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					                       Henley Beach
                      Primary School

                     Henley Beach Primary School aims to be a
                     healthy and collaborative community of
                     learners in which all members are
                     encouraged and supported to live the
                     values of care, respect, safety and doing
                     your best. The school strives to have an
                     inspiring curriculum, which promotes the
                     learning of life skills and responsibility for
                     one’s own learning and behaviour.
                                Once again Hen ley Beach Primary School has had a very
                                successful year filled with great ind ividual and who le school
                                achievements. Our academ ic profile continues to see us in the
                                upper performance bracket comparable to sim ilar schools across

                                the state and nation. Staff and Parent commitment to accessing
                                the best possib le opportunities for students has ensured that we
                                are ab le to maintain very high standards. This has become more
                                evident over the past 12 months with a rap id in crease in
                                enrolments of students transferring from other state and
                                independent schools to attend Hen ley Beach Primary.

                                I am most proud of the diversity of curricu lum and learn ing
                                options for our students and the professional commitment of
                                staff to provide h igh quality learn ing experiences for all. These
                                value added extras inc lude an extensive sports program,
                                addit ional spec ialist support programs, an environmental and
                                science focus p lus an extensive arts program inc luding
                                instrumental music and voice performance. We have a superb
                                culture across the school result ing in a calm and supportive
                                learn ing environment where everyone is cared for and their
                                needs respected.

                                The follo wing report details our performance in key curriculum
                                areas and provides an insight into the program and opportunities
                                availab le to your child at Hen ley Beach Primary.

                                Shane Misso
                                Princip al

                         OVERVIEW                                     Celebrations:
                                                                      We are always          celebrating the
                         There have been numerous special             achievements of our students and
                         events across the school year which          special events in our community. These
                         have added value and substance to the        opportunities ranging from our weekly
                         already high quality programs on offer       assemblies to specia l performances not
                         at Henley Beach. We pride ourselves on       only provide acknowledg ment but also
                         creating an environment and school           bring us together as a cohesive group.
                         culture that promotes our values of          Across the year we have had a very
                         Respect, Safety, Care and Doing Your         successful whole schoo l Sports Day,
                         Best.                                        champ ioned at the District Athletics Day,
                         The following highlights have been           performed with precision at the Festival
                         organised into 3 broad categories and        of Music Choir and WOWed parents with
                         detail so me of the value added              the skills and talents of all students at
                         opportunities available at Henley Beach      the end of Year Celebration Concert.

                         Primary.                                     The Spring Fair committee delivered a
                                                                      fantastic day enjoyed by all.
                         Extra Curricular Activities.
                         This was a “Camp” Year with a ll classes     The grounds committee has been very
                         from reception to year 7 being involved      active continuing to improve and
                         in an off-site camp ing experience to        remodel the school environment to best
                         support their learning and broaden their     meet the needs of our students.
                         experiences.       The collage of photos     Community support through the City of
                         shows some of the fun had by all.            Charles Sturt and the Adelaide Airports
                         Other specialist activitie s such as CSIRO   Corporation has contributed additional
                         Labs on Legs Science progra m, Vis iting     shade structures and mature trees for
                         performers, school choir and Band have       the grounds. Students have planted
                         all added to the opportunities for           new trees all around the school and
                         students.      Sport continues to be a       developed a butterfly garden and frog
                         strong focus with students across the        pond retreat for all to enjoy. Federal
                         school having specialist sports lessons      funding has seen the start of our 2.2
                         and senior students being involved in        million    dollar    Gymnasium project
                         both inter-school and out of school          scheduled for co mpletion in April 2010,
                         competitions        including      SAPSSA.   the refurbishment of the Open Space
                         Weekend sports continue to thrive as an      Unit for the start of the 2010 school
                         opportunity to keep our kids fit and         year, the installa tion of electronic
                         active and it is a great focus for parents   whiteboards       in    all  ma instream
                         to be more involved in their child’s         classrooms, new double classroo m to
                         school activities.                           arrive in 2010 and the provision of
                         All children have participated in the        addit ional shade structures and general
                         Premier’s Be Active and Reading              redevelopment across the who le schoo l.,
                         challenges                                   includ ing a new canteen, toilets and an
                                                                      arts/science centre.
                                                        class programs wit h acco mmodations
           OVERVIEW                                     for the special needs of indiv idual
                                                        students. Data indicates students are
           In 2009 Lit eracy development moved          continuing to build on the strong junior
           into a maintenance phase after               primary foundation and achieve all the
           several years of excellent results as        anticipated outcomes for each year level
           measured      to   be    well    above       plus many are achieving and working
           neighbouring and like schools across         towards skills in the next achievement
           the state and nation. The key focus          bracket.
           was to continue structured explicit
           literacy teaching across all levels of
           schooling and to utilise fully, the
           resource materials developed across
           the last 3 years (including full scope
           and sequence documents detailing the
           specific outco mes in all areas of
           literacy expected for each year level)
           aligned with the state curriculum.
           This infor mation was included in the
           written report format to allow parents
           to see the range of skills their child
           was working towards and their level

           of competence in each.
                                                     National Literacy Assessment data, Annual
                                                     school testing data (using TORCH reading
           Key actions
              A team approach to delivering          and Westwood spelling tests), and teacher
                                                     A-E reporting data has been used to track
              literacy combined with accurate
                                                     outcomes for students and the ongo ing
              data collection,
              Additional funding for physical and    success of our approach.
                                                     NAPLaN results have again been very
              human resources to support
                                                     pleasing. The graphs below show that
              children to maximise the learning
                                                     across all the targeted year levels Henley
                                                     Beach Students are excelling at the top of
              Providing       opportunit ies   for
                                                     their category. The current programs will
              Students to be as successful as
                                                     be ma intained to ensure that this
              their capacity allows.
                                                     performance is ongoing and additional focus
              Junior       Primary       co mmonly
              developed literacy guide covering      will be placed on Reading to raise this to
                                                     match the other core areas.
              spelling and wr iting forming the
              basis of the morning Literacy Block
              and an outcome based continuum
              to    assess and plan from.
              Progression is nor mally with year
              level/cla ss peers but for children
              requiring support this can be
              achieved by moving to a more
              appropriate group.        This is a
              formal practice from reception to
              year 2.
              The primary and upper primary
              teachers have utilised the scope
              and sequence to plan their specific
           Year 3, 5 and 7 literacy performance data                                                                A summary of the November testing data is
           for 2009. Henley Primary scores                                                                          included below. Student numbers per year
           represented in Yellow and ov erall State                                                                 level are plotted to indicate those children
           score in green
                             He y Be c 2 0 9 Ye a 3 Na
                               nle  a h 0        r    PLAN Sta M e n S ore Com p ris
                                                                                a ons
                                                              te  a   c
                                                                                                                    above or below the school benchmark. Our
                                                                          437.1           437 .4
                                                                                                                    benchmar k is set high to match our overall

                                                                                                                    performance data and the educational

                                                                                                                    advantage of our students.
            Po ints

                       420                            417.2
                                                                                                         S cho ol
                       415                                                                                t t
                                                                                                         Sa e
                                          41 1.9               411.9            4 11.9           411.9


                                                                                                                                                                      Torch Reading Test
                                   R ea di ng                i
                                                       S pel l ng         Grammar            t
                                                                                           Wri i ng
                                                     Tes t A sp ect

                                     0      r   ta            a   c         a ons
                                  2 0 9 Ye a 5 S te Na PLANM e n S ore Com p ris

                       505                                                                                                          .
                                  4 95.7
                                                      491.2                                491
            P oin ts

                                            485                                                                                     .
                       485                                                                       483.2
                                                                                                         S cho ol
                                                               480.1                                       t t
                                                                                                         Sa e

                                                                                                                     A v e r a g e s ta n in e
                                                                                4 76.1

                                                                                                                                                                                                               ye ar 20 08
                       470                                                                                                          .
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yea r2 00 9

                                   R ea di ng                i
                                                       S pel l ng         Grammar            t
                                                                                           Wri i ng
                                                     Tes t A sp ect

                                    0 9  a
                                   2 0 Ye r 7 Sta te Na P               r
                                                         LAN Me a n Sc o e Compa risons



                                                                                          549 .3

                       545                                                543.7
            Po ints

                                                                                                         S cho ol
                                  5 37.2 7.6                   536.9                             537.3                                            Ye ar 3   Yea r 4       Yea r5           Ye ar 6   Yea r 7
                                                                                5 36.5                    t t
                                                                                                         Sa e

                       535                                                                                                                                              Yea rle vels


                                   R ea di ng                i
                                                       S pel l ng         Grammar            t
                                                                                           Wri i ng
                                                      e     pe t
                                                     T s tAs c

                                                                                                                                                 1. Junior primary staff to share their
                                                                                                                                                    program development process with
                                                                                                                                                    Primary learning tea ms to support
                                                                                                                                                    them to develop a primary literacy
                                                                                                                                                    document. (Where possible this will
                                                                                                                                                    be aligned with the National
                                                                                                                                                 2. Whole school focus on Reading, with
                                                                                                                                                    particular          emphas is        on
                                                                                                                                                    comprehens ion skills and supporting
                                                                                                                                                    the skilling of children in the primary
                                                                                                                                                    years that require extra skilling.
                                                       students in the cohort who struggled with
           OVERVIEW                                    numeracy learning.

           In 2009 the numeracy development            We have commenced addressing this
           strategies took the same path as            through more rigorous staff selection, better
           literacy providing staff an opportunity     induction and preparing for all staff to
           to apply the new resources and              engage in new Maths for All training
           learning of the past 2 years and            commencing mid 2010. Next year will also
           evaluate their own techniques and           provide 3 years of data using the new
           understandings.      Utilisation of our     National Assessment progra m and give a
           staff developed scope and sequence          better indication of trends within our school
           documents allowed class teachers to         and beyond to further infor m our
           better plan a comprehensive learning        developmental progra ms.
           program for their students focused on
           achieving the outcomes for each year
           level. Similarly these clearly identified
           outcomes beca me the indicators for
           school     based    assessment       and    Recommendations:
           reporting.                                        3. All staff R-7 to engage in the
                                                                development of effectiv e connected
           Key actions                                          numeracy teaching practices across
                                                                the site.

           Various strategies were employed by               4. All teaching staff to be involved in
           teachers to improve their classroom                  the state Mathematic development
           program including a step back fro m                  initiative.
           streaming students in mathe matics
           across years 5-7. Current research
           indicates that learning is richer and
           students more engaged when a
           diverse range of abilities exist in a
           class group. Any sharing of students        NAPLaN summary details
           to work with more like minded peers
                                                        600. 0
           only took place between co mmon year
           level teachers.
                                                        500. 0

           Over the past 3 years the school
                                                        400. 0
           performance      in   numeracy      has                                                Hen le y Beac h PS
           continued to improve.       This year                                                  Au st
                                                        300. 0
           however there has been a drop in                                                       SA
           student performance as assessed                                                        Wes t
                                                        200. 0
           through the NAPLaN.           We are
           currently reviewing the factors that
                                                        100. 0
           would have contributed to these
           changes. A closer look has revealed
                                                          0. 0
           several 1 year teacher placements of
           staff not familiar with the high level
                                                              S ing
                                                              mP g


                                                          G ra p e l l i g
                                                              m ng


                                                          G r pelli g
                                                             am ng

                                                                       in g
                                                               Wru n c t

                                                               Wru n c t

                                                               Wu n c t
                                                              Re ra c y

                                                              Re y

                                                              Re ra c y
                                                          G ra p e l li n

                                                                   i ti n

                                                              S din

                                                                   i tin

                                                              S din
                                                                  ra c

                                                                  ri t






           expectations of teaching at Henley, a



           need     for    greater    professional      Ye ar 3           Ye ar 5       Ye ar 7

           development across the primary years
           and a single case ano maly of a high
           percentage of previously identified
                                                        All classes from reception to year 7
          OVERVIEW                                      teaching a minimum of 2 key units
                                                        across the year and all includ ing science
          Development      of     the    science        as part of their term planning.
          curriculum has been underway for              A much higher exposure for all students
          over 18 months and all current staff          to scie nce lessons.
          have been involved in developing              Assessment         based     on     student
          units of work to be delivered across a        completion of associated rich tasks, plus
          range of year levels.                         the evaluation of understandings and
                                                        scientific skills through class assess ment
          The materials and resource packages           and project work.
          produced as a result of this process          Science unit boxes established for all
          are linked to both the SA Curriculum          published units.
          Framework and also included all
          known aspects of the proposed
          National Curriculum.      These units      In compar ison to other schools in our local
          have already been well utilised in         area we seem to be well ahead in this area
          class with teachers delivering the units   of curriculum development and thus
          and evaluating and evaluating their        perfectly placed for all staff to engage in the
          effectiveness plus adding to the units     state science initiatives as a refresher
          to improve outco mes at next use.          course     and    to     consolidate   teacher
                                                     understanding         and          methodology
          Science was identified as a key area       development.       A key area for further
          for staff development in 2007 through      investigation will be how to effectively

          feedback from staff and students.          assess students from year to year and track
          The work already done by Henley            their progress in both knowledge and skill
          Beach Primary has placed it in a           development.      To achieve this we will
          commanding pos ition for future            operate in conjunction           with SciMas
          development under the federal SciMas       consultants and our own regiona l data
          project to commence in 2010.               expert.
          Neighbour ing schoo ls and curr iculum
          advisors have already requested
          copies of our staff developed
          resources and for our assistance with
          establishing    their   own    science
          resource kit s.

          Key Actions

          All staff engaged in considerable
          professional development in Primary
          Connections over the last 18 months.
          Through this a scope and sequence          Recommendations:
          based on the state curriculum and            5. All staff to engage in the State
          linked to current resource materials            Science development initiative
          that includes defined rich assessment        6. Development of a whole school
          tasks has been developed.                       assessment and tracking program
                                                          utilis ing the assessment rubrics in
          This has proved a very successful               the primary connections units.
          priority with the following outco mes:
                                                                                                                Less than 1% of children required
                    OVERVIEW                                                                                    Leadership intervention or Office Sit
                                                                                                                out time.
                    This area has involved the most new                                                         Only 3 student suspensions were
                    learning for staff and students. Well                                                       actioned across the year for serious
                    being Coordinator Craig Johnston                                                            behaviours or breaches of the school
                    directed the programs, provided                                                             behaviour code.
                    training to all staff and supported with                                                    The SDQ survey outcomes show a
                    in-class teaching and develop ing                                                           decrease in the average scores on
                    programs for staff to follow.                                                               the tests indicating children are
                                                                                                                more relaxed and comfortable at
                                                                                                                school. (2010 data will provide
                    Key actions:                                                                                progress      data     for    indiv idual
                    The key actions for 2009 were:                                                              Overall number of children with
                       Key materials from the Fun                                                               noted difficulties has slightly, but not
                       Friends and Friends for Life                                                             significantly reduced.
                       programs trialled in 2008 were                                                           In 2009 the year 6 cohort have

                       incorporated in the ter m 1 Head-                                                        lower (better) scores than the year 2
                       Start program and reflected across                                                       and 4 cohorts.
                       the year.
                       Reception and Reception/1 classes       The graph below g ive a representation of
                       have been revisiting the program        the data
                       across the year.
                                                                                                                                            Pe rcenta ge of Children wi th diff iculti es
                       All teachers undertook refresher
                       training    in    Child   Protection
                       Curriculum and delivered 2 units                                            35

                       as part of the classroom progra m
                       All staff undertook training in
                       reporting Abuse and Neglect
                                                                P er ce nt ag e o f c hi ld re n

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               T otal Dif

                       (Mandatory Reporting).                                                                                                                                                                                  E motion Dif
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Conduct Dif
                       All other practices of behaviour                                                                                                                                                                        Hyper Dif
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               P eer Dif

                       support        and      management                                          15
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               S ocial Dif

                       developed over the past few years                                           10
                       were ma intained.
                       Commencing a program called                                                  5

                       Rock and Water for upper primary                                             0

                       boys.                                                                             Y r 2 2008   Y r 2 2009   Y r 4 2008     Y r 4 2009        Y r 6 2008
                                                                                                                                                  Y ear level and Y ear of t est
                                                                                                                                                                                   Y r 6 2009   Over all 2008   Overall 2009

                    To assess the effectiveness of our
                    actions behaviour data has been
                    reviewed and a survey of children in       Recommendations:
                    years 2,4 and 6 using the Strengths                                                 7. Continuation of the well Being
                    and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)                                                   Coordinator posit ions
                    carried out early in ter m 4.                                                       8. HeadStart program to be a key
                    The outco mes of these scans are                                                       component of the start of the year
                            Continued low numbers of                                                       program for all classes and part of
                            children accessing Yard Time                                                   teacher induction
                            out. (Numbers appear to be                                                  9. Delivery of the next 2 components
                            reducing annua lly)                                                            of the Child Protection progra m
                                                                                                           (Recognising Abuse and Support
                                                                                         to record their progress and involve
                                      WHOLE      SCHOOL                DATA         11. From 2010 school based data will be
                                      COLLECTION                                        collected and shared wit h parents in
                                      Annual data collection is now a for mal           terms 1 and 3 through the Individual

                                      part of a whole schoo l process                   Education Plan (IEP) process to
                                      involving all students from Reception             promote more timely interventions.
                                      to Year 7. This data allows us to
                                      monitor       overall   progress     for
                                      indiv idua ls and groups of students
                                      tracking their growth over 12 month
                                      periods. Comparison data will allow
                                      us to track student progress and to
                                      assess the performance improvements
                                      from implement ing new strategies. All
                                      children in Years 3-7 are tested
                                      annually using the TORCH Reading
                                      and Comprehension Test and the
                                      Westwood Spelling Test.         All data
                                      colle cted is referenced against teacher
                                      records and other assessment sources
                                      such as the NAPLaN national test to
                                      provide a comprehensive picture of
                                      student performance and needs.
                                      Students in Reception (4th term) to
                                      Year 2 have Reading Recovery levels
                                      and spelling records kept. Collection      Engagement in the DECS Improvement
                                      of Reading Recovery level data on all      and Accountability Framework (DIAF)
                                      junior primary students has been a         This year Henley Beach Pr imary was
                                      key part of the process. This will be      involved in a Site Self Review Va lidation
                                      ongoing with student data updated          process in which an external team reviewed
                                      every term, allowing the clear             the practices and process employed at a
                                      identification of students who require     school level to drive and ensure continual
                                      additional support and also allowing       Improve ment based on accurate data and
                                      progress data to be collected on           assessment. Henley Beach Pr imary came
                                      indiv idua ls and cohorts of children.     out of this with outstanding results. The
                                                                                 following feedback was provided
                                                                                      A clear, well-practiced Site Self Review
                                      Comparison of the 3 data sets,                  process is in place and has been refined
                                      NAPLaN, November Testing and Mid                over time.       Staff are appropriately
                                      Year report data would suggest that             involved. Review processes are timely
                                      Staff are being conservative in their           and strategic, involving a range of
                                      assessment     of    students    with           leadership team me mbers sharing the
                                      secondary testing showing consistent            responsibility.      Time lines are well
                                      positive performance against state              established and analysis is thorough.
                                      and national averages.                          School planning process are detailed,
                                      Recommendations:                                time lined, and clear. There is a strong
                                         10. All students will have and               link fro m review to planning where
                                             Individual Education Plan IEP            future priorities are able to be identified.
                                                                                      A clear cycle of review is evident.
                                        The high level of 2008 and 2009        across the areas. The majority of responses
                                        Literacy      and         Numeracy     received were very positive response levels
                                        achievement is co mme ndable and       equivalent to state averages.
                                        a testament to the strong              As in previous years the overall picture is
                                        developments being made in
                                                                               that parents are happy with the school and
                                        curriculum       planning      and
                                                                               confident in the education levels provided.

                                        imple mentation.     The use of        Parent satisfaction has improved upon 2008
                                        Learner Achievement data beyond
                                                                               results. Comments included in the written
                                        literacy and numeracy is a
                                                                               feedback show strong po larit y from the
                                        valuable practice. Engaging staff
                                                                               extremely satisfied to the disenchanted.
                                        in data in community perception
                                                                               Key areas to investigate include community
                                        data contributes to strengthening
                                                                               communication, and effective learning
                                        the relationships between the
                                                                               environments. From some comments it is
                                        school, students and the local
                                                                               evident that mis infor mation      is still
                                        community.                             circulating causing confusion. Addressing
                                      Summary Comment:
                                                                               this and other improve ments will be an
                                                                               ongoing focus of Governing Council in 2010.
                                         On behalf of the panel I would like
                                         to acknowledge the wor k that is      Staff and student data reflect the same
                                         being put into the quality            trends with improve ments across all survey
                                         improvement processes at Henley       categories.     The response data is
                                         Beach PS. In particular I would       summar ized below
                                         like to ackno wledge the wor k of
                                         the leadership group of the school
                                         and the ongoing involvement of
                                         staff. The evidence ind icates that
                                         your students are achieving
                                         strongly in literacy and numeracy.
                                         Overall there is an overt focus on
                                         learning with so me outstanding
                                         work being put into R-7 curriculum
                                         development by leadership and

                                         Strong evidence suggests that a
                                         continuous cycle of improvement
                                         is embedded into the culture of
                                         the school as it is well practiced
                                         with ongo ing staff involvement.

                                      Satisfaction Survey results
                                      Parent Staff and Student Opinion
                                      Opinion was sought on a range of
                                      questions/statements in the following
                                      4 key areas; Quality of Teaching and
                                      Learning,     Support  of   Learning,
                                      Rela tionships and Communicatio n,
                                      Leadership and Decis ion Making.
                                      There were a total of 44 questions
                                      STUDENT/STAFF/COMMU NITY                     allowed all schools to further enhance their
                                      WELLNESS - STUDENT VOICE                     facilities.
                                                                                   A complete profit and loss statement for the
                                      This year has seen a new Student
                                      Representative Council team of               2009 year is available on request for
                                                                                   viewing at the front office as of March 1st
                                      students working under the guidance
                                      of Jan Taylor and Greg Lawless then
                                      to support student initiated programs

                                                                                   PART 2
                                      across the school.     The model of
                                                                                   Additional Statistical Data as required
                                      meeting once per week has allowed
                                                                                   by State and Federal Agencies
                                      each Primary class to have a direct
                                      representative on the decision making
                                                                                   Staff Retention:
                                      group and for Junior Primary students
                                                                                   We farewelled 4 staff at the end of 2009
                                      to have their ideas heard through in-
                                                                                   Two were on short term placements and
                                      class meetings and feedback to SRC.
                                                                                   there were 2 contract staff. 2010 will see
                                      Achievements this year have included:        the return of reception teacher Megan
                                         Supporting 2 World Vision Children        Harris on an ongoing basis, Kathy Bush will
                                         Positive messages and reminders           return for another year as 4/5 teacher and
                                         at assembly                               Joel Wait and Deann Olsen will return as
                                         Casual clothes and movie day              contract staff. Overall retention rate
                                         Supporting on “VIP” day.                  71.43%.
                                         Continuing to pro mote schoo l
                                         grounds care                              Teacher Qualifications
                                         Anti Bullying support team to             All our teaching staff hold qua lifications
                                         speak with a ll classes and support       required for teacher registration in South
                                         specific students to be successful        Australia.      100% of our staff hold
                                                                                   undergraduate tertiary qualifications and
                                                                                   75%       have     additional postgraduate
                                      Financial Statement                          qualifications.
                                      2009 was another successful year
                                      with effective financial management          Expenditure and Teacher participation
                                      seeing a range of valuable programs          in professional learning
                                      being provided across the school. The        All staff have participated in a varie ty of
                                      2009 audit progra m revealed no              professional learning across the year. This
                                      issues for action and commended the          has involved a minimum of 37.5 hours of
                                      Finance Officer, Rosemary Dickinson,         training outside of school hours for all
                                      on her manage ment of school                 fulltime staff, scaled accordingly for part-
                                      resources      in    conjunction     with    time me mbers. The key focus areas have
                                      leadership and Governing Council.            been Literacy, Science, Early Years,
                                      The 209 budget was in the order of           Information and Computer Technology. A
                                      1.9 million do llars covering staff          total of $6568.00 (covering conference
                                      salary, additional programs and school       costs, materials and release salary) was
                                      running expenses. Additional funds           spent on training across the year.
                                      were sourced during the year
                                      includ ing   local grant        progra ms    Staff Attendance
                                      $28,596.00, Federal grants including         Of the total number of working days
                                      part of the Economic Stimulus funds          available across the 2009 year teachers
                                      $62,500.00        and     local    school    were absent for a total of 100.5 days due to
                                      fundraising      in   the     order     of   illness, parenting or carers leave. This is a
                                      $15,176.00. The Federal Build ing the        97.25% attendance rate for teachers across
                                      Education Revolution funding has             the year.
                           ANNUAL REPORT 2009
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