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Ferrets are carnivores. Wild ferrets like to eat mice, prairie dogs and birds. Ferrets are nocturnal. Their life span is about 6 to 10 years. They sleep a lot. A ferret can be trained to use a litter box. A cat litter can work well. They can live in a cage but they need to play a couple of hours a day. Young children should not be let with a ferret unsupervised because a ferret likes to play and wrestle. Ferrets can change colours with the seasons. In summer the fur is a lighter colour. A male is called a hob, and a female is a jill. Babies are called kits. If you keep a ferret at home, you will have to feed it chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. It does not like fish. It is also possible to feed it cat food since ferret food is not easily accessible. Dog food is not good for a ferret. Ferrets also like to eat fruit. Once in while, you can give it slices of banana or raisins. Taste can vary from a ferret to another one. Try giving it some food in small quantities and find what it likes best. Don’t give it too much sweet food. Dairy products can give it diarrhea. Ferrets can be washed with baby shampoo.

Wynanne Watts INTENSIG – SPEAQ convention 2007

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