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					Type of Woodworking Indonesia

 Indonesia is one of the countries producing handicraft made from wood that is very famous
in the world, craft centers, many scattered areas of Indonesia, especially those adjacent to
the area of tourism. This effort is generally a business that had long been elaborated and is
a hereditary efforts of previous generations. The main consumers are the tourists who travel
to the local area.

Prominent tourist areas for wood crafts business, among others, is in Central Java, North
Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Irian Jaya and Nusa Tenggara. Wood craft items are in great
demand by foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. Wood craft products have already penetrated
the export markets of the world, including toys, although the volume can not compete with
the other commodity, both in oil and gas sector and non-oil exports.

Raw materials for craft industry can be said almost has no limit the type and size. In fact,
wood waste can also be utilized. Generally this type of product consists of wooden craft art
product (Most of the craftsmanship of hand / art), and mass products (most of the machining
and art). The three types of handicrafts are very varied shapes and types with a relatively
large amount.

The art of wood products exist in the form of toy animals, flowers, fruits, fish, fisheries, home
furnishings, accessories and other types. In terms of functions, differentiated into decorative
art objects and functional art objects as well as for furniture. In this field of art required a
dynamic innovation and creativity, because from time to time in product design is rapidly
changing and also so as not to miss the trend in world markets.

These materials include wood crafts wood sengon, jabon and teak. Sources of raw materials
are very abundant from the local market. While the additional materials that are used usually
consist of various types of paints, dyes, camphor, and polish.
Machinery and equipment used for the manufacture of wooden handicrafts including the
following: 1. Wood cutting machines and dryers. 2. Small band saw, saws and
chisels.3. Sandpaper, camphor 4. Engine spray paint and a paintbrush to color.