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									                  Food Law Enforcement Service Plan
                                Service Delivery Plan


Safeguarding the health, safety, social and economic wellbeing of those living, visiting or working in the
                                            County Borough

                                                                                     APPENDIX A
                                                Bridgend County Borough Council
                                                     Food Law Service Plan

This Service Plan provides the link between the Legal and Regulatory Directorate Plan and the work of the Environmental Health Service. It
aims to:

   Fulfil Bridgend County Borough Council’s obligation under the Framework Agreement on Official Feed and Food Controls by Local
    Authorities (April 2010) to produce a service plan detailing the planning and delivery arrangements of food law.

   Show how the service contributes to the Authority’s improvement objectives and Bridgend County Borough’s Community Strategy.

   Provide an overview of the Service’s performance during the past year and summarise the challenges it faces in the year ahead.

   Identify priorities for service delivery.

   Provide an agreed context for the preparation and implementation of operational plans and staff appraisals.

Philip Stanton, Service Manager Environmental Health

April 2011

                                 Bridgend County Borough Council
                                      Food Law Service Plan

   Section 1: Service Aims and Objectives                          1

   Section 2: Background                                           6

   Section 3: Service Delivery                                     11

   Section 4: Resources                                            22

   Section 5: Quality Assessment                                   26

   Section 6: Review                                               28

   Section 7: Performance Indicators                               30

                                           Bridgend County Borough Council
                                                Food Law Service Plan

Section 1: Service Aims and Objectives

1.1    Service Aims and Objectives

Public Protection Section forms part of Bridgend County Borough Council’s Legal and Regulatory Services and comprises
Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing. The overall aim of LARS is to provide demonstrably high quality
professional services to the Authority within an environment of support, respect and performance management.

The Public Protection team has sole responsibility for food law and food and feed enforcement within the County Borough, with
specialist officers responsible for food hygiene, food standards and feed enforcement.

Public Protection’s aims and objectives are to:

      Provide a fair, safe and equitable trading environment in the County Borough to the benefit of both the consumer and
       business community.

      Protect public health by ensuring that food supplied for human consumption, which is produced, stored, distributed,
       handled or consumed within the County Borough is without risk to the health and safety of the consumer, and is labelled
       and described accurately.

This latter objective, encompassing production from farm to fork, includes involvement in animal feeding stuff legislation and will
be met by a programme of work, consisting of:

      Risk based inspections;
      Food and animal feed sampling and analysis;
      Advice and education of both businesses and consumers;
      Investigation of food borne infectious diseases;
      Investigation of complaints regarding food and animal feeds;
      Training and development of staff.

                                       Bridgend County Borough Council
                                            Food Law Service Plan
1.2     Links to Corporate and Community Objectives
1.2.1   The Corporate Plan 2010-13 for Bridgend County Borough Council sets out the corporate agenda for the next three
        years detailing its aims, objectives and main priority areas.

1.2.2   The Plan was developed following the introduction of the Bridgend Local Service Board in 2009, created to strengthen
        the way that public services work together. This body places more emphasis on key public and voluntary
        organisations working together, to meet joint objectives agreed by the partner agencies and the Welsh Assembly
        Government. The priorities agreed by the Bridgend Local Service Board have shaped the Community Strategy as the
        overarching plan for the area setting the overall direction and priorities.

1.2.3   Bridgend County Borough Council has adopted the following strategic themes from the current Community Strategy
        ‘Bright Future’:-

           Strong Communities - where crime levels decline and the fear of crime is tackled so that all local people feel
            safe and secure;
           Young Voices – to provide services that meet the different needs of children and young people living in the
           Healthy Living – by tackling health inequalities and promoting healthier lifestyles;
           New Opportunities – to promote economic growth and environmental sustainability;
           Proud Past – to continue to promote Bridgend as a place to visit;
           Green Spaces – to ensure an attractive and clean environment and contribute to tackling climate change.

1.3     Healthy Living
1.3.1   Amongst other factors impacting on health, the quality of the food we eat, the standards to which it is produced and
        the environment in which it is prepared, are central to a person's quality of life.

1.3.2   Food hygiene and food standards enforcement strives to ensure that food and drink is accurately described and
        labelled, meets the required food standards and is prepared in a safe environment. Food hygiene controls and
        inspections seek to minimise the risk to consumers of food borne infection.

                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
1.3.3   Good nutrition and safe food are essential to everyone’s short and long term health and wellbeing.

1.4     New Opportunities
        The provision of timely advice and guidance on food safety and food standards legislation can benefit the economic
        viability of business. Failure of a food producer to correctly label foods can, for example, lead to costly re-labelling of
        inaccurately described foods and it is essential for producers to be fully acquainted with the legislation that applies to
        their products and the hygiene standards they need to comply with, when producing the food. It is the policy of the
        service to provide help, assistance and guidance to both new and established food businesses in the County
        Borough. The equitable enforcement of regulations helps to maintain a level playing field, allowing business to
        compete on equal terms.

1.5     Strong Communities

        Everyone when eating food should be confident that the risk of food borne illness is kept to a minimum. The objective
        of improving the safety of residents and visitors to the County Borough is identified in the Community Strategy as a
        key priority. The Public Protection team's food safety and food standards role contributes significantly to this objective
        by providing a regulatory and educative framework that ensures, as far as possible, that all food and drink consumed
        in the County Borough is safe to consume.

1.6     A More Inclusive County Borough
        The service will contribute to the Authority's commitment to achieving a more inclusive County Borough. In this
        context it will seek to ensure that those relying on low cost foodstuffs are not disadvantaged from the point of view of
        its quality, composition and nutritional value. To this end, the sampling programme for the year ahead will include a
        focus on what is available to lower income families and to older residents.

                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan

Section 2: Background

2.1     Profile of the Authority
2.1.1   Bridgend County Borough Council is a Welsh Unitary Authority. It is situated on the south coast straddling the M4
        corridor. It comprises an area of 28,500 hectares and a population of just over 130,000 residents. Several of the
        County Borough’s wards score highly on the Welsh index of deprivation. To the north of the M4, the Authority
        consists of mainly ex-coal mining valley communities with Maesteg as the main centre of population. To the south of
        the M4, the ex-market town of Bridgend is the largest town in the County Borough and the hub of the economy and its
        employment base. To the south west of the County Borough on the coast lies Porthcawl, a traditional seaside resort
        with a high proportion of elderly residents, which is subject to a major influx of tourists during the summer period.

2.2     Organisational Structure
2.2.1   Bridgend County Borough Council consists of 54 elected members and operates the Cabinet style of Local
        Government. The Cabinet consists of the Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leader, who is appointed by the Leader
        from the Cabinet Members and Cabinet Members who are each responsible for a specific subject area or portfolio.

2.2.2   Analytical arrangements - Bridgend County Borough Council has appointed Minton Treharne & Davies Ltd, Unit 5, Llwyn-yr-
        Eos, Cross Hands, Llanelli, SA14 6RA, as both Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst.

2.2.3   Food samples for bacterial examination are sent to Public Health Wales, Llandough Hospital, Penylan Road, Penarth,
        CF64 2XX. Any faecal samples required for the investigation of potential food poisoning organisms are sent to the
        Public Health Wales Laboratory at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Coity Road, Bridgend.

2.2.4   A chart showing the Council services and the committee structure in relation to the food service is shown in Appendix
        A at the end of this document.

                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
2.3     Scope of the Food Service
2.3.1   The food service is operated from the Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend and is provided during normal office hours
        from Monday to Friday, but officers of the service do work evenings and weekends where the need arises. An out of
        hours emergency service is operated via the Council’s emergency 24 hour contact number.

2.3.2   The Environmental Health Officers based in the Food Safety and Health & Safety team are responsible for food
        hygiene inspections, investigation of food complaints, food poisoning investigations, microbiological food sampling,
        management of food hazard warnings and promotion of food hygiene. The team is also responsible for health and
        safety enforcement, which is primarily delivered by four specialist officers. The team as a whole is being trained and
        developed to carry health and safety inspections in conjunction with food safety inspections.

2.3.3   The Trading Standards team is responsible for food standards/feeding stuffs inspections and complaints, sampling for
        composition and checking labelling requirements. Any food hazard notifications received are investigated by either
        the Trading Standards or Food Safety Team depending on the nature of the hazard. In addition to the food standards
        work, the section delivers the full spectrum of Trading Standards legislation, including weights and measures, fair
        trading, pricing, trade description, product safety inspection and animal health and welfare.

2.3.4   On 1 April 2007, the Smoke Free Premises etc. (Wales) Regulations 2007 were implemented. All officers are responsible
        for enforcing the provisions of the new regulations at any premises visited.

2.4     Demands on the Food Service
2.4.1   There are currently 1217 food premises within Bridgend County Borough. The following tables provide a profile of the
        food premises by Food Standards Agency category.

                                       Food Premises Type                                                    Number of Premises
A       Primary Producers (this figure only relates to primary producers which require food                           7
        hygiene/standards inspections)
B       Manufacturers / Packers                                                                                      30
C       Importers / Exporters                                                                                         1
D       Distributors / Transporters                                                                                  15
E       Supermarket / Hypermarket                                                                                    45
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
F       Small Retailers                                                                                          220
G       Retailer / Other                                                                                          20
H       Restaurant / Café / Canteen                                                                              196
I       Hotel Guest House                                                                                         37
J       Pub / Club                                                                                               269
K       Takeaway                                                                                                 117
L       Caring Premises                                                                                           88
M       School / College                                                                                          26
N       Mobile Food Unit                                                                                          48
O       Restaurants and Caterers Other                                                                            93
Y       Not yet ascertained                                                                                        5
        TOTAL                                                                                                   1217

2.4.2   The enforcement of the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 and other relevant
        regulations are governed through a code of practice. It specifies a risk assessment scheme to be used to assess the
        risk associated with each food business and determines its priority for inspection.

2.4.3   The following table gives a breakdown of the food hygiene premises by risk factor.

         A                          40          )
         B                         207          ) High risk
         C                         568          )
         D                         127          )
         E                         186          ) Low risk
         Unclassified               31          )
         Outside Inspection         58

                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
2.4.4    In the table above, the risk factor A-E is shown for Bridgend County Borough food premises and the minimum
         inspection level is as follows:

         A         Every 6 months
         B         Every 12 months
         C         Every 18 months
         D         Every 24 months
         E         Every 36 months
         Outside   Subject to alternative enforcement strategy, once in every 3 years

2.4.5    The risk assessment scheme ensures that the highest priority is given to those premises where conditions are below
         standard or premises that cater for vulnerable groups (e.g. hospitals and residential homes).

2.4.6    Specific premises that are engaged in the production and processing of high risk food products are subject to specific
         regulations and controls under EC Regulation 853/2004. These premises are required to gain approval from the
         Local Authority in order to conduct their business and comprise producers of meat products, dairy products and fish
         products. Bridgend County Borough currently has six approved premises, five for meat products and/or meat
         preparations and one premises for dairy products.

2.4.7    There are specialist or complex processes that demand local requirements Including Approved Premises and vacuum
         packaging machines (vac packers) in butchers shops, of which there are 22.

2.4.8    In 20010/2011, the section received 206 in relation to food hygiene.

2.4.9    There is one local feature that has a significant impact on service delivery. Porthcawl is home to the largest caravan
         park in Europe, which attracts a large influx of tourists during the summer months. This results in a number of food
         premises which operate on a seasonal basis, both at the caravan site, the funfair and within the town. Inspections
         and other enforcement activity at these premises takes place during the restricted trading period.

2.4.10   The Public Protection Section is based at the:

         Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB

                                       Bridgend County Borough Council
                                            Food Law Service Plan
        Tel: 01656 643260
        Fax: 01656 643285

        Normal office hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm (Monday to Thursday) / 8.30am to 4.30pm (Friday)

        Out of office hours emergency operator Tel: 01656 815815.

2.5     Regulation Policy
2.5.1   Bridgend County Borough Council has signed up to the Enforcement Concordat. This has now been replaced by the
        Statutory Regulator’s Code issued under section 22(1) of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006. The
        principles contained in the Concordat and the Code of Practice for the Crown Prosecution Service are combined to
        produce the Public Protection Section’s Overarching Enforcement Policy. The policy was subject to consultation with
        the public, local businesses and Members before being formally adopted by the Council. Under the umbrella of the
        Overarching Enforcement Policy, there is a specific Food Safety Enforcement Policy which was formally adopted by
        Council in 2009. It can be accessed via the Bridgend County Borough Council website at The
        purpose of the policy is to secure efficient compliance with legislation whilst minimising the burden to the Council,
        individuals and businesses.

2.5.2   The purpose of the policies is to secure efficient compliance with legislation whilst minimising the burden to the
        Council, individuals and businesses.

2.5.3   Any enforcement action taken will be based primarily upon an assessment of risk to public health or the seriousness
        of the offence. Recipients of any enforcement action can expect to receive fair and equal treatment regardless of
        race, ethnicity, gender or disability.

                                                            - 10 -
                                       Bridgend County Borough Council
                                            Food Law Service Plan
Section 3: Service Delivery

3.1     Interventions
3.1.1   Food and Feeding Stuffs Premises Inspection

3.1.2   It is the policy of Bridgend County Borough Council to inspect food premises within the County Borough, in
        accordance with the Food Law Code of Practice (Wales), made under Section 40 of the Food Safety Act 1990,
        Regulation 24 of the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 and Regulation 6 of the Official Feed and Food
        Controls (Wales) Regulations 2007.

3.1.3   Food Hygiene Inspections

3.1.4   Food hygiene inspections will be conducted in accordance with the risk rating scheme defined in the Food Law Code
        of Practice (Wales) 2008. The code specifies the frequency of inspection based on the risk score of the food
        business. Section 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 of this plan gives a breakdown of the food premises by risk and inspection
        frequency. The service will concentrate on high risk premises in categories A, B and C. When a premises is
        inspected its risk assessment will be recalculated based on the inspector’s findings. This will result in some
        movement of premises between risk categories. Premises with improved performance will move to lower risk
        categories and under-performing business will move to higher risk categories and receive more frequent inspections.

3.1.5   Inspections of premises will be carried out during the period 2011/2012 following a programme of inspection
        generated throughout the year based on the premises risk score. In addition, all new food businesses opening during
        the year or those food businesses having a change to the food business operator will require an inspection. In
        2011/2012, this resulted in 136 new businesses being inspected.

3.1.6   It is anticipated that the inspection programme will generate the need to carry out approximately 380 revisits
        necessary to ensure that corrective action, identified by inspections, has been carried out by the food business

                                                           - 11 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
3.1.7    There have been significant improvements in the food premises inspection process since the E.coli 0157 outbreak in
         2005, with particular emphasis on food safety. In addition, an action plan has been implemented to address all of the
         recommendations made by Professor Hugh Pennington that apply to Local Authority food safety regulations. The
         action plan will be reviewed annually until 2014.

3.1.8    In addition, officers of the Public Protection team have participated in the national response to the Public Inquiry in
         conjunction with the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and other
         Welsh Local Authorities. Participation has involved active membership of the All Wales Food Safety Technical Panel
         and the All Wales Communicable Disease Technical Panel.

3.1.9    Food Standards Inspections

3.1.10   The Trading Standards (Home Authority Inspection/Animal Health/Dog Warden) Section has responsibility for food
         standards enforcement. The section has suffered during the past from an inability to retain and recruit suitably
         qualified officers, however, successes in recruiting suitably qualified officers in recent years has improved the
         situation and the last few years have seen a continual improvement in service delivery.

3.1.11   Food standard inspections are targeted using the Local Authority Co-ordination of Regulatory Services (LACORS)
         risk assessment model. Premises are risk factored into high, medium, low and no inspectable risk categories.
         Inspection is targeted at high and medium risk premises.

3.1.12   The analysis of premises liable for food standards inspection at 1 April 2011 has identified the following number of
         inspections for 2011/2012.

                                    Total              Premises Due for Inspection in
                                  Premises                      2011/2012
          High (A)                         18                               18
          Medium (B)                      333                              170
          Low (C)                         653                              130
          Total                         1004                               318

3.1.13   It is estimated that the inspection programme will generate approximately 100 revisits to food premises during the

                                                              - 12 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
3.1.14   Feeding Stuff Inspections

3.1.15   Due to the mainly urban nature of the County Borough, the inspection process for feeding stuffs relates primarily to
         low risk retail premises selling pet foods and similar items. There are no feeding stuff producers based in the County

3.1.16   Since 2006, officers involved in animal health and welfare enforcement have included examination of the practices at
         farms in the County Borough to establish if any farms are mixing or producing their own feeding stuffs. Premises that
         are involved in the production or supply of animal feeding stuffs have to be registered with the section under EC Feed
         Hygiene Regulation 185/2005. Currently within the County Borough, there are six farms registered as on farm mixers
         and three businesses registered as intermediaries under the regulations. Nine premises are due for inspection during
         the year and, where appropriate, samples of feeding stuffs will be taken for submission to the Agricultural Analyst.

3.1.17   In addition, officers will be enforcing food hygiene legislation at primary producers for the 354 farms and agricultural
         premises in the County Borough.

3.2      Food Hygiene and Feeding Stuff Complaints
3.2.1    It is the policy of Bridgend County Borough Council to investigate every complaint relating to a food premises, food or
         feeding stuff brought to its attention and to determine the most appropriate course of action to be taken. The
         following table contains details of the number of food complaints received by the service over the last eight years.

         Year                  Food Hygiene        Food Standards

         2003/2004             239                 31
         2004/2005             234                 25
         2005/2006             175                 19
         2006/2007             182                 22
         2007/2008             150                 64
         2008/2009             107                 22
         2009/2010             192                 53
         2010/2011             197                 27

                                                               - 13 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
3.2.2   From these figures, it is estimated that for the period 2011/2012 there will be 167 food hygiene complaints and 32
        food standards complaints.

3.2.3   Food complaints can vary from the straightforward to the complex. The time necessary to investigate them varies
        considerably and will quite often require the complaint sample to be sent to the Public Analyst for a detailed report on
        the nature and possible origin of the cause for concern. The complaints received vary from foreign bodies, to mould,
        to compositional standards or to the perception that the food is off.

3.2.4   During this period of economic decline, the number of potential water disconnections notified to the service by Welsh
        Water is increasing. The provision of water is a fundamental requirement for ensuring appropriate hygiene practices
        are used. In 2010/2011, 163 potential water disconnections were responded to by the Food Safety and Health &
        Safety Section.

3.3     Home Authority
3.3.1   Bridgend County Borough Council’s Public Protection Section has signed up to the LACORS Home Authority
        Principle. The principle applies to businesses that operate on an international, national or regional basis and whose
        operation can, therefore, fall within the scope of more than one local authority. The principle encourages the local
        authority, that has the decision making base of the business within its boundary or may have a significant production
        base within its boundary, to establish a ‘Home Authority’ relationship with the business. The Local Better Regulation
        Office (LBRO) is promoting the Primary Authority Scheme in Wales as an alternative to the Home Authority Principle
        and this will develop during the year.

3.3.2   The Home Authority will act as a central point of contact for the business, providing advice and guidance on legal
        compliance and act as a reference point for other Authorities who may have complaints or enquiries concerning the

3.3.3   Bridgend County Borough Council’s Trading Standards service currently has nine food businesses for which it acts as
        Home Authority.

                                                              - 14 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
3.3.4   Primary Authority

3.3.5   The Primary Authority Scheme has been established to ensure that advice from Environmental Health, Trading
        Standards and Licensing is applicable across the UK in a consistent way.

3.3.6   Businesses are now able to form a statutory partnership with a single Authority, which will provide advice that other
        Councils must take into account when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance.

3.3.7   There are no Primary Authority agreements within Bridgend County Borough Council.

3.4     Advice to Business
3.4.1   The Public Protection team provides a free advice service to local businesses on all aspects of food legislation.
        Advice may be provided following a specific request from a business or may be proactively issued to update business
        on changes of legislation. During 2010/2011, the food safety service responded to 361 requests for advice from

3.4.2   Historically the Public Protection Department has participated in the Welsh Food Hygiene Award Scheme. As a result
        of the implementation of this scheme, 2 gold, 23 silver and 22 bronze food hygiene awards were issued between April
        1st 2010 and October 1st 2010. However, from October 1st 2010 participation in the Welsh Food Hygiene Award
        Scheme has been replaced with the implementation of the Food Standards Agency National Food Hygiene Rating

3.4.3   The primary purpose of this national scheme is to help consumers to make informed choices about the places in which they
        eat out and from which they purchase food, and, through this, to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.

        Further information on the scheme is available on the website

                                                            - 15 -
                                          Bridgend County Borough Council
                                               Food Law Service Plan
          The tiers for the scheme are as below:

 Rating        0               1               2               3              4        5

 Descriptor    Urgent          Major           Improvement     Generally      Good     Very
               improvement     improvement     necessary       satisfactory            Good
               necessary       necessary

          Since the implementation of this scheme on the 1st October 2010, 330 ratings have been awarded as follows:

    Rating         No of Premises
      5                  51
      4                  61
      3                  76
      2                  28
      1                  82
      0                  32

          Businesses cannot achieve a score greater than 1 if they do not have a suitable food safety management system in place
          appropriate to the size and type of business. To assist businesses to implement a food safety management system and
          attain a higher food hygiene rating score, it is intended to continue to offer workshops on the implementation of the food
          safety management system known as Safer Food Better Business.

3.4.4     In 2011 to 2012 a total of 593 invitations were sent out to catering businesses, 6 workshops were held, 61 businesses
          attended and 91 people attended.

3.4.5     Following a successful grant application to the Food Standards Agency (Wales), funding was secured during 2010 for
          Food Safety Management System projects. The department secured the services of a third party contractor from the
          Meat Training Council to provide three, one day training events, for butchers within the borough of Bridgend during
          November 2009. The training concentrated on HACCP’s (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) within butchers

                                                              - 16 -
                                       Bridgend County Borough Council
                                            Food Law Service Plan
        premises and also included emphasis on cleaning, the proper use of cleaning chemicals and shelf life of products. 46
        persons were invited to the three sessions.

3.5     Food and Feeding Stuff Sampling
3.5.1   Food Standards and Feeding Stuffs

3.5.2   The Food Standards and Feeding Stuffs programme is planned at the start of the year and delivered locally on a
        monthly basis by Trading Standards staff.

3.5.3   The sampling programme concentrates on local food producers and their products and is produced in consultation
        with the Public Analyst. In order to increase the effectiveness of the sampling programme, the section works in
        partnership with the Public Analyst and the user group consisting of other Authorities who use the same Public
        Analyst. This enables a number of joint projects to be undertaken achieving significant cost savings on analysis and
        collation of test results, which allow more meaningful conclusions to be drawn from the increased number of samples

3.5.4   The partnership working is further extended by participation in joint food sampling programmes with neighbouring
        Authorities in the Glamorgan Group and projects on an all Wales basis under the co-ordination of the Welsh Heads of
        Trading Standards Quality Lead Officer.

3.5.5   Food Hygiene Sampling

3.5.6   The Food Safety and Health & Safety team has a written Sampling Programme for each year. This encompasses
        various national and local initiatives.

3.5.7   In addition, samples are obtained from manufacturing premises within the County Borough and submitted for
        microbiological examination to the Public Health Wales laboratory at Llandough Hospital. When appropriate, the
        Authority will participate in national sampling initiatives proposed by LACORS and the FSA. Samples are also
        obtained as a result of complaints about a particular product.

                                                            - 17 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
3.5.8   The following list contains a breakdown of the number of samples sent to Public Health Wales for microbiological
        examination in the previous years:

        2003-2004          331
        2004-2005          285
        2005-2006         1136
        2006-2007          555
        2007-2008          252
        2008-2009          130
        2009-2010          452
        2010-2011          304

3.6     Control and Investigation of Outbreaks and Food Related Infectious Diseases
3.6.1   The Food Safety and Health and Safety team conducts food related infectious disease investigations in accordance
        with the policies and procedures agreed with the Consultant in Communicable Disease Control of Public Health
        Wales. This joint working is outlined in the Communicable Disease Business Plan produced in partnership with
        Public Health Wales. All notifications of illness will be investigated, the necessary details collected and advice given
        on precautionary measures to prevent the spread.

3.6.2   Historical data shows that for the periods listed below, the section received the following notifications for possible food
        related infectious diseases.

        Year                 Notifications

        2003-2004            129
        2004-2005             88
        2005-2006            200
        2006-2007            138
        2007-2008            119
        2008-2009            238
        2009-2010            208
        2010-2011             66

                                                               - 18 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
3.6.3   Based on the above information, it is estimated the section could receive 148 notifications of possible food related
        infectious diseases for 2011/2012.

3.6.4   During 2010/2011, there were no infectious disease outbreaks declared within Bridgend County Borough Council.

3.7     Food/Feed Safety Incidents
3.7.1   Food Safety Incidents may be raised in the form of a food alert notification from the Food Standards Agency or when
        encountered by a food officer.

3.7.2   Food officers will respond, as appropriate, on receipt of any food alert notification. Any action taken will be in
        accordance with the Food Safety Enforcement Policy and Food Incident Procedure and the Food Law Code of
        Practice. Emergency cover is provided as set out in paragraph 2.4.10 of this Service Plan.

3.7.3   Where the Authority identifies that food is a non localised food hazard, the service will notify the Food Standards
        Agency Wales with a view to issuing a food alert notification. In 2010/2011, 39 food alert notifications were received
        from the Food Standards Agency.

3.8     Liaison
3.8.1   The Authority is committed to ensuring the enforcement approach it takes is consistent with other local authorities. To
        ensure enforcement is consistent, the service participates in a range of local food enforcement forums.

3.8.2   Food Standards and Feeding Stuffs

3.8.3   The Wales Quality Panel acts as a forum for Welsh Authorities to discuss issues relating to food standards and
        feeding stuffs enforcement and directly links with LACORS. The service was represented on the panel by the Head
        of Trading Standards who chaired the group on behalf of the Welsh Heads of Trading Standards (WHoTS). Any
        minutes of the panel meetings are circulated to food standards officers and the service participates in surveys co-
        ordinated by the panel and training organised by the panel.

                                                             - 19 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
3.8.4   The Glamorgan Group comprising representatives of Bridgend, Cardiff, Swansea, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Neath and
        PortTalbot, the Vale of Glamorgan and Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council’s Trading Standards Services, has a
        food enforcement sub-group. The group produces a programme of joint sampling and enforcement activity. The
        chair of the group is a member of the Welsh Quality Panel and acts as the liaison officer between the two groups.

3.8.5   During 2006/2007 a new subgroup was formed within the Glamorgan Group to look at feeding stuff and food hygiene
        at farms and primary producers. Rhondda Cynon Taff is a member of the Food Standards Agency Pilot Project on
        food hygiene at primary producers. It is anticipated that this will allow the dissemination of good practice and
        procedures to be devolved to other members of the group, including Bridgend.

3.8.6   In addition the service attends liaison meetings held by the Public Analyst, which are attended by neighbouring Local
        Authorities who also use his services. The liaison meetings discuss all aspects of food law enforcement and
        produces a co-ordinated sampling programme in which Bridgend participates.

3.8.7   Food Safety

3.8.8   To ensure consistent enforcement action and improve service provision by partnership working, the Food Safety team
        is represented on the following technical panels and liaison groups:

        South West Wales Food Safety Task Group
        South West Wales Communicable Disease Task Group
        All Wales Food Safety Technical Panel
        All Wales Communicable Disease Technical Panel
        Welsh Food Microbiological Forum
        Wales Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Implementation Group

3.8.9   In addition, the team liaises closely with the following organisations:

        Food Standards Agency (Wales)
        The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
        Public Health Wales
        Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales

                                                               - 20 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
3.9     Food and Feeding Stuff Safety Standards Promotion for 2011/2012
3.9.1   The service will seek to participate in various promotional activities during 2011/2012. Projects under consideration

           National Food Safety Week.
           Supporting the FSA Food Hygiene Campaign.
           Participation in FSA Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
           Regular press releases.
           Better Food Bridgend.

                                                            - 21 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
Section 4: Resources

4.1     Financial Allocation
4.1.1   The cost of providing the food safety service for 2011/12 is just under £606,000.

4.2     Staffing Allocation
4.2.1   Food safety enforcement is provided by the Environmental Health Officers within the Food Safety and Health & Safety
        team. Food standards enforcement is provided by the Trading Standards Officers and Fair Trading Officers in the
        Trading Standards team. The following table lists the number of officers engaged in food enforcement, together with
        their qualifications.

4.2.2   Trading Standards Staff

                                  DTS or Equivalent    DCA Paper IV           Lead
         Trading Standards        √                                      √
         Trading Standards        √                                      √
         Fair Trading Officer                          √                 √
         Trading Standards        √                                      √
          Trading Standards       √                                      √
          Trading Standards       √

                                                             - 22 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
4.2.3   Environmental Health Staff

        Environmental Health Officers       9
        Technical Officers                  2

4.2.4   The following table summarises the estimated staff demand identified for the core functions within the Food Law
        Enforcement Service Plan. Staff numbers are shown in terms of full time equivalent posts (FTE).

                                 Food Law Activity Staff Demand
         Paragraph               Function               Food Safety     Food      Total
                                                                      Standards   (FTE)
         3.1         Premises inspection                    6.0           0.8      6.8
         3.2         Food & Hygiene Complaints              0.5          0.05      0.55
         3.3         Home Authority                         0.2           0.2      0.4
         3.4         Advice to Business                     0.9           0.1      1.0
         3.5         Food and Feedingstuffs Sampling        0.2           0.3      0.5
         3.6         Food Poisoning                         0.1          0.00      0.1
         3.7         Food Safety Incidents                  0.4          0.10      0.50
         3.8         Liaison                                0.2          0.05      0.25
         3.9         Food & Feedingstuffs Safety/           1.0          0.10      1.10
                     Standards Promotion
                     Totals (FTE)                           9.5          1.7       11.2

4.2.5   The following tables indicate the actual number of staff working on food law enforcement and related matters (in
        terms of full time equivalents FTE). Levels of qualification are expressed in terms of reference to the appropriate
        Food Safety Act Food Law Code of Practice and Practice Guidance, including support staff.

                                                           - 23 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
                                            Food Safety
         Position                  Function                               Qualification    FTE
         Principal Environmental   Public Protection, including           Environmental    0.6
         Health Officer            management of food hygiene, food       Health Officer
                                   poisoning and health and safety
         Senior Environmental      Food safety management and             Environmental    1.0
         Health Officer            liaison                                Health Officer
         Environmental Health      Community health (food poisoning       Environmental    6.4
         Officer                   and infection control) food safety     Health Officer
         Technical Officers        Food safety                            Higher           1.5
                                                                          Certificate in
                                                                          Food Premises
         Total                                                                             9.5

                                          Food Standards
         Position                  Function                         Qualification          FTE
         Principal Trading         Management of food               Trading Standards      0.20
         Standards Officer         standards and feedingstuffs      Officer
         Trading Standards         Food standards and               Trading Standards      0.25
         Officer                   feedingstuffs                    Officer
         Fair Trading Officer      Food standards and               Diploma in             1.15
                                   feedingstuffs                    Consumer Affairs
         Fair Trading Officer –    Feedingstuffs and primary                               0.1
         Animal Health             producers
         Total                                                                             1.7

4.3     Staff Development Plan
4.3.1   Annual staff appraisals and six monthly reviews are used to construct individual staff development plans, which are
        then incorporated in the department's staff development plan. Staff apply to attend training events in order to
        consolidate or update their knowledge. After attending training courses, officers are expected to cascade the
        knowledge gained to other staff members. In addition to attendance at training courses, the section provides access
        to up-to-date reference manuals and the internet to allow staff to develop their knowledge by personal research.

                                                                 - 24 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
4.3.2   Training needs identified for 2011/2012 include:

4.3.3   Food Standards

4.3.4   All officers undertaking high and medium risk food standards inspections will need to maintain their competency of ten
        hours of CPD accredited training.

4.3.5   Food Safety

4.3.6   All officers undertaking high and medium risk food safety inspections will need to maintain their competency of twenty
        hours of CPD accredited training, ten of which have to involve food safety.

4.3.7   The section demonstrates its ongoing commitment to training by supporting the development of enforcement officers
        on the MSc conversion course to become qualified Environmental Health Officers and the ongoing development of
        competent officers.

4.3.8   The section currently supports the development of Trading Standards Officers by encouraging Fair Trading Officers to
        qualify as a Trading Standards Officer under the DCATS scheme.

                                                             - 25 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
Section 5: Quality Assessment

5.1     Quality Assessment and Internal Monitoring
5.1.2   The following procedures are in place to assist in the monitoring and assessment of the quality of the work carried out
        by the service.

           The Food Safety team are governed by an internal monitoring procedure that details the assessments and checks
            in place to ensure the capability of the officers in relation to the tasks they are asked to perform.

           Reviews are carried out by the Principal Environmental Health Officer and Senior Officer for Food Safety and
            Health and Safety of post inspection paperwork and shadowing inspections are carried out, as detailed in the
            Internal Monitoring Procedure for Food Safety.

           Monthly reporting of the team’s work activities to the Service Manager.

           Monthly section meetings, the minutes of which are circulated to all attendees, service managers and Group

           Regular meetings with line managers to give monitoring feedback.

           Annual staff appraisals and target setting.

5.1.3   In 2010, the food safety service was subject to a Food Standards Agency (Wales) focused audit in respect of
        "approved premises". The audit assessed how the Authority was meeting the standards set in the Framework
        Agreement, in respect of official controls carried out by the Authority in dairy and meat products establishments
        approved under Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. An on site audit was conducted, which considered the procedures
        and documented systems in place, approved premises files, as well as reality checks at approved establishments.

                                                              - 26 -
                                       Bridgend County Borough Council
                                            Food Law Service Plan
5.1.3   A positive audit report was received from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and contained an action plan, listing two
        matters that require attention. Both of these matters have been resolved to the satisfaction of the FSA.

                                                           - 27 -
                                        Bridgend County Borough Council
                                             Food Law Service Plan
Section 6: Review

6.1     Review against the Service Plan
6.1.1   Public Protection produces an annual review document that reports on all aspects of work, including food safety and
        food standards carried out during the year.

6.1.2   At the commencement of the year, the Principal Environmental Health Officer, with the assistance of the Senior
        Environmental Health Officer, prepares a work programme for the year with monthly inspection targets. The
        inspection targets are allocated to individual officers on a monthly basis. The inspections achieved by the officers are
        collated by the Principal Environmental Health Officer, who measures their achievements against targets. The
        section’s performance is reported to the Group Manager Public Protection.

6.1.3   The performance of the section, with respect to food hygiene inspections, is reported on a quarterly basis to Cabinet
        for member approval and subject to examination by scrutiny committee. During the last year, the section achieved an
        inspection level of 100% for high risk premises liable for inspection.

6.1.4   Food standards inspections and the food standards sampling programme are prepared at the start of the financial
        year in April.

6.1.5   At the commencement of the year, the Principal Trading Standards Officer prepares a work programme for the year
        with monthly inspection targets. The inspection targets are allocated to individual officers on a monthly basis. The
        sampling programme is co-ordinated by the lead Fair Trading Officer with responsibility for food standards. The
        inspection programme and the sampling programme are both reviewed at monthly meetings with the Trading
        Standards Service Manager.

6.1.6   For the year 2010/2011, the section achieved 100% of all programmed high risk food standards inspections.

6.2     Identification of any variation from the Service Plan
6.2.1   There were no significant variations from the previous year's service plan. Targeted inspection levels were achieved.

                                                              - 28 -
                                         Bridgend County Borough Council
                                              Food Law Service Plan
6.3     Areas of Improvement
6.3.1   The service needs to continue the development of a partnership approach to food enforcement by improving the
        integration and co-ordination of food standards and food safety enforcement.

6.3.2   Improvements in service planning and performance measurement will continue to be the foundation for this process.
        The service will continue to review documented policies and procedures of the food enforcement service, some of
        which will be subject to public consultation and member approval before they are formally adopted.

6.3.3   The provision of business advice and consumer education is becoming increasingly important and the service will be
        examining ways to expand its activities in this area. This links into the value of providing a healthy and nutritious diet
        to the long term health and wellbeing of the individuals and improving food safety standards in the catering sector and

6.3.4   The service will continue to closely monitor both local and national performance indicators applicable to the service
        and seek to put in place the mechanism necessary for continuous improvement in performance. In addition, the
        service is currently going through the Job Evaluation process.

                                                              - 29 -
                                          Bridgend County Borough Council
                                               Food Law Service Plan
Section 7: Performance Indicators

The following are the key indicators for evaluating performance of the Health and Safety Service.

 Service      PI Ref No     Indicator        Indicator Description           2008/09         2009/10         2010/11     2011/12
                              Type                                         Performance     Performance     Performance    Target
  Food        PPN-S0        Statutory    The percentage of high risk         99.59%           100%            100%        100%
  Safety        -01                      businesses that were liable to
                                         a programmed inspection that
                                         were inspected
  Food         N-008          Core       The percentage of high risk         77.78%            80%            95%         80%
  Safety                                 businesses that were identified
                                         during the year which a) were
                                         subject to a risk assessment
                                         visit or b) submitted a self-
                                         assessment questionnaire
  Food        PPN-009         Core       The percentage of food            New Indicator   New Indicator      72%         70%
  Safety                                 establishments which are            for 2011        for 2011
                                         broadly compliant with hygiene
  Food        PPLPI-03        Local      The percentage of food                97%            100%            99%         100%
  Safety                                 complaints responded to within
                                         service standard (3 days)
Health and    PPLPI-04        Local      The percentage of accident           100%            100%            100%        100%
  Safety                                 reports that required
                                         investigation to within service
                                         standard (3 days)

                                                                - 30 -
                                      Bridgend County Borough Council
                                           Food Law Service Plan
Appendix A

Structure of the Food Safety Service within the Public Protection Group

                                                  ASSISTANT CHIEF
                                                 EXECUTIVE LEGAL &
                                                REGULATORY SERVICES
                                                    Andrew Jolley

                                                 PUBLIC PROTECTION
                                                  GROUP MANAGER
                                                     Lee Jones

               SERVICE MANAGER
             ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH                                               SERVICE MANAGER
                  Philip Stanton                                               TRADING STANDARDS
                                                                                   Helen Picton

    Mike Burtonwood          HEALTH & SAFETY           FAIR TRADING, A & E      HEALTH, DOG WARDEN            REGISTRATION
                                                                                      Jeff Davies
                                Jane Peatey                Mike Thomas                                           OFFICER
                                                                                                              Yvonne Witchell
                                                                                     Jeff Davies

             Health and Safety            Food Safety Team                                         Food Standards
                   Team                                                                                Team

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