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									                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR
                          INSURANCE BROKER SERVICES


       Independent School District No. 333, Ogilvie, along with Independent School
       District No. 51, Foley; Independent School District No. 332, Mora; Independent
       School District No. 912, Milaca; and Independent School District No. 314,
       Braham (collectively referred to as the “Districts”) desire to cooperatively seek an
       insurance broker (“Insurance Broker”) to obtain insurance coverage for
       property/casualty, liability (errors and omissions), vehicle, and workers
       compensation. The Districts are seeking proposals from an individual or group to
       serve as an Insurance Broker to meet the Districts‟ insurance needs for one year,
       with the option of three additional years. The Districts welcome applications and
       inquiries from individuals or groups who have the expertise and experience
       necessary to provide these services.


       Demonstrated success and/or knowledge in:
           Providing insurance coverage to large commercial clients, including having
            at least two $20 million commercial clients;
           Providing insurance coverage to public entities, including at least one
            public school district account;
           Providing insurance coverage to clients on a continuing basis, including
            having at least one commercial or public school account for at least the last
            five years; and
           Understands and maintains a current knowledge of Minnesota statutes and
            applicable federal law relating to insurance.

       Demonstrate ability to obtain quotations from multiple insurance companies.

       It is preferred that the Insurance Broker be a broker for one of the Districts, have
       experience as a broker for one of the Districts, or maintain an office in one of the
       following counties: Benton, Mille Lacs, Isanti, or Kanabec.


       The contents of this Request for Proposals and any clarifications or modifications
       to the contents thereof submitted by the successful Insurance Broker shall, at the
       Districts‟ option, become part of the contractual obligation and be incorporated by
       reference into the ensuing contract.
A.   Rights

     The Districts reserve the right to reject any or all proposals or parts of
     proposals, to accept parts of proposals, and to make final decisions on the
     basis of considerations other than lowest cost. The Districts also reserve
     the right to request additional information concerning any proposal for
     purposes of clarification, to accept or negotiate any modification to any
     proposal, and to waive any irregularities in proposals if it would serve the
     best interests of the Districts.

     Any contract arising out of this request for proposals is subject to final
     approval by the School Boards of the Districts. The Districts will have the
     right to cancel the contract at any time with or without cause by giving two
     weeks‟ written notice. The Insurance Broker will be paid for services up to
     the date of cancellation.

B.   Hold Harmless:

     The Insurance Broker shall agree to defend, indemnify, release and hold the
     Districts harmless from any and all claims or lawsuits that may arise from
     the Insurance Broker‟s activities under provisions of the contract.

C.   Assignability:

     The Insurance Broker shall not assign any interest in the contract, and shall
     not transfer any interest in the same, whether by assignment or novation,
     without prior written approval of the Districts.

D.   Payment:

     The Insurance Broker will be paid under terms of a contract between the
     Districts and insurance company(s), with specific terms and services to be
     agreed upon by the parties.

E.   Data Practices:

     The Insurance Broker will be required to comply with the Minnesota Data
     practices Act as it pertains to the Insurance Broker‟s work under the
      F.     Incorporation by Reference:

             If there is any conflict between the RFP and the Insurance Broker‟s
             proposal, the RFP shall control. If there is any conflict between the
             Insurance Broker‟s proposal and the contract, the contract will control.


      Primary duties of Insurance Broker will include:

      Coordinate the Districts‟ efforts in obtaining and maintaining appropriate
      insurance coverage, based on the needs and desires of the Districts.

      Obtain reasonable insurance rates for the Districts‟ property/casualty, liability
      (errors and omissions), vehicle, and workers compensation insurance coverage.

      The Insurance Broker shall be readily available to provide occasional and casual
      advisory services as part of the quoted fee.


      Responses to all of the following items are required for consideration of proposal.

      The proposal must include:

      A.     Description, Background and Services Provided

                   Describe organization or individual, including information on
                    current or recent insurance coverage provided for education clients.
                   Provide background, qualifications, expertise and experience.
                   Describe past projects that are similar to the insurance needs of the
                   Include a list of references from recent clients.
                   List the insurance companies for which you can provide quotations.

      B.     Fees and expenses

             Describe the method by which the fees and expenses to the broker are
             calculated and paid by the insurance company(s).
        C.     Expectations of the Districts

               The Insurance Broker will be an independent contractor, and not an
               employee of the Districts. The Insurance Broker is responsible for
               determining the means and manner of providing the services described

               The contract may be canceled or terminated by the Districts and all money
               due or to become due under this contract may be forfeited for a violation of
               the terms or conditions of these requirements.

        D.     Timeline for RFP Process

               February                    Districts call for RFP‟s

               March 22, 2010              Deadline for submitting responses

               TBD                         Interviews of qualified Brokers

               TBD                         Selection of qualified Brokers


        Please submit all proposals by mail to:

               Ed Harris
               Independent School District No. 333, Ogilvie
               333 School Drive
               Ogilvie, MN 56358

        Please include five copies of your proposal and one in PDF format and submit no
        later than March 22, 2010.

        Questions regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to Ed Harris at
        (320) 272-5000 or

RRM: #139105
               Independent School Districts Nos. 333, 51, 332, 912, and 314
                   Ogilvie, Foley, Mora, Milaca, and Braham Minnesota

                               Response Form – Firm Information

            Please answer the following questions and include with your quotation:

1.   Name of Firm

     Telephone No.
     Fax No.
     Contact Person
     Contact's E-mail

2.   How many years has the firm been providing insurance broker services to public school
     districts in Minnesota?

3.   What is the experience of owners and officers in the company?

4.   How many insurance broker professionals does your firm employ?

5.   Who will be assigned to these engagements as supervisor(s), the number of years of
     experience of the in-charge broker(s), and relevant continuing education for each?

6.   List, by position, the number of staff anticipated to be assigned, their experience and
     relevant continuing professional education.

7.   Please attach a list of the Minnesota school districts you have provided insurance broker
     services similar to Ogilvie, Foley, Mora, Milaca, and Braham and the client principal
     contact person and phone number.
8.      List the insurance companies for which you can provide quotations:

9.      Have you or your firm had any disciplinary action taken in the past three years or is there a
        pending disciplinary action?
        ___ Yes, ___ No
        If Yes, please provide background information.

10.     Identify the school district and year for which any samples are submitted.

11.     Quantify by dollars ($) or percentage (%) fees (or range of fees) paid to the broker inside
        the insurance contract(s) upon successful completion of insurance contracts in the
        following chart:

         Year              Combined Districts           Ogilvie only              Foley only
        FY „10
        FY „11
        FY „12
        FY „13
      4 Year Total

         Year                   Mora only               Milaca only              Braham only
        FY „10
        FY „11
        FY „12
        FY „13
      4 Year Total

12. Authorized signature to submit proposal

       Name of Firm:
       Authorized By:

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