental income you must provide a copy of the current lease or
               rental agreement.

Based on circumstances stated in your Hardship Letter, additional documentation may be required. DO NOT send
original documents. Original documents cannot be returned and may be destroyed. Please indicate your loan
number on each document and send to the following address, fax number or email so that we may review your

Vericrest Financial, Inc.
Attn: Loss Mitigation Modification
715 Metropolitan Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Email: or Fax number: 405-553-4705

Your request will be reviewed within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of all the applicable documentation. Without
reviewing the applicable documentation, we cannot state whether we will be able to assist with your request or
provide other solutions. If you have any questions regarding this information or any other concerns regarding your
loan, please contact our Loss Mitigation Department toll free at (866) 650-0968.


Loss Mitigation
Vericrest Financial, Inc.
                                          Borrower’s Monthly Expenses
Name _______________________________ Loan No. ___________________ Date _______________
Home ____________________ Cell ____________________ Best Time to Contact ________________
E-Mail _____________________________________________
  E-Mail address may be used to provide you with documentation throughout the modification process.
                                                           Monthly      Balance
Description                                                                          # of months behind
                                                           Payment       Due
                   1 Mortgage
Housing Loans
                   2nd Mortgage

                   Property Taxes
Housing Expense    Homeowners Insurance
                   HOA Fees

Other Loans
                   Car 1
                   Car 2

Credit Cards

                   Cable TV

                   Health Insurance (if you pay)
                   Life Insurance (if you pay)
Medical Expenses   Doctor/Dentist Bills
                   Hospital Bills

                   Auto Insurance
Car Expenses

                   Family at Home
Food               School Lunches
                   Work Lunches

                   New Clothes/Shoes
                   Dry Cleaning

                   Movies/Dining Out
Entertainment      Vacations
                   Spending Money

Other              Clubs or Union Dues

(Please List)


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