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Are you a bioscience company in
need of extra lab space, or a new
business just getting started?
If this sounds like you, then the SYBEN
Bioincubator may be just what you are
looking for. This bioincubator laboratory is a
newly converted unit situated in the heart of
the Sheffield - and is currently free for
                                                   Technical facilities
Rental rates are extremely competitive and
are open to negotiation. Short-term flexible       The unit itself comprises 45 square metres of
leases are offered, so the premises are ideal if   high-quality wet lab space, with sealed floors and
you are a new start-up, or if you’re looking       trespa benches. Key items of general equipment,
for temporary premises for carrying out            such as water purifier, balances and PH meter are
specific project work.                             provided, with the possibility of additional

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                                                         also in this issue
                                                         A chance for a bioscience
                                                         company to conquer the US market

                                                         Business support in the region

                                                         Business Link’s bioscience group

                                                         Biobusiness Co-ordinator for
                                                         South Yorkshire

 issue 13              may 2002                             Part-funded by the European Commission -
                                                            European Regional Development Fund
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   equipment being added on request. In addition, the
   unit has a small internal room that would be ideal
   to use as a culture room, or as an office. The unit
   lies in an ideal location for easy access to South
   Yorkshire’s excellent science base. Sitting on the
   doorstep of the region’s two universities, ready
   access is available to a wide variety of bioscience
   equipment and analytical services. For example,
   autoclaves, centrifuges, PCR machine, plate
   readers, fluorescence microscope, and hplc, as well
   as MALDI-TOF, NMR and bioinformatics services
   can be utilised at the universities at very
   competitive rates.

   Support services

   One of the real selling points of the bioincubator is
   that you don’t only get the space - there is also the
   back-up administration and advice services
   provided by the Park, that gives you the time to
   concentrate on building your business. This
   includes visitor and telephone reception service,
   24-hour security and access to the business centre
   with word-processing, photocopying, franking, fax
   etc. New technology enables you to have a
   permanent broadband link to the Internet via the
   Wired Workplace, a network that also gives
   companies an intranet facility. There is also the
   SCEPTRE technical centre on site that can give help
   on product development and prototyping for
   product manufacturing. And if your in need of
   business support and advice, the bioincubator is
   fully supported by a dedicated advice team at SYBEN
   and Business Link South Yorkshire who will work
   with you to help make your business a success.


   The new bioincubator unit has fantastic location in
   Sheffield Science and Technology Park, in Arundel
   Street. It has excellent transport links in and out of
   the city, with the rail, bus and Supertram
   interchanges within five minutes’ walk. In addition,
   it’s only 10 minutes drive from the M1 motorway
   and has its own dedicated on-site parking space.

   If you would like to find out more details about the
   facilities available, or would like to come and view
   the premises, please contact Rachael Calvert at

      a chance for a bioscience company to conquer the US market
      For the second year running a competition has been launched that will give a British bioscience company the
      chance to set up in the United States (Fairfax County, Virginia) - and get a kick start in the world’s largest mar-
      ket. The prize will be rent-free office space for a year in a bioscience incubator, along with £40,000 worth of
      expert business development services.

      The competition is being organised by British American Business Inc. (BABi), UK Business Incubation, the UK
      Science Parks Association and the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA). Applications will
      be accepted until the 19th June 2002 and the winner will be announced in November. Last year’s
      competition winner - AB Technology Cambridge Ltd - stated “Without the competition I simply would not have
      had this chance, or be at the stage I am today with some incredibly exciting possibilities”.

      All information, and the application form, can be found at
      or contact Michael Ryan, FCEDA, London Office at tel: 0800 085 0969 or e-mail:
business l ink’s b ioscience g roup
Could Business Link South Yorkshire help you
see things more clearly? Complementing their                “The group is an
high quality business advice and support                    excellent way for like-
framework is a South Yorkshire-wide group of                minded SMEs to meet,
top dogs from the bioscience industry…are                   share     experiences
you missing out?                                            and develop business
                                                            skills,” says Kath
The opportunities that Business Link South                  Jagger,         Sector
Yorkshire provides small and medium sized                   Manager              for
companies to grow their business are becoming               Bioscience          and
well known across the region. Less familiar, is the         Environment           at
Bioscience Group.                                           Business Link South Yorkshire. “The meetings are
                                                            interactive and encourage discussion and debate.”
Set up by the bioscience team at Business Link
South Yorkshire, the group meets every month to             Restricted to Managing Directors - strictly no
discuss practical topics of particular relevance to         intermediaries allowed - the meetings are by
the bioscience community. The group sets its own            invitation only, with the next one scheduled for the
agenda focusing on current business issues.                 morning of the 28th May. Anyone wishing to attend
Recent topics have included negotiating with                or find out more information should contact Kath
corporate clients, recruiting and retaining staff, and      Jagger at Business Link South Yorkshire on 0800
the next meeting will look at sources of regional           073 7474, email or log on to

business                                                 Reco International Ltd

support i n
                                                               Blinding Success Scheme

                                                               If you are…

the r egion                                                       • looking to start up a business in South
                                                                  Yorkshire, or have a business that’s less
                                                                  than 18 months old
                                                                  • aspiring to employ 3-5 people within
                                                                  the next 5 years
       Reco International Ltd is a Rotherham                      • expect to generate sales of £150K plus
                                                                  per annum
       based consultancy firm. They provide
                                                                  • have an innovative product or scientific
       independent business support and
       metoring, specialising in bioscience,
       engineering sciences and innovative                     …then you could also qualify for financial
       technologies.                                           start-up support through Reco International
                                                               Ltd. Grant support to the Blinding Success
       Reco provide hands-on business and                      Scheme is part funded by the European
       managerial support to help academics,                   Commission through Objective 1 and
       entrepreneurs, and businesses exploit their             Business Link South Yorkshire. You may be
       full commercial opportunities. If you’re just           eligible to qualify for up to £5K of
       starting up on your own, Reco can handhold              mentoring,    business    planning     and
       you through the process of turning your                 consultancy support, or for a 30% grant
       bright ideas into commercial success. But               towards capital expenditure, again to a
       they’re not just there to help new companies            maximum of £5K.
       - Reco will help to identify potential new
       applications and markets for your research or           To find out more about this scheme, and to
       technology and advise on issues such as                 see what support Reco International Ltd can
       technology      transfer     and     licensing          offer to your company, contact David Bowser
       agreements. Their excellent international               at Reco International Ltd, Chapel Hall, Downs
       network of contacts, many of which are blue             Row, Moorgate, Rotherham, S60 2HD.
       chip companies, can be utilised, for example,           Tel: 01709 513 551, Fax: 01709 513 552
       to search for potential collaborators.                  e-mail:
South Yorkshire now has its own Biobusiness
Co-ordinator, Rachael Calvert. Rachael will be

working for SYBEN with local businesses and
the universities to strengthen existing
bioscience activity within the region and
stimulate further growth.

Rachael knows the region well, graduating with a
BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of
                                                        co-o rdinator
                                                        for s outh
Sheffield, and then working at Doncaster based
consultancy firm Beta Technology Ltd. Whilst at
Beta she provided assistance to bioscience
companies on European research and development
funding. She has also gained considerable research
and commercial experience through her time with
both Leeds General Infirmary and flavouring and
fragrance company, Firmenich Ltd.
Rachael will be on hand to help existing bioscience
companies and new start-ups in South Yorkshire,
with      issues     such     as   promotion    and
commercialisation strategies. She will also be
actively involved with the SYBEN bioincubator
initiative, as featured in this newsletter.

SYBEN will be striving to raise the profile of South
Yorkshire bioscience by actively publicising the
region’s activities. This will be partly achieved
through the creation of a new web portal that will
act as a one-stop-shop for bioscience information.

Rachael said: “The site will be an excellent tool for
showcasing the bioscience expertise we have in the
region. In addition, it will provide scientists with
valuable information on topics such as grants and
funding, business support, and up to date news and
events listings.”

If would just like to hear more of what SYBEN can do
for you, or would like to attend the next SYBEN
group meeting on the 24th May, please contact
Rachael at the address below.
                                                                                                        Rachael Calvert

                                                        If you have any news or announcements that you would like to
                                                        publicise about your company or organisation, please send
                                                        them through to Rachael at SYBEN by e-mail or as hardcopy.

                                                                        sheffield h allam u niversity
                                                                                         city c ampus
                                                                                       howard s treet
                                                                                   sheffield s 1 1 wb

                                                                                          tel: 0 114 2 25 4 203
                                                                                         fax: 0 114 2 25 2 908
                                                                                   email: r

                                                                    Part-funded by the European Commission -
                                                                    European Regional Development Fund

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