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Toys For Tots


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									                                                                                                      Follow us on                     Volume 6, Issue 1
                                                                                                                                       Winter 2011

                                                                                                   Northeast Georgia
                                                                                                    Mustang Club

                                                       Toys For Tots
                                              The Toys for Tots car show was another suc-
                                              cess. Even though we only had 45 entries,
                                              everyone was very giving and we managed to
                                              collected more than 60 toys at the show. The
                                              cash registrations and donations, 50/50, and
                                              the money from Mustangs Unlimited’s 50/50
                                              drawings through the year brought the total
                                              to nearly 700 bucks. We made arrangements
                                              with Debra to go to Walmart to get the great-
                                              est bang for the buck with the toy purchase.
                                              December 11 prior to the meeting, Rick Hay-
                                              slip, David Aderhold, Paul Nemoga, Tom

                                                                                                      Longerbeam, David Osborn and Brandi, David
                                                                                                      & Sherry Johnson , and Debra met at the Cleve-
                                                                                                      land Walmart to make the purchase. We spent
                                                                                                      $712 buying toys. 5 carts full! We loaded the

                                                                                                      toys up in the cars and delivered them to Jacky
                                                                                                      Jones Ford as the drop off point. The good
                                                                                                      thing about dropping them there, all the toys
                                                                                                      stay in north Georgia where our MCA charter is
                                                                                                      instead of going to the Atlanta Metro. Thanks
                                                                                                      to all who helped out with the show, toy pur-
                                                                                                      chase and delivery.
                                 Pony Tales

                                               Spring Pony Roundup                                                        Inside this issue:
                                                                                                                          Christmas Party                  2

                                                                                                                          Silver Springs                   2
                                               Our annual Spring Pony Roundup will be held at Mustangs Unlim-
                                               ited on Saturday March 12 with a rain date of Saturday March the           Business Cards                   3
                                               19th. Registration forms can be downloaded on the website and
                                               shared with any friends who might like to attend. This is the first        Pony Roundup Flyer               4
                                               chance for us to get funds up for the Maggie Valley show and is
                                               usually a big turnout to support Mustangs Unlimited. If you have
                                               a project and need a lot of parts, this is a good time because we get
                                               an additional 5% off out purchases. Come on out and support our
                                               sponsor and the club.
Page 2                                                                                                                   PONY TALES

         After Christmas Party & Meeting
         Our annual after Christmas        would be someone who would arrange       be taking suggestions for our charita-
         party will be held at the Barn at meet-ups at various shows and events     ble donations this year. If you have
         Jaemor Farms in Lula on Satur-    for members who were able to attend.     a preference, bring it up, especially if
         day Jan 22 from 1-5 pm. We        We will be taking additional nomina-     you are participating, ie a walk,
         will have a covered dish dinner   tions for all positions at the meeting   scouting, church charity etc. We
         with the club providing a                                                             want it to be used with
         meat tray and drinks. Bring                                                           local organizations who
         your favorite side dish and                                                           we deal with.
         share it with us. Ronnie, you                                                         Jaemor Farms is located
         know what we want you to                                                              on I 985/Highway 365N
         bring. We will again be hold-                                                         between the second and
         ing the “white elephant” gift                                                         3rd stop lights near mile
         exchange after the meeting.                                                           marker 35 on the North
         Please keep your gifts to                                                             bound side of the road.
         about $15 or so. At the                                                               Go right up to the barn
         meeting we will be electing                                                           and park in front of the
         officers. So far there are few                                                        barn. If you have any
         who have expressed interest                                                           questions or need better
         in running for a position.                                                            directions, give David O a
         Bob Goff has been nomi-                                                               call at 770-356-9431 or
         nated for Vice President,                                                             David J at 678-357-8615.
         Debra Ramey for Secretary, The Barn at Jaemor farms—The meeting place                 I will link a map on the
         and Cher Hayslip for Treas-                                                           website to use if you need
         urer. Since we have grown                                                  it. You can also go to
         considerably, we have been con-   before the vote. Other topics to be      www.jaemorfarms.com and get a
         sidering an event coordinator     dealt with are planning for the 3 car    map there.
         position. This is something we    shows we hold each year. The Spring
         might discuss and elect or assign Pony Roundup and Maggie Valley
         someone to coordinate it. This    shows are already scheduled. We will

          Silver Springs Mustang & Ford Show
          Each year several of us make the trip to
          Silver Springs Florida to the NPD spon-
          sored show in the park. The park is an
          old (50’s) amusement park with glass bot-
          tom boats, safari ride, animals and a cou-
          ple other boat rides. NPD gives free ac-
          cess to the park for the first 1000 regis-
          tered and any number greater than that
          the cost is around 20 bucks. This year
          Paul Nemoga, David Osborn, Jeff &
          Debra Ramey, David & Sherry Johnson
          and Les Triggs made the trip. The
          weather was as good as you could ask for
          and there was more than 1000 fords,
          mostly Mustangs in the park. It’s a fun
          trip and usually a welcome break in the
          middle of the winter. It is always the sec-
          ond weekend in January if you want to put
          it on your calendar. They usually drop
          their registration form somewhere in Sep-
V O L U M E 6 , IS S U E 1                                                              Page 3

                             As you can see I still have room for more cards. Send
                             your card to me, I’ll get it scanned and it will appear
                             here as well as the website with a link to your business
                             website if you have one. *David J*
                                                      Northeast Georgia Mustang Club

              Annual Spring Pony Roundup @ Mustangs Unlimited

                                                                                  Sponsored by:
        TOP                                                                                                                                              of
         20                                                                                                                                            Show

                                                   2505 Newpoint Parkway • Lawrenceville, GA 30043

                                                     Saturday, March 12th, 2011
                                        Rain Date March 19, 2011 – No Entry Fee for Spectators
                                OPEN TO ALL YEAR MUSTANGS & FORD PRODUCTS
Show Registration: Saturday from 10:00am-12:00 noon* in front of Mustangs Unlimited. Rain Date Saturday, March 19, 2011 from
10:00am-12:00 noon*.
*Must be registered no later than noon for chance at a trophy. The show will continue until 4:00pm with trophy presentation at that time.
You must be present to receive trophy (trophies will not be mailed).
Each vehicle entered will receive a Top 20 Voting Ballot and staff at Mustangs Unlimited will pick Best of Show.
The show is open to All Year Mustangs & Fords (Ford-Bodied and Ford-Powered only).
Entry fee is $15.00 per vehicle.

                                                                *NO ENTRY FEE FOR SPECTATORS
                                                                For more information please contact:
                                                         David Osborn 770-586-0338 or srr281@windstream.net

                                                              R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R M

Name _________________________________________________________________________________ Phone____________________

Address________________________________________________ City________________________ State_________ Zip____________

Year_____________ Make___________________________ Model_________________________________________________________

Entry Fee $15.00 per vehicle ................................................................................................   K $15.00 per car x _____ = $____________

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED.......................................................................................................................................... $____________

                                                                    Entry Fee FREE For Spectators
Send all registration forms and with check payable to:                             Northeast Georgia Mustang Club
                                          and mail to:                             David Johnson, 1075 Pinehurst Trail, Grayson, GA 30017

I agree to abide by all the rules of the show and understand that I am responsible for my car and merchandise. I agree that by signing this Registration Form, I release
from all liability Mustang Club of America, Northeast Georgia Mustang Club, Mustangs Unlimited, and/or other sponsors for any damage, injury, lost or stolen
merchandise from this event. Also, all recreational toys are prohibited (such as skates, scooters, bicycles, loud radios, etc.) Thank you.

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________

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