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					                                                     HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY
                                               Department of Industrial Engineering

                                                GRADUATION PROJECT I - II

GRADUATION PROJECT TOPIC LIST FORM (2010-2011 F/S)                                                               1st Announcement: 22 /06/2010
                                                                                                                 2nd Announcement: / /2010

Advisor              Project   Topic                                                                                   Group Size        Duration
                     Code                                                                                              (students)        (semesters)
Murat Caner Testik   MCT01-2   Six Sigma Project Implementation in Service/ Manufacturing Sector                       2/3               2
                     MCT02-2   Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery                                                     2                 2
                     MCT03-2   Robust Design for Process/Product Improvement                                           2/3               2
                     MCT04-2   Design of Engineering Experiments for Process/Product Improvement                       2/3               2
                     MCT05-1   Statistical Process Control for Quality Improvement                                     2                 1
                     MCT06-1   Quality Function Deployment for Transforming User Requirements into Design Quality      2                 1
Banu Yüksel Özkaya   BYO01-2   Design of a Distribution and Replenishment Policy in a Multi-item and Multi-level       2/3               2
                               Inventory System
                     BYO02-2   Supply Chain Management of Perishable Items                                             2/3               2
                     BYO03-2   Pricing Strategies for Perishable Inventory Systems                                     2/3               2
                     BYO04-2   Design for an Inventory Control Policy for Spare Parts                                  2/3               2
                     BYO05-2   Development of a Maintenance Plan in a Manufacturing Environment                        2/3               2
Suat Kasap           SK01-2    Process/System Improvement in Service/ Manufacturing Industry by Using Operations       2/3               2
                               Research Techniques
Güldal Güleryüz      GG01-2    Vehicle Routing and Bus Service Scheduling                                              2/3               2
                     GG02-2    Facility Layout Design and Efficiency Improvement: Service/Manufacturing Sector         2/3               2
Ebru Yüksel          EY01-2    Segmentation of the Turkish Technology Parks                                            2/3               2
                     EY02-2    Analysis of Turkish Macroeconomic Variables                                             2/3               2

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                                                                                                    Revision / Date:   1/15.06.2010
                                                                                                    Distribution:      Senior students
                                                                                                    Correspondence:    Graduation Project Coordinator

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